Monday, February 24, 2020

On Top Of The Hill

There are rolling hills in my town, and it's one of the features that I really like living here.  As I drive to the top of the hill, I see trees that have been here for over a hundred years, enchanting sunrises, and the pink blossoms that only come once a year in Springtime.  It is a place of peace for me, and I visit at least once a week.  My nephew brought me some homegrown oranges and lemons from a friend's tree.  They were juicy and so tasty.  I've been wanting this candle from Kohl's, as I love home and the scent of lilac.  Here are some pictures from on top of the hill and a few others at home. 

I told myself that I wouldn't overindulge on the
grandma pics, but how could I not when Jess and Nel send me pictures like this?  Little Francesca with her pigtails having a tea party with her stuffed animals.  ; ) 
And Mia with her cousin warming up by the fire in a cabin after a snow day.  I love the look of wonder on her face at the stuffed animal machine.
Baked a strawberry cake,
 and it was the most Yummy and moist one I've made.

I know it's a little early, but I'm having the best time making Easter bags for the little ones.  Here's a peek so far.  Found this bunny, and his head is big, but his body is small.  He's so soft and cute.
I may want to keep him for myself.  ; )

Monday, February 17, 2020

First Signs Of Spring

Had a hard week dealing with some family stuff, and it always makes me feel better when I go inside my church and stay for awhile.  I lit a candle for each one of my family, and it gave me comfort being there.

I know many states are still having a lot of snow and rain and cold, but here in California, this is what I've been seeing lately.

There is a BIG field of yellow flowers near Jess' house, and every Spring they start to bloom and look so beautiful.  Francesca looks so small walking through this big field of flowers.

Jess has a large pink suitcase of Trolls from when she was little.  I was happy to hear that she's going to clean 'em all up and let Francesca play with them.  It reminded me of playing Trolls with my neighbor, Linda, growing up.  I had the best time - I only had one Troll, but Linda always shared hers.  Speaking of Trolls.....Nel sent me this picture on Valentine's Day.  Doesn't Mia look like a cute little Troll?

  I got a Valentine card in the mail from Jess with a $25 Starbuck's gift card.  The first thing I got was a coffee and a red velvet loaf.  The card is so cool, and it has everything I like on the front - camera, red bird, pink typewriter for writing, and the picture at the bottom reminded her of her grandma.

I think out of all the grandchildren, Jess looks like my mom the most.  She was petite, and such a beauty.   Here's a picture of her and Jess, so you can see the resemblance.

So, we've been having some sunny days.

And this is what I've been seeing
around here lately.

Are you feeling the Spring fever yet?


Monday, February 10, 2020

Pink Or Red?

Do you like pink or red at Valentine's Day?  Or maybe if you're like me, you prefer both?
Some Valentine goodies.
I had a special someone come over and see me.  It was a very short visit because she had a birthday party to go to, but I said, "I'll take it."  

I really do love pink around Valentine's Day,
but I gotta have my red.

love, friends.....even if those around you are incapable of loving you.  It is the greatest gift we have, and I will try never to lose it or have it disappear in the midst of all the chaos.  It's the thing that makes us whole, and it's the thing that will get us through the madness that is sometimes thrown at us in the world.  love, friends.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Monday, February 3, 2020

Love In Nature And Home

I often see love in nature when spending time there.  Here are a few photos of love in nature and in the home. 
The first flower in Winter.
Love heart-shaped rocks,
and especially ones with words on them.

The other day I saw a tree filled with black birds, and it was a sight.  There was a dozen of them, and their song was loud.
Somebody hung their tennis shoes on the power lines right next to the tree at the park.
Mama bird loves her babies so much, she made a nice nest for them, and it's the biggest nest I've seen.
This squirrel was having fun playing
with the tarp around the tree.
I thought this red berry bush was beautiful.
I saw this cup at Tuesday Morning,
and had to buy it.
I think it was meant for me.
Lovebirds at home,
 and Yellow-billed Magpies.
Valentine cards for the granddaughters.
Ever since I remember, I sent my kids Valentine cards, the ones we gave out in school, and continued to do this when they were adults.  Now, I send them to my grandchildren.  These cards show a different image when you tilt them.  I think they'll have fun with them.

(Nel and Jess, it was between the flamingos or Harry Potter this year).  ; ) 

loves you,
loves you not,
loves you.