Monday, June 28, 2021

White Fence

I was so glad to have my fence painted white.  When I moved here it was Winter and had to wait until Spring, and then had to wait for the Painter cause he was busy with previous projects he was working on.  He did a nice job, and I like that the boards are fat ones and not skinny.  He first pressure washed all the fence, then scraped off all the old and chipped paint, then repaired the broken latch on one of the gates.  Then, he began the painting.  It's a long fence area in the front of my yard, and I'm relieved it's done.  I think it looks good.

I'm not sure what the story is, but when the previous lady lived here, part of the fence was painted, and the other half was not.

I have to admit that it was bugging me, cause I wanted the whole thing completed.  I guess I was impatient, but it's nice looking out my window now and seeing the birds land on my newly painted white fence.  Doesn't this Quail look pregnant.  : )

My brother said that he would put grass in at some point if I wanted, which was so generous, but the water usage would be enormous living on a big corner lot, and we don't have water to waste, as it hardly rained at all this year.  I will groom my flower beds and plants and wash down the walkways, but I kind of like the woodsy look in my front yard.  After all, I live in the mountains now.

Well, I won't leave you with a boring white fence, so here's a few happy pics.

I've had a little Christmas lately with some Peppermint tea.  So good.

A Robin came to visit me one day.

Strawberry cake

Mia enjoying the Summer days with her crab float and pool and ice cream!

We have the biggest Dandelions here in the mountains.

And the dandelion does not stop growing because it is told it is a weed.  The dandelion does not care what others see.  It says, "One day, they'll be making wishes upon me."

~B. Atkinson

Can't believe it's almost July.  I'm wondering what kind of things they will have up here to celebrate the 4th.


Monday, June 21, 2021

Summertime In The Mountains

It's Summertime here, and I've been awaiting each season to see what it's like in the mountains.  Whenever I used to visit my Mother-in-law in the mountains, there was always a distinctive smell in the air that I remember.  Well, I've noticed it more this Summer, and it wasn't as strong in the Winter when I moved here.  But I guess the Summer heat brings out the scents more intensely.  On my way to the creek, I see fields of yellow, and it's lovely.  I did see a strange sight across the street at my neighbor's house - I noticed two big birds flying towards their house, and wondered what they were.  It was a Vulture keeping watch up in the tree while his companion was on the ground feasting on squirrel prey.  Oh my, that was strange to see.  I hear the peaceful Mourning Doves quite a lot in the distance, and they are fatter here in the mountains than where I lived before.  One started cooooing as I'm writing this.  ; ) There is a trail of Quail that crosses my front lawn, and they follow one after another, and then leave under the fence where there is an opening.  I can see why it is our state's bird; they're so funny with the feather on top of their head.  My Spring and Summer cups are the same, and look forward to changing them out for Fall.  I bought a new cup at the antique shop, and the owner asked me if I liked peacocks.  I told her, "yes, but I like what the cup says."   I'm still baking as always, even in the hot Summer days.  Remember the mystery rose that my neighbor gave me to plant?  Well, I planted it not knowing what color it was, and it finally bloomed.  I wasn't sure if it would make it because it was small and fragile, but I guess roses seem to like me, and the first bloom opened up.   It was a nice surprise to see that the color was Peach!  A peach rose symbolizes 'gratitude and showing thanks.'  I'm sending it to my brother to express my deepest gratitude for this house.  I've had workers coming and going lately, pouring gravel on the side of the house, painting the white fence in the front yard, putting in new fencing in the back yard.  They are repairing and improving, and I am grateful.  I'm getting things cleaned up around here for my family's visit this Summer, and Francesca reassures grandma that all is good with her "thumbs up."

My peach rose in full bloom.

It was a scorcher last weekend, but supposed to cool down this week.   Try to stay cool during these hot Summer days, friends.


Monday, June 14, 2021

Father's Day Stories

I guess you could say that I was a "daddy's girl.'  I was close to my Dad and could talk to him easily, and we could share stories of laughter and seriousness.  I was the youngest child of five, and a happy kid growing up, but since I was the youngest, that meant less time with him before he left this world.

It seemed that he took me along with him whenever he had something to do, whether it was on his hunting trips, across the street to water and tend to his garden, or just to the grocery store.

I went to the cemetery at a very young age.  My Dad took me along with him when he went to visit his parents, so I was familiar with the surroundings.  He taught me to be respectful of the grounds, and we used to have small talks there, but in a quiet and still manner.  Maybe that's why today I find cemeteries a peaceful place to visit.

I used to always make him and my Mom homemade gifts.....funky gifts like a pencil holder made with macaroni that he could put on his desk at work, cards made out of colored construction paper, glue, and yarn, and a tie card, with a message on the inside, "here's a tie for a real good guy."  I think my eight year old self liked poems even back then.  ; )

He disciplined me when I needed it, but he never let a single person come again me.  I remember one time I came home in tears after a relative said something negative to me.  I found out years later that he went over to their house and talked and straightened everything out.  

Then, came the frog.  I used to go visit him at his work place when I was in my teens.  His office was right next to the train, so I thought it was a cool place to visit.  He was the "boss," so he could take some time out to chat with me and show me around his work place and meet some of his co-workers.  I remember a frog sitting on his desk for many years, and I loved it.  I have that green frog today, and found a miniature frog through the years to keep him company.  I like to think of them as me and my Dad.


Just thinking of you, Dad, on Father's Day.

And sending love to all the Fathers in my family on their special day.



Monday, June 7, 2021

Lovely Things

Just some lovely things this week.

Remember the mini roses that I planted in my front yard?  Well, the pink ones started to bloom, but the other bush hasn't come around yet, so I still don't know what color it is.  This was the first pink rose, and I'm sending it to my sister-in-law because pink roses are her favorite.  And because she searched for many hours and helped find this house.

It is the prettiest color when it's in full bloom.

This one came out much lighter than the others.

My little angel guards my roses.

When I took another picture of my angel, this is what showed up.  I thought it was pretty.

On Memorial Day while driving down the road, I noticed two deer, so right away I pulled over.   I am always amazed when I see this animal.  They were getting ready to cross the street, so they came very close to my car. 

As the second one crossed the street, it was so close to my car that I could almost reach out and touch it.  

And then off they went.

The creek at Summertime.

There are bushes of Poppies here and there that grow alongside the creek.  The birds, once again, started to show many of them!

Mia showed me on Zoom her new camera, some of her new Summer clothes, and her footprint she painted.  Nel is working on a footprint project for Father's Day that she saw on Pinterest.

Jess sent me a few pictures saying that she was in the middle of nowhere in Native American land, Arizona.  She said it's beautiful and so different with all the red rock formations.  This is Francesca's 1st out of state road trip.

I've been drinking Starbuck's French Roast, and it suits me as I'm part French Canadian.  It's really good.

I found a pretty blouse in this mountain town!

I wondered if anything would bloom on the bush that's in my front yard, and was surprised to see white tiny flowers blossom.

Surround  yourself with lovely things, my friends, because there is too much nonsense in the world.  These are for you.  Well, because I love you.