Monday, January 29, 2024

Wintery Table Runner

When I was out shopping with Jess, I noticed a pretty soft furry table runner that I really liked.  It was a bit pricey, so I just looked and passed it up.  She went back later and bought the table runner for me, which made me so happy, and when I got home I decorated the table with a wintery theme.

We are in the thick of winter here, and it's been very cold, and we got some snow!  While some may appreciate the warmer weather and spring-like days, there is a stillness about the winter season that I love, and I never rush this favorite season of mine in the mountains.

We have had rain all week, and the creek is the fullest that I've seen it.

They decorated the pioneer wagon on main street with a Valentine scene.

And they also decorated the other wagon at the end of town, which is more dilapidated than the other.

I have been going through old papers and discarding, and I gave away a few items that I no longer wanted.  When I give things away, I like to treat myself with something new, and went to see my friend, a, at the home shop.  After looking around, I didn't see anything I had to have.  At my age, we tend to downsize, and I usually only buy something if I truly love it.  Didn't find anything this time, but I did see these Yummy pretzels that I wanted to try.

It was just one of those days - a day where everything was piling up at once.  As I was feeling overwhelmed, I looked out my window and saw 7 Eurasian Collared Doves on my lawn.  Right away, I felt better.

And potato salad and homemade chocolate chip cookies always brings a smile to the heart.  Thank you, grandma, for sharing your potato salad recipe with me so many years ago.  I have been making it just like you did ever since.

My Valentine table.

Tomato soup and a smoked turkey sandwich sounds just right on a cold rainy day.

Isn't it nice when we come across keepsakes from the past?  My son gave this to me when he was little.

It was just an ordinary week, and sometimes those are the most pleasant ones.  ; )


Monday, January 22, 2024

My Time At Jess' House

I just took a trip to So Cal recently, and this time, I'll show you some of the moments I spent at Jess' house.

On the center of her dining room table, there was a bouquet of daisies and carnations - two of my favorite flowers.

She had this basket of gold balls and pine cones out for the holidays and kept it out into the new year.

I love the fact that she still has her pumpkins out on the back porch.

Not just one grinch, but two!

Charlotte is the best natured baby ever, and is constantly smiling throughout the day.

Jess made a picnic lunch for all of us, and we had a wonderful picnic at a nearby park.

There was an unusual amount of crows that day, and we also noticed a nest high up in the tree - maybe squirrel, as there were many squirrels scurrying about.

Francesca went on the playground, and I loved pushing her on the swing.

Both of the girls drove through Starbuck's while I stayed at their homes, and it was such a treat to get the holiday coffees and gingerbread and lemon loaves.

Papa taking a nap with baby.

Brian made barbecued cheeseburgers one night, which were delicious, and we had tacos another night.  Jess made a big breakfast one morning that was so good.

Me and Francesca colored, we put together puzzles, and I read her bedtime stories.  Papa and I have been teaching Francesca the art of checkers.  She's learning quickly, and becoming a good player.  She's only 6, and she beat papa and me more than once.

Jess and Brian had a date night, and I watched both the kids.  They went to dinner at an Italian restaurant and had a great time.  Jess brought me home a pasta dish with alfredo sauce and bacon.

It's time to drive me to the airport, and we're almost there.  Jess stopped and bought me a ham and cheese crossaint for the road, and it was so warm and delicious.

We did lots of shopping during my stay, and one of my favorite places we went to was Barnes and Noble.  Francesca is into pj mask right now, and I bought her a pj mask book with the action figures.  I also bought a treat for myself to bring home.  Love this calendar every year.  It's just such a cheerful one.

I had a wonderful time with both of my girls, all of my girls, and it was a memorable trip for me to start out the new year.