Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Haunted Vintage Harvest

We're throwing a SPOOKtacular party this Halloween...and YOU are invited as our special guest of honor!

Each year we like to choose a theme for our holiday spread. Sometimes it's a bit spooky (like these great vignettes we spotted on our last trip to Disneyland)...

And sometimes it's a little mad (like our tea party from last year). 

This year we decided to draw inspiration from our love of all things vintage...

It's a Haunted Vintage Harvest!

We used burlap, faux grain, and moss to give our homemade crafts that rustic, southern feel.

And we labeled our dishes with a few spooky tags, like "Eye of Newt" and "Snake Venom."

But don't be scared dear friends! These tasty treats were made with love to make you smile.

We're so happy you could join us for our annual Halloween party...and now it's time to eat, drink, and be scary!

~ Sheri, Jess, & Nel ~

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to our sixth annual pumpkin carving contest!

Mom (Sheri) and Dad are the judges. Nel, Jess, their brother, and Jess' boyfriend are the participants. 

If you'd like to catch up on last year's contest, follow this link.

The only rules are no pumpkin carving tools and no props may be used.

Let's get the carving party started! 
In the running we have Jack Skellington...

The Haunted Mansion...

George Washington...

And the Autumn Owl...

Which is your personal favorite?

And the winner is (drum-roll please)...

The Haunted Mansion!

We wish you all a Happy Halloween filled with plenty of sweets and treats.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Very Cool Costumes

I was browsing through my favorite costume shop, and I saw so many unique and wonderful costumes.  This shop has three floors, and people all around me were hurrying about trying to find the best disguises.  It is a fun place, and here are a few that I liked.

"I'll get you, my pretty..."
They have amazing
decor in the store.
These were in the
Renaissance section,
a favorite of mine.
A few other
interesting ones.
Loved this one.
I turned my head
to these turquoise
beauties hehe.
Are you wearing a
costume this year?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Most Magical Day

A month ago today my new husband and I shared the happiest day of our lives.

We're still in the process of selecting the pictures taken by our professional photographer (which we'll post around the holidays), but for now we thought it'd be fun to share a few moments captured by our talented family and friends.

The day of the wedding, my bridesmaids were there to make sure I had everything I needed.

And my hairstylist was amazing! She was able to create beautiful looks for all five of my bridesmaids and our moms! Here she is pinning the last few clips to my veil.

I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more caring maid of honor. L♥VE you Jess!

And now I'm about to be married!


This was the moment I had dreamed of.

My husband and I asked Mother Mary to bless our union.

And we shared a quick "I love you" before...

We shared our first married kiss!

After coming down the aisle as husband and wife, we were able to enjoy a quiet moment together in the back of the church.

And then the celebration began!

Our lovely little flower girl was so careful to look after my veil, and for good reason...

My grandmother made this beautiful veil for my mom over thirty years ago. I was so blessed to be able to wear it on my own special day.

Jess gave a touching toast at the reception.

And my husband had the crowd laughing as usual...his sense of humor is one of the many reasons I love him.

Our first dance was to Neil Young's "Harvest Moon," which is not only our song, but also especially fitting since we were married the first day of Fall.

And then Jess and I hit the dance floor and kicked off the party by celebrating our Greek heritage!

Thanks to our awesome Uncle Jim for capturing the fun and posting it to Youtube!

We were blessed by the presence of so many beloved family and friends. Here's my beautiful mom, Sheri, on the right with her lovely cousin Sheila.

The cake was four tiers of alternating red velvet with cream cheese frosting and marble with amaretto filling.

We're planning to ring in our one month anniversary by defrosting the last piece we saved.

The celebration lasted all night, and oh did we let the good times roll!

It truly was the most special day of my life, and all of us at Red Rose Alley couldn't be happier to share some of these treasured moments with YOU.