Friday, February 24, 2017

It Got Me Thinking

Jess recently sent me this picture she took while visiting the ocean.  It got me thinking about who I am and what I love.

Ever since I was a young girl, I've always had a bit of gypsy dwelling deep inside me.

It's funny how we forget sometimes who we really are when tackling life's ups and downs each and every day.....paying bills, moving from here to there, sorrows from dear ones we've lost, and other hardships.  Thank you, Jess, for reminding  me that I have a heart of a gypsy, someone that is uncomplicated, a heart that soars free. 

"A gypsy soul isn't lost and looking.  A gypsy soul is one who loves movement and finding the pulse in nature and flight as a metaphor.  One who thinks everything is music.  One who knows and holds an inward and therefore outwardly contagious kind of freedom."
~Victoria Erickson
 (Author, Edge of Wonder)

I'll keep these pictures forever, Jess.


Susie said...

Sheri, I loved your post. It made me think of a song I used to sing to myself...Just Another Day, by Henry Lee Summer... It's about how we trade our dreams for security. You can find it on You Tube...if you look it up, listen carefully to the words....Now as for poor Henry Lee Summer...he was a hit, then fell to ruin..that's all sad. I just always loved that song. There was a time when my girls were grown and gone from home and I thought of going elsewhere...then I thought, I only have to work 1o more years to have my retirement at GM. Now I just wonder. Wishing you the best , you sweet gypsy girl, xoxo,love, Susie

Sherry said...

i ♥ this!!!
told the hubs i have gypsy feet
and we need to pick up stakes
and just GO. anywhere. see the
world. experience newness!
decide where we want to live
when we retire. plant roots
in a new place with new people
with new everything. i'm there.
that's where i am. gypsy feet.

DUTA said...

Jess knows her Mama well. Nice picture, including the name Sherri and the words gypsy soul!
There's a lot of romanticism linked to the gypsies; reality is ,however, much more complex, and far less romantic. The notorious "gypsy free spirit" is causing a big headache to the countries they live in.
Anyway, the gypsy in the picture is very beautiful.

somewhere on the avenue said...

Its ages since my last visit, and I have gone back to being my 'old' blog name. I always was a free spirit and this story struck a chord, lovely images xx Please pop over and say hello when you have the time!

R's Rue said...


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Sheri, what beautiful images!

Walking the Bean said...

It is very easy to forget ourselves whilst jumping through life's hoops. Reminds me of the Fleetwood Mac song, Gypsy..."To a room with some lace and paper flowers...Back to the gypsy that I was to the gypsy that I was…"
Have a faboulous Friday!

Jeanie said...

I should save that quote as a MG motto! It's perfect and I think it fits you to a tea! And I love the photos, too!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Now THAT'S what I call serendipity! From one gypsy to another...

(Sorry about the 'flu' comment. I thought I read it in another one of your posts where I didn't comment.)


Pilar said...

What a great picture Sheri! Sometimes with all the fuss in life, I try to take time and enjoy the little things. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Pretty photos and fun to read your thoughts tonight, Sheri. I hope you have a pleasant evening and a very good weekend. xoxo

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful photos and she knows you all to well my sweet friend. Hope you're not washed away with so much rain. I've been thinking and praying for you and everyone. Hugs and Love, xo

Merlesworld said...

I think we are all born with a touch of the traveller but many lose it as time moves on.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Sheri,

Such a lovely post and photos - anywhere been near the water is calming and relaxing. Yes, I think there is a little bit of gypsy in us all and always lovely to travel and see new things.
Hope you have a lovely weekend and many thanks for the kind visit.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you Sheri! it is always so nice to see you had come for a visit.
Trust me, my neighbors are always on the lookout for those little dickens. I had a skunk sitting right outside my back door last year. I was just ready to open the door when I looked down and there he was looking up at me. Needless to say I did not open the door.

It was sunny today in my little part of the world also.
Enjoy your weekend, dear friend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Though I've never thought of myself as having a gypsy soul, I can understand. I am a creature of habit, I love boundaries, I relish routine. HOWEVER....with these parameters, I do find that I run freely and the opposite direction of my counterparts. SO I guess I do have a bit of a gypsy spirit locked away in this concrete-sequential mind of mine! And I too, though unable to swim, LOVE the water and dream of the ocean quite often.

Kerri said...

I don't have quite a gypsy soul, but I love gypsy-boho clothing! I'm more routine stay home, paint & create. I didn't know you like the ocean. I live on the ocean and I dream villages in France lol.

Have a blessed weekend :)


Anonymous said...

On my way out the door with our Saturday to-do's, but could not resist stopping by first. Not sure if you remember when I shared a post a while back (another blog) one October, a mysterious carnival blog link, where I shared my love for the Romani people, sometimes referred to by some as gypsies. I love the culture, the colors, the heart of the Romani. I am a free-spirited soul too, so much so that at times I cry endlessly over any slight encounter with chains of any type. Keep listening to the music, my friend, everything is a beautiful melody when we look through the eyes of love.

Look up Django Reinhardt's music when you have a chance favorite guitar player after our son. If your heart seems to fly when you listen, then you know for sure you're a gypsy soul. <3

LoveT. said...

Lovely Story, Sheri with the Heart of a Gypsy <3
I love the beautiful Glass with the Candle :)

Happy Weekend, kisses

Lowcarb team member said...

So nice of Jess to send you these photographs ... and they are great.

Sending my good wishes for the weekend

All the best Jan

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Sheri, your post resonates with me too!
We have a boat and love the freedom it gives us to drop anchor where we like!
There's definitely a gypsy in me - I could wander the world forever!
Love the photos too!
Shane x

It's me said...

Have a nice Ria x ❤️


What a special scene to see the two boats alongside each other like that. That gypsy spirit you have will live on, I'm sure.

Sarah F said...

I love this post. It really makes you think! You sound like a free spirit, and that's very refreshing because not everyone you encounter is like that! I followed you and would love if you'd follow me back when you get a chance! :)

xo, Sarah

Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful post!!!! Thank you so much for your comment!!!
As for your question you can use the photos of the author, it would be interesting to publish his name and the place where you took them. Thank you!!!
Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sheri, What a beautiful post. Love the pic and your thoughts that give us time to pause and think. Have we moved away from our dreams and what's in our hearts? Maybe it's time to revisit those places within us.
Thank you for sharing. Be Blessed and have a great week ahead. xoxo

Holly said...

I see there's a boat for you and me, and in one of my favorite places on earth. I wonder if this is the Harbor by the lighthouse. I love this post for it touches the depths of the souls. Sending you love Gypsy Sister.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Such reminders are so important to remember who you are deep inside. We all tend to be consumed by daily life which doesn't leave much behind

Inside and Outside Blog

Carla from The River said...

I have gypsy in me too! I enjoyed this post today too, Sheri. Such good stuff on your blog. The photos, the words and the honest heart.
Love, Carla