Monday, February 27, 2017

Glass Flowers

The rain stopped for awhile and it was a sunny day, so me and my son took a drive to the country for lunch.  I try to encourage my kids often to leave the busyness of their own towns and take a drive to the countryside for a day.  We had pizza for lunch at one of my favorite places.  I love their red and white checkered floors, and on the shelf above were BIG cans of pizza sauce.  Then, we drove to the country and gazed at green meadows and lovely horses.  The red door picture is a charming little country store that I always stop at.  They have the cutest things there, and I find something every time.  On the way home, we stopped at the nursery.  I wanted to see all the new flowers that are coming in for spring.  The Ranunculus were beautiful.  I planted these in my garden once, but they never made it.  There was a ceramic pot of glass flowers that were stunning, and I wanted to get one, but didn't.  The royal blue flower really got to me though.  It was such a pleasant day with my son, and I loved talking with him while we drove on the country roads. 

Can't believe it's almost March!

Friday, February 24, 2017

It Got Me Thinking

Jess recently sent me this picture she took while visiting the ocean.  It got me thinking about who I am and what I love.

Ever since I was a young girl, I've always had a bit of gypsy dwelling deep inside me.

It's funny how we forget sometimes who we really are when tackling life's ups and downs each and every day.....paying bills, moving from here to there, sorrows from dear ones we've lost, and other hardships.  Thank you, Jess, for reminding  me that I have a heart of a gypsy, someone that is uncomplicated, a heart that soars free. 

"A gypsy soul isn't lost and looking.  A gypsy soul is one who loves movement and finding the pulse in nature and flight as a metaphor.  One who thinks everything is music.  One who knows and holds an inward and therefore outwardly contagious kind of freedom."
~Victoria Erickson
 (Author, Edge of Wonder)

I'll keep these pictures forever, Jess.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cheerful Yellow

With all the rain that we've been having, the days are sometimes cold and dreary, so I have been taking some cheery yellow pictures to brighten things up a bit.

This will tell you how much rain we're having, but thankfully we haven't had any water damage in my area.

I'm so grateful for the rain.  The blossom trees have even started to come out because of it.  This picture reminds me of my 3 children, with me below...watching, caring, protecting.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Golden State

There are so many things I love about California, but one of my favorites is its natural diversity. You can visit the ocean and mountains all in one day or weekend. 

On the Road

Last Saturday, I found this lovely new cafe right on the harbor. 

On Sunday, my husband and I decided to take a road trip to Yosemite National Park since we have been wanting to see the park covered in snow. Our state has been getting hit with some big storms, and we wanted to take advantage of our three-day weekend with a sunny forecast.

We found a great last-minute deal at the Tenaya Lodge near the south entrance, which was a beautiful and convenient hotel. 
Our View

Although there wasn't a ton of snow, Yosemite did not disappoint. The natural beauty was breathtaking!

The Famous Half-Dome


Half Dome and Bridalveil Fall

My Home Sweet California.   

Pinterest Image 


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Little Story

I went to the mailbox early in the morning on Valentine's Day, and saw a card from Jess.  I said to myself,  "I'm going to open it after I get my coffee so I can enjoy it"  (I didn't notice the back of the card that said "open when you wake up on Valentine's Day").  So, I got my coffee and goodie and went to the park and opened up Jess' card.   Inside the card was a Starbuck's card!  I smiled big because she knew exactly what I'd like, and even though I couldn't use it at that particular time, I'll use it sometime soon.  : ) 

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, friends.  I got cards and a sweet call from Nel and my friend, Anne, some See's chocolate, and I received a most special gift at the park.