Monday, June 27, 2022

We'll Make It Work

The last couple posts before this have been about not so fun road trips, and I hope for better days in July, so here's a few pictures of this and that at the end of June.  Summers here in the mountains are not that bad, and the hot months are July and August.  And up until a week ago, it was chilly in the mornings, and I had my heater on, but it's starting to get warmer now, and Summer has shined its face on us.

When I saw Jess recently, she was wearing the cutest blouse.  She said she got it from Macy's, and I told her I loved it.  Last week, I got a package in the mail.  It was the same blouse in my size, and with it came a large chocolate bar!

Every Summer, I take a drive to the creek, and always see the beautiful field of yellow.  It was time for a drive there, and I'll show more pics later.

My son brings me these Mazapan (Marzipan) candies every now and then.  He finds it in the Mexican isle, and I like the red roses on the wrapper.  People either love Marzipan or hate it, and I like the taste.  How about you?

My neighbor's roses through the window.

Isn't this rainbow cactus so pretty?  Jess saw it at Downtown Disney, and I like the Balance flag waving from it.  It's a good reminder to have balance in our lives.

My pink mini rose bush also made it through the Winter's snow.  The first bloom came out last week.

My neighbor's new bird feeder is very cool, and even more so that a hummingbird visited while taking the picture.

My neighbor down the road, an old man, walks his dog frequently, and he always has a friendly "hello" for me.  One time he told me he was glad that I moved to the neighborhood.

Made some mango chicken with veggies - broccoli, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mango juice.  It had a sweet taste and turned out good.

I was talking with Nel the other day about something, and her response was, "we'll make it work."  It was her last week teaching, and she has a Summer break and is taking a two-week trip to a far away land.  I hope she has a great vacation, she works so hard.  She has always found a way to makes things work.  I appreciate those words so much.

I know some people are suffering from the heat right now in many states, so try to stay cool and take care.



Monday, June 20, 2022

Drive Down The Mountain Into The Valley

I had to take yet another road trip last week, and it was a two hour drive there and two hour drive back; not as long as the last one, but it turned out to be a tricky drive cause we ran into a road block and had to take a long detour on the freeway.  I was upset, cause I didn't want to miss the appt., and we got there about 20 min. later than scheduled, and we just missed him.  We called, and explained about the traffic, and he apologized for having to leave so quickly, as he had somewhere to be as well.  He told us he was going to be up that way where I live over the weekend, so he'll just stop by and have the appt. then.  I wasn't sure he'd make it, and I was afraid we'd have to travel back there again.  But he did.  He came by and apologized again, and we understood cause we were a bit late also, so it all worked out.  It restored my faith in people, as I haven't heard I'm sorry in a long time.  He's a good man.  Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant trip, cause the valley was hot and sticky and awful for me traveling, but the bright point was the cafe that serves healthy meals that we stopped at again.  It has a charming atmosphere with its orange light fixtures and friendly workers.  We shared a whiskey burger and seasoned fries, and after, a sugar cookie and coffee.  Not sure why they call it a whiskey burger, no alcohol in it, but it sure was good.  Here's some pictures of the trip, and at our first stop I saw a CAL FIRE truck all ready to go for unexpected fires that we often get in the Summers.  They are amazing, and we appreciate them so much up here, working diligently and never giving up.

I was thankful we got home safe and that I was once again in my little house in the woods.  When I returned home, I noticed my peach mini rose had bloomed.  It survived the Winter's snow.


Monday, June 13, 2022

Fun Facts For June

It's no secret that Starbuck's is my favorite coffee, but there is another coffee that I have whenever I run out of my Starbuck's, or just for a change from time to time.....Folgers!  I remember this coffee growing up, and seeing the charming red cans in many household cupboards.  The 1850 Coffee came out, and I just bought it!  Yes, it has been perfected for over 170 years! - 1850 when James A. Folger first started crafting coffee.

The jingle that became one of the most well known still makes me smile when I hear it.

"The Best Part of Wakin' Up is Folgers in Your Cup."

The California Quail.  I share him every now and then, cause he's a funny bird to me.  I never saw them living up north, but they are abundant in the mountains, and visit me every single day.  I believe this is a female.  Females are a plainer brown and don't have the black face with bold white stripes that the male has.

This is the male.  Quails spend most of their time on the ground.  They usually travel in groups called coveys.  This delightful bird has had roles in several Walt Disney movies, including Bambi.

Mount Shasta.  I can see it clearly when I drive down the road.  About three weeks ago, it was the most pretty sight, as it still had snow on it and mist.  Elevation is 14, 179.  It is considered a sacred mountain to the Native Americans, and the local Karuk tribe called it "White Mountain."

My flowering plant.  I love to see it in full bloom every Spring.  I don't know for a fact what the name of the flowering plant is - I had a blog friend once share what she thought it was, so maybe you could tell me what you think.  Nevertheless, it really is a lovely bush, and when I go out early in the morning to water it, I see the hummingbird hover around it.  I heard they love the sound of water trickling.

 And the last fun fact is Mia started pre-school!  I just love her rainbow dress and polka dot shoes.

And Francesca's last day of pre-school.  She so reminds me of a little Jess.

Have a good week, and I hope you learn some fun facts about the things you love.  Here's the red vintage coffee can that stocked many cupboards when I was growing up.

I wanted to keep the 1850 bag, but it ripped, so I picked up another one.  ; )


Monday, June 6, 2022

Not So Pleasant Road Trip

Just got back from another road trip.  The last one was to take care of stuff and to be with family for my birthday, so it was a nice trip, but this one was mainly to take care of stuff, and was not a pleasant road trip.  I have to thank my son for his navigation and getting me to where I was supposed to be.  Who knows where I'd end up on the long drive if he wasn't there helping me along the way.  ; )  Most of the drive was highway, but at one point, the road was blocked and we had to take a detour, which led us to the freeway, so I had to drive the freeway for an hour or so, ugghh.  But with this unpleasant journey, there were also some good things that the red rose bush that was glistening in the sun in the front entrance of the suite.  And a street sign which reminded me of my dear blog friend that made me smile.  I had to pull over and take a picture of it.  And cupcakes!  We stopped at Smallcakes, and my son bought two chocolate cupcakes.  On the drive there and the way back, we stopped at a Bakery and Cafe, which serves healthy and delicious meals.  On our way home, I needed some comforting soup, so I ordered their chicken pot pie soup.  It was really good.  Here's a few pictures of my trip.  There are not many things that we are certain of in this world, but the one thing I do know for sure is God is good.

Wishing you a good month of June.  I came home to rain!  And my flowering plant is in full bloom.