Monday, March 25, 2019

Not A Good Weekend

I spent the whole weekend in ICU.  My son got into a car accident, and was banged up pretty bad - a fractured finger, a fractured wrist, a fractured ankle, a bruised kidney and lung.  But he's ok, thank God, and now he just needs to heal.  I'm asking  you for prayers for his healing.
The only bright spot in my weekend was this sweet girl, and I got to spend some time with her.  She was fascinated with my mop, and looks like my little helper. 
She was also amused with the door stopper.
Thank you for your prayers for my son.
I love my blog friends so much.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

It's All About The Green

Top 'o the morning to you!
I don't have a bit of Irish in me, but my kids do, and it's such a wonderful heritage, that I delight in this special day every year.  I only have a couple of things around my home, so I put them out each year.

Jess has a tradition of enjoying a refreshing green beer every year, whether it's at a restaurant or home. 

Some goodies that my son bought.
The shamrocks had a taste of vanilla,
and were so good.

And Francesca and Mia
wanted to say Happy St. Patrick's Day
to you too!

 Even though you're wearing green,
can I still pinch those cheeks?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Monday, March 11, 2019

Mellow March

They're back again.
The pink blossom trees are
on all the streets gracing my town.
I love these birds.
I was literally thinking about the Richard Sheridan quote, "Won't you come into the garden?  I would like my roses to see you," and turned around and saw this....a single rose all by itself at the shopping center. 
I think these are sweet.
"I am still learning."
~Michelangelo at 87 years old

I won a giveaway!
It's a delightful children's book, Busy in Boots, and I can't wait to read it to my grandkids.  The giveaway was from Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose.  The present was wrapped so nicely, including a card and two gift tags.  She also gave me one of her creative magnets that she made.  It looks pretty on my pedestal dish, so I think it will stay there.  I love getting surprises in the mail!

This guy was right outside my bedroom window.  He was so close, I could touch him.

And his protective mama.
Look at her face,
"don't mess with my young one."
She reminds me of me when
I had small kids.

Remember my lady with the blue flowers?  I changed them out for Spring.  When I saw this bouquet at World Market, it really spoke to me.

Doesn't Nel's King Cake look delicious?

I saved my favorite picture for last.
Have you ever seen a gnome with a camera?

March has been mellow
so far,
and that's ok with me.  ; )


Monday, March 4, 2019

A Very Peculiar Tree

There is a tree at one of the parks nearby that amazes me every time I see it.  The way that it has grown through the years is very strange, to say the least.  I've shared it with you before, but always wonder, how does a tree form and shape this way over time?  Here are a few pictures of it. 

You saw Francesca last week, and just wanted to show you precious Mia.  She's already six months and rolling over, sits up, and trying to talk.  Nel said that she is babbling a lot, giggling, and even laughing.

Thought I'd put this out now that I have granddaughters.  Jess knows how much I love figurines, so she brought it home for me after one of her Disney adventures many years ago. 

We are still having lots of rain, and California always welcomes rain, as we've had droughts in past years.  

I have been putting fruit and nuts in my oatmeal, and it's so good.  My mom used to make us kids oatmeal all the time, and I think that's why I still like it so much.  It's nice on these cold days. 

Because of all the rain,
I think we'll have a glorious Spring.

Happy March!