Monday, March 30, 2020

Home View

It's been strange and quiet around here. 

I've been dreaming of our Earth's beauty. These are my views a few weeks ago, visiting Tahoe and Carmel

These are my new views.

Living room fort: check 

Staying in and working from home while taking care of Francesca has been challenging to say the least. I'm not usually the stay-at-home type. But, I will say that I'm grateful that I've been given more time to focus on the things that I feel I never have enough time, cooking, home projects, and leisure.

Here's my favorite view today!

What is your favorite view inside or outside your home these days? 
Hang in there friends, and know that you are loved and missed. 


Monday, March 23, 2020

Magazines And Robin Eggs

I called my brother to see if he had an extra bottle of Softsoap cause I ran out, and he said he didn't.  But when he went to the store for his family, he also got me a few groceries.  I was so thankful, because it saved me a trip to the store, and it's a bit worrisome right now being around all those people at the grocery store.  All of my brothers are dear, but this is the one who is closest in age with me.  We're only a year apart.  
He bought me chicken and steak and a few other foods, and he even got me some chocolate to nibble on with my coffee (robin eggs).
Look what I saw roaming through the neighborhood!
The black birds are scrounging for food, and they're not at all bothered by me taking their picture.
What do you do when you have to stay home, like we are now having to do in California?  Buy a good magazine, and this edition shows some really creative ideas.
I saw this vase at an eclectic shop,
and I love what it says.
 I think you know who I was thinking about
when I bought it.
I love pasta!
And I have to make it every week.  They were out of spaghetti, so I bought some penne noodles.  Sprinkled a little cheese on, and it was so delicious. 
Our state flower is the California Poppy, and I saw a bunch of them growing wild at the edge of a road.  Aren't they the prettiest color?
So, how are you doing during this time,
dear friends?
Does your state have you staying home too?

Monday, March 16, 2020

March Chaos

So, I went to the local store here to buy some essentials, and thought that I'd go early to avoid the crowds.  It was around 7:00 am when I got there, and there was a line coming from the entrance of the store.  They were waiting for one person to come out of the store before letting another inside.  There was a long line at the check-out, and we are now seeing bare shelves for household items when going to the store.  I'm sure you've seen similar situations in your own area, as the concern about the virus is sweeping the land.
It's really coming down lately.
I thought this house was so pretty
with the rain pouring down.
Here's a brave one still walking the trail.
The white blossom trees are
starting to come out.
Jess was going to get a frozen pizza, but almost everything was gone in the frozen section at the store.  They had ingredients there to make your own pizza, so her and Francesca made a pizza.  They had so much fun, and she loved it!
Here's Mia at the Magic Kingdom.  Love this picture of her with the lollipop.  Did you know they closed Disneyland?  I think that was a good idea, as that's the place where the biggest crowds are.
My kids used to play on this bridge, and they would pretend there were Trolls under the bridge. 
I thought this statue was beautiful.
This reminds me of the song "three little birds" 
by Bob Marley.
Sweet Robin, one of my favorite birds.
The first white rose of Spring.
My new door mat.
So, what's it been like in your area? - if you have any stories, I'd love to hear them.  We are all in this together.  : )