Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Alike But Not Alike

Our blog friends always see
the things that us three
have in common, but I thought
you might like to hear
the things we don't have in common,
the different tastes we have.
* Nel and Jess love scarves
   I'm a free spirit and don't like anything confining
   my neck, so I don't like to wear scarves, or even
   turtle necks or high-neck shirts
* Me and Jess love to bake
   Nel loves to cook, and she makes scrumptious
* Nel and Jess wear purses and handbags

   I usually just take my wallet everywhere I go
* Me and Jess love shopping and browsing
   Nel is a quick shopper
* Me and Nel like to take naps
   Jess does not take naps (except when she's really
* Nel and Jess wear lots of jewelry
   I don't wear that much jewelry, maybe a cool
   bracelet or earrings now and then
* Me and Jess are careful with money, and
   "bargain shoppers"
   Nel is generous and a free spender
* Nel and Jess love to walk and run
   Brutal exercise isn't my favorite thing  : )
   (although I do like to walk the trails)
* Me and Nel don't mind re-gifting
   Jess doesn't want to have anything to do with
* Me and Jess are drawn to bright, bold colors.
   Nel is drawn to earth tones
* Nel and Jess wear coats in the winter
   Coats are too heavy for me, and I'll just wear a
   nice sweater
* Nel and Jess love to travel
   I don't like travel much and always miss home
   when I do
* Me and Jess have a sweet tooth
   Nel has a "savory/salty" tooth
* Nel and Jess enjoy a glass of wine at night
   I love a hot cup of tea
* Me and Jess like milk chocolate and dark
   Nel likes white chocolate
* Nel and Jess love the ocean
   I love the mountains, woods, and forest
* Me and Jess don't like to eat a lot of meat
   Nel used to be a vegetarian, but now she likes
* Nel and Jess love summers because they're
  Summers are not my favorite because of the heat
* Nel and Jess like to wear perfume
   My natural scent is perfume enough for me  ; )
   (although I do collect perfume bottles)
So, you see, my friends,
we're very much alike
at the same time,
very much not alike.
Claudia Tremblay Painting

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Keeping Time

Do you love antiques as much as I do?

I discovered this amazing antique market in my town last weekend.

Click here to check out the treasures of Woodstock Market.

I went in with the idea that I was just going to browse, but I couldn't help falling in absolute love with this piece...maybe because it reminded me of all my loved ones in different time zones.

I think it looks nice above my reading couch. 

And now when I'm thinking about calling my mom in California at 9 AM on a Sunday morning, I might remember that it's really 6 AM her time...


Thursday, August 24, 2017

It's A Blue Day

The day after the eclipse, the skies were exceptionally pretty.  The kind of pretty that made you want to look up at them even while driving.  The weather outside was so strange to me - strange, but peaceful.  Everything looked a bit mysterious.  The sun shined through the clouds brighter than ever, and I could hardly glance at it.  You'll see an eye on the fifth cloud if you look closely.

Flowers in the church.
I've never seen blue daisies before.

It's been such a blue day.
I looked down
and realized I was wearing blue too.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Life Needs More Sweet Tea

It's been a year since I moved to Georgia, and can you believe I haven't had any sweet tea in all that time?

Well, the summer days are getting shorter. Time to unwrap those tea bags...

...crush the mint and chop the lemons.

Jess gave me this recipe for Paula Dean's sweet tea as part of a house-warming care package last year. 

Just boil some water, add a few tea bags and a lot of sugar. Squeeze a few lemons, add some mint, and leave the pitcher in a sunny place to cool.

In an hour, it'll be ready to pour over ice and take out back. Then all you have to do is sip slowly while the fireflies dance and the cicadas sing.

Let me know how it turns out!

~ Nel

Friday, August 18, 2017

Love Is But A Song To Sing

I wanted to go to the
Rose Garden
before summer ends.

These colors remind me
of Fall.

I went inside the church
and lit a candle
for all the members of my family.
Jess, I lit one for the baby too.  : )

Do you see the heart?

First signs of Fall
There's a breeze in the mornings now,
and I can feel it coming.

My first Fall decoration.
The blue velvet is so pretty in person.

I was driving in the car,
and this song came on, I love it.
The world is in turmoil at times,
and I thought this song
was perfect for us to listen to.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Breakfast, My Favorite Meal Of The Day

I met my son for breakfast last week.  My family has always loved this place, and it has an atmosphere of a French inspired café.  It is called Mimi's Café, and they have many located in different areas all around California.  I've always wanted to take pictures inside, as I think it would be nice to have a kitchen in this style.  Here's the outside and you will notice all the flower pots gracing the window sills.

The coffee is so good,
and so are the carrot raisin muffins.

Old phones
old clocks
and old record players
Charming brick,
which reminds me of my mom's house.
I loved this blue tile in the other room
And the best part, the company.  : )