Monday, March 28, 2022

Just Some Stuff

Pumpkin already?  Yes, pumpkin always.  These muffins were so good, and they had the strong taste of nutmeg and pumpkin in them.

My sister sent me a card in the mail.  The words were thoughtful, and it made my day getting a surprise in the mail one afternoon.

The envelope was even creative with written words and stickers.

I washed and put out all my Spring cups.

I always like to try different coffees.  Saw this at the store many times, and finally tried it.  It was really good, and think I'll buy it again.

"Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make this world a beautiful garden. " ~anon

While driving to the grocery store, I saw a deer in the woods close to the edge of the road.  They are going to start coming around more now that it's getting warmer.

I've been writing in my journal lately.  Some of my blog friends mentioned they had a dream journal.  I'd really like to get one to write down all the unusual things that pop up in my dreams.

It's getting warmer during the days; the mornings are still cold.  I am seeing signs of Spring - the pink blossom trees in town, the green in the fields, and the birds returning to the neighborhood.  A flock of Quail were in my yard yesterday.

Have a lovely week.


Monday, March 21, 2022

Give A Little Whistle

When my brother found this house in the mountains, he didn't know that this was close to my mother-in-law's birth place.  I didn't realize it myself at first until I figured out the areas.  She retired in the mountains at a different location in northern California, but she was born and raised here.

I saw how she lived a simple life in her cabin-style home, and I told myself that I wanted to live that way also as I aged.  She had a garden, one of them was filled with daisies, good neighbors, and a house she loved.

It's hard to explain what it's like living in the mountains until you experience it yourself.  There is a peace that envelopes you like no other place I've lived.  People seem to take the time to look out for one another.  While I was at the creek, a big white truck drove by, and the man rolled down his window and said, "are you Ok?"  I replied, "Yes, thank you, I'm just praying."  And with a big smile, he said, "Ok!" and was on his way.  I was also taking pictures.....of the tall trees that were right in front of me,

and ones that look like tiny Christmas trees.

I saw a note recently that a dear blog friend wrote, and with it she said that "this is our time."  The other day I was reading a letter that my mother-in-law wrote.  Her writing was so graceful, and I was surprised to see the words she wrote in her letter, "Everyone has their own time."

So, on my drive home from the creek, I see the majestic mountain before my eyes.  I realize this is where I'm supposed to be, and this is my time.

I feel my mother-in-law up here - in her area.  And I stop to think about her.  She was so generous, and whenever I visited her, she always gave me something to take home.

So, I'm thankful for the rain that came here recently,

for the pretty drives,

that my in-laws are not far away, and that my son is close by and walks these same woods and feels peace, as he just did the other day when it was raining.

My mother-in-law's resting place isn't the area where she retired, it's here, in the area she was born and raised.  The last letter she wrote me was actually just a few years before she passed, and as I was reading it, a smile shone brightly on my face, as she said, "So, I will be with you in my heart.  Give a little whistle!"


Monday, March 14, 2022

March Moments

 The snow has melted, and the sun came out a few days.  It rained Saturday night with a strong wind coming through.  I felt it, and I could hear the wind rustling through the window and doors.  Have you ever tried Andes mints?  They are one of my favorites.

Through the window at my neighbor's feeder.

These guys are coming around more lately.   My neighbor told me that they come in her yard, up the trees, and get pretty close to her.   They don't bother her.  Well, she can have them, as I want nothing to do with them.  ; )

And now, here's my Easter mantel.  The color Purple always suits me at Eastertime.  In Catholicism, Purple is closely associated with Advent and Lent.  

Can you believe Mia is starting to play soccer?  She had a fun first day, but the kids are all so small, that they just ran around the field and did warm-ups, drills, and scrimmages.  

Have a delightful March week.


Monday, March 7, 2022

Some White And Some Color

I woke up Saturday morning and looked out my front window, and nature sent me a big surprise.  It was a good amount of snow.  It was the soft white kind, so I scurried outside to embrace it all.  I was talking with my neighbors, and he thinks this may be the last snow of the season, so I took some pictures, and enjoyed what was in front of me, as it was falling off the tree branches, falling off the roof, and falling from the sky.

My poor rose bushes.  Well, I do want to replace the small pink bush, and plant a BIG pink bush this Spring.  Pink roses are right up there with the red.

And now for some color.  I wanted to tell you about the coffee that Nel sent her brother in the mail.  It was a 3 month subscription, with coffee from areas all around the world.  The first coffee was Ethiopian, the second was Brazilian, and the third was Costa Rican.  They were sent every month for three months, and came with postcards to read about their country.  They were packaged in colorful bags with different designs.  It was a great gift.

 Jess and Francesca dressed up for Mardi Gras with their festive dresses and masks.

All the men in my family are good cooks.  With Brian baking his banana bread, my son cooking his jambalaya, and Renecke baking his homemade bread.  I can still taste it warm out of the oven with butter and honey.  Brian barbecued some meat and added it to his jambalaya rice.

I took Nel's advice and decorated for Easter a couple months early so I can enjoy it longer.  I'll show you next time, and while it's cold outside, it's warm and cozy inside with candles and coffee and lemon cake.

love you.