Friday, April 29, 2016

A Walk With A Friend

When I took a walk with my friend, Anne, in the neighborhood around the church, I took a few pics along the way.  These red tulips are in the front yard of a neighbor we talked with. 

These are the roses that are blooming in front of the church.


This looks like an old vintage pink rose.

Now, sometimes I see images in the clouds and such, and when I was inside the church I glanced down at the stone floor and thought this looked like a little girl.  My friend, Anne, thought so too.  Do you see it?

Why feel blue,
when there are so many
other colors you
can feel?
~Karen Salmansohn
Have a nice Friday.  : )

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Yellow Kind Of Day

I had some flowers planted in my back yard.  There is an area in my garden that's bare, and I thought about which flowers would look best there.  And I decided on these.......

Today I went to the nursery to pick up some daisies.  They have always reminded me of my mom.  It was nice strolling around the nursery and looking at the different flowers for spring.

Yellow pots all stacked up.

A few fairies from the shop inside.

My mom used to love Barry White, and her favorite song that he sang was Can't get enough of your love, Babe.  She would dance in her kitchen to this song every time it came on.  When I was inside the shop browsing through the garden isles, this song came on.  I thought about my mom and could see her in my mind dancing in her kitchen once again.

such a cheerful flower,
and now they're
planted for you, mom.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Shower Planning

I'm having a fun time getting things ready for Jess' wedding shower that me and Nel are giving her in June.  We picked out and ordered the invitations last week, and I've been picking up a few goodies here and there when I see something that goes well with her theme.  She wanted a traveling hot air balloon theme.  Jess loves to travel, so we will be having three tables set up to display her favorite travel destinations.  Here's a small peek of what we have in mind.

Half the fun is in
the planning,
don't you think?
These are good times
for Jess!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Waving Me Down

One Sunday when I was driving out of my neighborhood, I saw an old man waving me down as I passed by.  I slowed down but didn't stop because I didn't know him.  He was carrying a cane and didn't speak English too well.  He kept rambling on about something, and I thought he was saying that he needed a ride to his church.   A short while later a car drove by, and the couple said that he lives in our neighborhood and they know him, and gave him a ride to his church.  I thanked them and explained that I couldn't really understand what he was saying.  So, last Sunday I saw the man again.  I was going to give him a ride to his church, but he said a friend was on his way to pick him up.  I apologized for the last time, and we started talking for awhile.  This old man is outgoing, dresses very nice, and is a distinguished looking gentleman.    His church is the Egyptian church down the road, and I mentioned to him that I went to their festival last summer and it was fun.

My mom was fascinated with the Egyptian culture, and really felt connected to it.  She even visited there in her 70's. 

So, the next time I see the old man in the neighborhood, I won't hesitate to give him a ride.  : )


Monday, April 18, 2016

La Dolce Vita in Venice

In Venice Beach, the sun is shining and the weather is just perfect for a stroll along the canals. 

This little duck is keeping cool on a particularly warm spring day. 

I love to look at the houses along the canals and imagine what it would be like to live in this neighborhood. How fun it would be to have a little boat docked in your backyard.

Sea shells hanging from the tree branches are a pretty reminder of the ocean just a couple blocks away.   

As I cross over these quaint white wooden bridges that span the canals, I am always eager for the chance to explore another tucked away corner of this charming community.   

Wishing you a week filled with light, beauty, and a little exploration of your own. 

~ Nel ~     

Friday, April 15, 2016

Broken Wing

I just bought this angel,

and when I brought him in from the car, I noticed this!  How did I miss that?  I guess I was so busy looking at the bottom of the statue for chips, that I didn't see that his wing was broken. 

Since Mother's Day is coming soon, I thought I'd put a necklace on him.  My son gave this to me for Mother's Day when he was little.

He has such a sweet face.

I have a thing about chips and broken items, so I was going to return him, but then I thought to myself,  "we have all been shattered at one time or another in life, well most of us, so it doesn't matter if the wing is broken.  He represents each and every one of us."  So, this little boy statue will stay in my home.  He makes me smile.  : )


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Red Sucker For Dad

It was Father's Day, and all the family was gathered around for the celebration.  I was about 4, and my present to my dad was a red sucker.  While he talked to everyone and opened his presents, I would sneak a lick.  I remember thinking, "well, if I take just a few licks, he'll have most of it himself."  By the time he finished opening his presents, I had licked the whole sucker!  My dad, having the good sense of humor that he did, laughed about it, and always teased me about the red sucker, my gift to him on that Father's Day.

I have been thinking about this story lately, and even shared it with a blog friend.  I went to church last Saturday, and a couple pews in front of me was a family with two girls.  I think they were sisters.  The youngest one couldn't sit still, as she was only 3 or so.  She kept turning around, acting up in her seat, so I could clearly see her.  And do you know what she was holding - a red sucker!   I then noticed that her sister was also holding a red sucker.  I smiled so BIG, as it reminded me of me, the spunky little girl who mischievously ate all her dad's sucker.  : )


Saturday, April 9, 2016

April Showers

It rained today.
Here are some April
A favorite park
that I visit some mornings.
This turkey looked old,
maybe a grandma?

This critter was
scratching itself with
its hind leg. 
It was funny to watch.
These are in
front of the housing
development that I live in.
Do you know what
they are?
(perhaps spanish lavender?)
Thought this arch was pretty.
Flowers in my
back yard.

At the trail.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wedding Songs

Me and Jess were having lunch at our favorite place in town, and suddenly a song came on that I have always loved.  I haven't heard this song in such a long time.  We were talking about using it at her wedding during cocktail hour.  It's an oldie, and let's see if you remember it.

This Spanish Rose
loves you.