Thursday, April 30, 2015


I went into a shop this week that sells eclectic stuff.  Now, don't ask me why, but whenever I walk into an eclectic shop, I am smiling the whole time.   I noticed a very unique item on the wall, and the sales lady told me it is called a Milagro.   The name Milagro is of Spanish origin and means miracle.  She said that it was a blessed gift of the heart and that you can put notes or prayers inside.  I've seen these Milagros before, but never one quite as pretty as this.

The heart opens, and I placed my note inside and closed it.

If you're wondering what the note says..........

Are you familiar with
the Milagro?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Walk With Me

There is a trail that me and husband walked on last weekend, and it's so green and lush and peaceful.  We saw many interesting sights along the way.

All of a sudden, we heard a knocking on one of the trees.  We looked over and to our surprise, we saw this.

I've never seen the woodpecker in action and it was so funny to watch him.

Some pretty purple flowers on the side of the trail.

The dove is a precious bird.

These trees are amazing.  Some of them are 300 years old.

This hare was trying to hide from me.

And at the end of the trail, I spotted these.  I think they were just for me.  : )

The human spirit needs places
when nature has not
been rearranged by the
hand of man.
~author unknown
Have a terrific week.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh My Home

I love to look at old houses, their character, detail, charm, but when it comes down to living in the home, I prefer new.  I don't like things breaking down, so I appreciate the new appliances, the pretty granite countertops, the clean soft rugs that were just installed.  So, my dream home would be what I live in now - a smaller newly built house that's easy to clean, fun to decorate.

Nel's dream home would be a 19th century Victorian estate with spiral staircases and a great big library with floor to ceiling books.

google image 

Jess would love to live in one of the craftsman cottage homes with a BIG porch and flowers in the front yard.  She admires the charm and character of these homes.

google image
Do tell us,
what would your dream
home be?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Love

This past weekend was the first, in what seems like a while, that I was able to spend at home. 

I spent the weekend organizing my house and treating myself to leisure.

I was at Nel's a couple weeks ago, and she had the most beautiful white serving tray. I was inspired and bought my own!

I found it at Pier 1 Imports. It's the perfect addition to my dark, comfy couches.   

I also finally had a chance to hang up a family-made sign that is very dear to me. I inherited it from my grandparents.  

Speaking of inheritance, check out this little gem my boyfriend brought me that belonged to his grandmother.  

It dates back to the 1920's!

He is planning to refurbish these lovely vintage pieces for me. I will be sure to post photos when it's complete.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Follow The Whispers

I had a fun day with my son on Thursday.  I thought I'd take a drive to Folsom and spend the afternoon there.  First, we stopped for lunch at a pizza place, which prepares their own dough and pastas.  Then, I did some shopping in old town, which I love.  I'll show you what I bought later.

I always have to stop for red flowers.

Then, we decided to go to the zoo because it's been awhile since I've visited. (this zoo takes in injured animals and nurses them back to health).

I'm in awe every time I see the spectacular peacock.  She is graceful and elegant, but her honk is loud.

The lion was taking a nap, so it was hard to get a good view of him.

Here's what I bought at the charming shop in old town.  I love what it says.  We all have something that is calling us, and one of my pleasures is simply taking pictures of this wondrous world and seeing all the colors dance around me while I take it all in.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Somewhere Else

Hello dear friends! I just wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments about my recent accomplishment! Since completing my Ph.D. I've been trying to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  

After my dissertation defense, one of my best friends arranged for a paint night at a cute little Italian restaurant

The teacher took us through all the steps to make these beautiful cherry tree blossom paintings. 

I loved how different each of the paintings came out.

I also loved how happy and peaceful I felt through the process of creating my art. I would definitely recommend a paint night to anyone in need of a little artistic reboot.

Wishing you a cheery rest of your week!

~ Nel ~