Monday, March 29, 2021

Zoom Meeting With A Theme

Me and the girls had a Zoom meeting with the kids, and this funky grandma suggested that we have a theme to go along with it.  I said to them, "maybe we can wear make-up or use our favorite Spring tea/coffee cup or have our favorite Easter stuffed animal."  Nel said, "let's do all three."   So, here are a few pictures of the fun Zoom meeting we had.  I noticed right away that Nel was wearing mint green eye shadow that looked cool.   This is my favorite Spring tea cup.

Jess sipped from her Belle cup, which says adventurous and brave inside the cup.

Nel's tea cup was from our trip to the Queen Mary.  Hers is the middle one.

This is my favorite Easter stuffed animal.  I gave one to Francesca when she was a baby, and it was so cute I got one for myself.  When you squeeze the bunny, it talks.  ; )

This is one of Mia's favorite stuffed bunnies.

While we were all talking, Francesca colored on the pink post-its and put them all over Jess' walls haha.

She showed us her new back pack.  Her shirt says, I'm so cute, I must be Greek.  It was a present from their dear friend who's also Greek.

Nel and Jess showed me the coasters they got from downtown Disney a week ago.  It was the first time they got out by themselves and had a nice dinner without the kids.

It was such a fun Zoom meeting, and it makes my heart glad to have them until I can see my loves again.


Monday, March 22, 2021

Remembering Mea In March

This post will be all over the place, and that's how it is sometimes in our everyday lives, isn't it? 

We had our third snowfall since I moved to the mountains, and it was a big one.  I think Spring comes a bit later here, but I don't mind, as I want to experience each season to the fullest and see everything that comes with it.

The neighbor's house across the street has red lights hanging on the back porch area of their house.  At first I thought it was just for Christmas, but it's already March, so maybe they leave them up all the time.  It looks really cool looking out the window very early when it's still dark outside.

     I loved all the comments shared on my kitchen window post, and was surprised and happy to hear that so many of you had kitchen windows too.  Out of all the houses I lived in, I only remember one or two houses having them.  Here is a picture of my kitchen window when it's snowing outside.


I will forever remember my dear friend, Mea, who passed away.  Spring always reminds me of her, as her birthday is the first day of Spring.  This is a picture of me and her at Starbuck's.  She's making a face, but that's just her, a lighthearted gal.  I miss you, Mea.

I am a minimalist when it comes to decorating, and I'm not really a pastel kind of person, so most of my Easter decor is purple.  Although, I do have a few light colored things I put out.  This year, I put my yoga bunnies on the mantel.  They crack me up.

A lovely picture given to me by Kim at Daisy Cottage.

This is my favorite Easter item.

My niece, Katie, gave this to me, and I have kept it all these years.  It came in a gold decorative box.  She said that the dark rich colors reminded her of me. 

I need to get more candles, I'm running out.  I haven't been out shopping in a very long time.

My dear blog friend used to make lovely, creative tags.  She sent me many tags in the mail, and this was one of them.  I placed it in my purple jewel frame.  She doesn't blog anymore, but she is such a creative artistic person. 

My playful area.  I still have all my children's books and some of the Easter decorations when they were small.  Little by little, I will give them all to them, but when I'm ready.  ; )

My neighbor, Lisa, asked me if I wanted a loaf of sourdough bread that she got from Costco.  And of course I said, "sure!"  It was really good, but it doesn't compare to Renecke's homemade sourdough bread.   Oh, how I miss his fresh bread.  It was incredible with butter and honey.

My little leprechauns.

  Mia's shirt says, "be a rainbow on a cloudy day."

I recently got an e-mail from a friend asking me how I'm doing.  I haven't heard from her in a long time, but she's always been a dear friend of the family.  I was so happy when she said she was going to write me a letter and tell me what's been going on with her and her family.   We don't usually get notes or letters in the mail any more, so this came as a pleasant surprise, and I appreciate her taking the time to write me a letter.   I look forward to reading it.  Have a very good week, friends, and I hope you are doing well this Easter season.


Monday, March 15, 2021

Kitchen Window

You know, I've never had kitchen windows in most of the houses I've lived in.  I had big windows in the rooms next to the kitchen, but not a window in the kitchen to look out and see all the interesting things that are going on throughout the days.

  ~I see the mailboxes that are on the side of my house, and they are directly in front of me looking out my kitchen window.  I see the mail carrier deliver the mail, mostly around midday.  Her job is so important, and she does it well.

  ~I see my neighbor, J, on his front porch getting a breath of fresh air.  He seems to know all the neighbors and everything that's going on in the neighborhood.  When I first moved here, he called from a distance and told me that my tail light was out, and where to go to get it fixed.  He gave us one of his snow shovels and told us he had another so keep it.

~I see my neighbor, V, sitting outside on her bench in the freezing cold, taking a cigarette break.  I call out to her, "I'll come over and sit on your bench and visit with you when this is all over."  She smiles, exchanging a few words.

~I see the yellow school bus slowly drive by early while I make my morning coffee.  I feel so bad for those kids having to go to school right now.  My heart breaks for them.  All the rules and restrictions - it must be a scary time for them.

~I see wolfdog roaming around and being mischievous.  I call him that because he looks like a wolf, but really he's just a neighbor's dog.  I think he's part German Shepherd.  The neighbor saw him near my car door one day, which I left open for a few moments after getting groceries.

~I see the Painter's truck coming into my driveway, and I am relieved that he's almost finished with the work inside.  And I am grateful for all the work that's been done.

~I see my neighbor, L, getting the mail.  She's wearing a white down coat, the exact same one I've been wanting.  I want to call out to her, "where'd you get your coat?" but something distracts me in the house, and so I don't.

~I see that pesky squirrel on my white fence.  This time I do go outside and shoooo him away.  Oh, when will I ever get used to this peculiar looking critter?  Someone reminded me this week that they have been here far longer than I have.  ; )   

And as I'm baking my chocolate chip cookies, I look outside my kitchen window and see many intriguing things, and am so thankful I have one now.

  This one came out in the shape of a heart.

Tell me, do you have a kitchen window too?


Monday, March 8, 2021

The Creek And A Bit Of Green

So, I told you that I've been exploring areas in this new mountain town, and my neighbor said that there's a creek not far away and that it's a good place to take pictures.   I tried to find it, but honestly, I'm awful with directions, but one day I surprisingly found my way there.  I heard when it snows, the creek is covered and looks really pretty.

Jennifer runs the farm, and it was so nice of her to let me take pictures of the horses she tends to.  There are also cows at the farm.

Not sure what this prickly bush was, but it grows all over in the woods around here, and is so pretty.

On my way home, I saw a couple geese.  They have the funniest necks, don't they?

A little bit of green in my house for St. Patrick's Day.

And I'll leave you with my beloved bird.  I think it's incredible when we see them in the wild, but I'll take them any time, anywhere.  This is my neighbor, Lisa's feeder, and they come around often.

I had another Zoom meeting with the kids.  Nel is always the hostess, and sends the links.  I'm so thankful for this, cause I get to see my loves every couple weeks.  Thank you, Nel, for these special moments.