Monday, April 26, 2021

Beautiful Anita

You knew that we were blog friends, but did you know that you were my best blog friend?  I am going to miss you here in Blogland.  I loved all of the posts you created.  They were filled with peaceful moments, giving us a little magic with your words, poetry, and photos.  You took us to another place as we opened up your page, only to find many enchanting stories and pictures.

You are smart and clever and wise and creative and kind and just simply wonderful.

And all those e-mails that you sent me through the years!  I loved every one of them.  I enjoyed hearing stories from your childhood and your dear Mom and Dad while growing up in California.  I smiled at all the different font colors you used.   Pink was my favorite.  You sent me this message one day, do you remember?

I loved when you showed us pictures of your home.   You always inspired me to work on my own homes, giving them that extra special touch.  Your house was a labor of love - you worked so hard in your garden for many years, making your home look like a storybook cottage.

 Your photos are equisite, and thank you for sending me this picture.  I'll be sure to frame it and hang it up in my home someday.

I know how you want to work on other projects right now in your life, and I look forward to hearing about them all.  Please don't forget your blog friends, as we will never forget you.  You exude grace and love, and you have a way about you that stirs the very heart of each person you meet.

Me and the girls were always fascinated that you were a French teacher.  You sent me these words one time, and now I am giving them to you.  Yes, I keep very special things.

Bonjour ma chere amie!   Que notre Seigneur te benisse!

Be well, my Huckleberry friend, and know that I will be thinking about you often.

I love you,


Monday, April 19, 2021

Yellow Surprise

I've been doing a lot of yard work lately - picking up pine needles from the front yard, washing down the porch area, and getting a little space ready to plant a rose bush eventually.  It's really hard to get workers up here in the mountains, but after making several calls, I finally found a landscaper to pick up the big piles of leaves and debris that were left behind.  I actually like doing yard work, and there is a sense of completion when things are kept up.  I'm on a corner lot with a big front yard, and although the walkways are always washed down, the remainder of the area is all woods, and trees as tall as you can imagine.  I was outside working one day, and on the side of the house I noticed two yellow Tulips all by themselves growing in the wild.  I don't know how they got there, but it was a lovely sight.  

I pulled them, gave them some water, and placed them on the bird house.

The next day, they were starting to wilt, so I put them in a vase with water, and they stood straight and tall.

 They slowly started opening up,

until they were fully opened.  The inside of a Tulip is amazing with all its detail.

Here's some more Yellow pics.

All I have to is look at this smile, and my heart smiles too.  Doesn't Renecke keep the lawn up beautifully?

My surprise Tulips.

Have a cheerful week, friends.


Monday, April 12, 2021

Pink Building

When my brother was here checking this house out and fixing things up, he stopped at this little drive-inn on his way out.  It's a Pink building, and in the main part of town.  It looks like a diner atmosphere, and you can either come up to the window to order or go through the drive though.  On the window it says that the food is made fresh with each order, so please be patient.  My brother got a cheeseburger, and said it was the best burger he's had.  Well, I've been wanting to try their burgers, so last week me and my son went there for lunch.  We both got a cheeseburger, chocolate shake, and shared some fries.  Oh my gosh, it was the best burger!  I've had fish and chips there before, and it was a delicious meal.  I think I found my new place to eat when I don't feel like cooking!  

Some more Pink pictures

My blog friend, Holly at The Merry Needle, sent me some goodies in the mail. She does cross stitching and is so talented with sewing and other projects, and this velvet sachet was my favorite that she sent me.  

My best friend gave me this hummingbird trinket, and I always put it out every Spring.

Francesca's Minnie helmet!

There are trails close to Jess' home, and sometimes they go there for the day and bike ride or just take a walk along the trail.

My neighbor's blossom tree

Nel made the cutest baskets for the kids, with chocolate, glow wands for them to play with when it's dark out, puzzles, t-shirts, plastic eggs with candy, and the cutest unicorn socks.  Aren't they funky?

      I saw this on my friend, Carla's blog, and loved it.  She said I could share it.  


Monday, April 5, 2021

Seven Gifts

I was driving to Rite Aid recently and noticed a couple of deer in the woods.  I thought to myself, "I hope they are still there when I'm driving back."  Now, I should tell you that there is a road going to the store, but on both sides of the street there are trees and woods all around.  I saw 2 deer in my view driving back, so I pulled over to look.  Then, all of a sudden, another sprang from the woods, then another, and another, until there were 7 of them!  My heart was filled with joy.  I have always thought it was a gift to see a deer, but to see 7!

Then, on Good Friday I was driving to the creek not far from my house.  I like to be still on this day and think and pray, so I thought that the creek was a good place to do that.  On the road ahead of me, I could see 3 deer crossing the street to get to the other the side of the road.  I swiftly pulled over.  I drove a bit and turned back around, and then pulled over to get a closer look.  And as I was counting, I believe there was 7!  I just gazed at them and felt incredibly thankful.  The first time I didn't have my camera, but the second time I did, so I got a few pictures.  It was hard to see them at first because they were hidden behind the brush,

but then I saw one in the clearing.  Oh, it was a beauty, and it was a young one.  While the others had their heads bent down, this one stood up straight the whole time and just stared at me.

I sat there for awhile in wonder, and was pleased that I have a home in the mountains now.  I did say something to them as I was leaving.....

thank you.