Monday, June 24, 2024

Just Because

This will be a short post today, as I'm getting ready for Jess' visit - washing sheets, stocking up on food and essentials, and doing some outside chores.  I look forward to their sweet visit.

I had some leftover salsa from the Mexican restaurant, and cooked some sausage and fried eggs and added some salsa.  This salsa is so good, and they always give me a generous amount when I go there.

My son brought me a treat - a variety of cheesecake.  I cut them into bite size pieces and topped them with whipped cream.

I have a small garden space in the front of my house, and I was out there one hot afternoon raking and sprucing and watering.  I was going too fast, and tripped over the hose and took a fall.  Thankfully, I landed on the lawn and not on a hard floor.  But I sure was sore the next day.

Nel is taking a trip to England for her work.  She is an English Professor of first generation college students, and will be spending time and exploring with some of her students along with England's students as well.  She sent me a few pictures.

I love these small figurines, and don't see them around that much anymore.  When A, the owner of the home shop, found some buried in a box, she brought them out for me to look at.  This is the one that I picked.  She looked up the year that this came out, and said it was before the 1940's.  It goes well with my painting.

I bought this for Jess when she comes for a visit.  We will have a glass of wine one night for dinner.

June has flown by so quickly.  Have a terrific week.



R's Rue said...

This post brought me such joy. Thank you. Enjoy your visit.

LoveT. said...

Good thing the fall ended lightly.

Charlotte laughs in every picture, she is a ray of sunshine.

I hope you and Jess have a wonderful time.

Ginny Hartzler said...

She is a great photographer, the photos from England are wonderful!!!!

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Do you ever need a reason to post a picture of an adorable baby and yummy food? I think not!

Carla from The River said...

Enjoy your family time!!!
Thank you for sharing England with us too, I would love to visit England someday.

And I am thankful you are alright!!!! I took a fall last winter, no fun.

Enjoy your family ... cannot wait to hear all about your time together.


Hay mucho que hacer en una casa. Yo procuro primero cumplir mis obligaciones y cuando tengo libre, lo dedico a mis distracciones.
Buen inicio de semana.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Sheri,
Oh, knowing those anticipation feelings so well for when family or friends are coming to stay!
You are quite lucky for being able to eat all you do, without health issues, for me it is off limits.
The Moscato wine was always my favorite for after dinner and it is light in alcohol. We lived in the Italian region where they produce it.
ENJOY your special time together!
Got a sweet figurine gifted by a dear friend a couple of weeks ago but it is larger.
Pieter brought me one home in his early days of traveling for Campbell Soup and I treasure that!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

What is Google doing as it is so hard to read the very small print for commenting... Have to enlarge it with my trackpad!

Debby said...

I bet you can't wait for Jess and the girls to come over for a visit. It's going to be scorching hot during the first week of July, but the beauty and coolness of the mountains will definitely make it the place to be. I heard they cleared the snow on Mt Lassen - so the highway is finally open! Nel captured some breathtaking photos of England - Charlotte always makes me smile when I see her face full of happiness. She's growing so fast.
Have a nice visit - tell us all about it when they leave. And take photos as I am sure you will.

Billie Jo said...

Oh, enjoy your visit, my friend! England looks lovely! And your blog always brings me joy.

Jeanie said...

You must be so excited about Jess' visit -- I know you'll have a wonderful time. But I'm sorry you are hurting from your fall. And yes, of course it could be worse, but if it hurts at all, it's just not fun. Here's hoping it heals fully and soon so you can best enjoy your time with Jess. That figurine is lovely!

Chatty Crone said...

Every little thing you do matters - so true.
Did you change your header photo - I think so.
Charlotte is 9 months old already - she is so cute.
I am going to put some salsa on my eggs too that looked so good.
I liked how you cut up the cheesecake to make it look like more.
I am sorry about your fall and glad you are okay.
So what are you growing there?
I hope Nel enjoys England - those flowers were so beautiful!
Did you say some woman found those figurines and gave you one - nice, it was pretty.
Have a nice relaxing glass of wine and enjoy your daughter's visit. That is so nice.
Hope you two have a great time.

Zacisze Lenki said...

A beautiful porcelain lady. I also like such figurines. I wish you a successful meeting with your loved ones, a lot of joy and all the best for all of you. Hugs.

Shug said...

I can feel your excitement in your blog. So excited for Jess to visit you! Sorry for your fall...the older we get, the more these little falls make us sore. How exciting for your daughter to explore England. I know she will share more photos and hopefully we will get to see them. I love cheesecake...and your picture sure made my mouth water. Your last picture is cute and the words so true....Everything we do matters a lot. As always, I enjoyed this post...


It sounds like you're preparing for a lovely visit with Jess! Your salsa and sausage dish sounds delicious, and those cheesecake bites topped with whipped cream must have been a treat. Take care with your gardening - glad you landed safely! Read my new post!

gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

Enjoyed your post with he beautiful photos from England and all the delicious looking food. Your figurine brings back memories as my mother had quite a few. Hope y9ou have a wonderful visit with Jess ! It does take some prep and time to get ready for guys with getting the beds ready, towels and food! Enjoy!

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Sheri - hope you have lots of fun with your family visit. What fun for your daughter to be going to England. Someplace I have always wanted to visit. Your son and his cooking never fails to make me hungry. Take care sweet friend and enjoy family and the end of June. Hugs!

Louca por porcelana said...

Charlotte is so beautiful! Adorable photos. Enjoy your time with your family!

Susan said...

Hello dear Sheri...
I hope your week has been wonderful and memory-making. Can't wait to read about all the details and see your wonderful photos! Hugs, Susan

Donna said...

Awwww...Baby Charlotte is adorable!! Love her dress!
The breakfast looks yummy and so does that cheesecake!
I'm SO glad you weren't hurt!! It's so easy to take a spill these days...
Happy week dear friend!

Veronica Lee said...

I'm thrilled for Jess' visit and I hope you both have a wonderful time together.
Your breakfast with the salsa sounds delicious, and those cheesecake bites are making my mouth water.
I'm glad your fall wasn't too serious—take care out there in the garden!
Nel's trip to England sounds exciting.

Enjoy your glass of wine and the special moments with your loved ones, Sheri 🌹

Marilyn Miller said...

What a cute figurine!
Hoping your visit is just lovely.
Take care and no more falls, please!

Hena Tayeb said...

Hope you have a wonderful time with Jess and looks like Nell is going to have a great experience.