Monday, August 30, 2021

Leaves of Change

It's been a while since I've posted. All I can say is that I've barely been keeping afloat over the past year and a half. So much has changed. I'm trying to embrace it all as just part of life.

Fall is upon us. For me, that's always meant the start of a new school year. I took Mia to my old college campus today.

My mom sent her a birthday card in the mail with a little gift, and we used it for an early morning trip to our favorite bakery. 

We ate our croissants with our cups of coffee and milk. I told her about all the books I read while I was studying to become a professor.

I remember how nervous I felt the first time I stepped onto a college campus. I hope that she'll always feel at home. I also hope that she'll feel the same excitement of a new beginning that I still feel at the start of every fall. 

Thank you, Gammy, for your special birthday gift. We had a lovely day.


Monday, August 23, 2021

Strange Days

Update on the fires.....there are several fires still burning in northern California.  One is about half hour from me.  Some have been contained, and some are still wildly burning.  I continue to pray.  And I thank all of those who prayed along with me.  So many strange things happening in the world right now.  And people seem to be acting strange as well.  Whenever it's starting to get to me, I have a chat with the girls and feel better.  And seeing the little ones makes it even better.

I made some cornbread, and it turned out good.  I haven't had it in such a long time.  I had it with a generous amount of butter.  ; )

Our precious Mia turned three.  Nel didn't have a big celebration for her, but she had some family over to sing and have cake.  She spent the day at the happiest place on earth, the Magic Kingdom.  It wasn't crowded, and she didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes for each ride.

My neighbor's roses are planted at the wrong house.  ; )

I bought my first Fall cup the other day, couldn't resist.

I found my Milagro (which means Miracle) - I thought it was lost when I moved, but it was in the back of my car hidden.  It's tarnished, and doesn't look the same, but is still pretty.   When I bought it, the lady told me that the Milagro was a blessed gift of the heart and that you can put notes or prayers inside.

Do these feel like strange days to you too?


Saturday, August 14, 2021

California Fires

Before I show you some pictures of home, I wanted to tell you that there are lots of fires going on in northern California right now.  Some are far from me, and some are closer.  Some of the fires have been contained, but some are raging out of control.  It's so scary, but we have our CAL FIRE firefighters working continuously, and they are amazing.  Yesterday, when I went outside in the evening, the sky looked so strange.  The winds have shifted here and there from the fires, and I was looking at a hazy and pink sky.

I love home and everything about it.  I love to decorate, especially with the holidays, and it seems that if I'm living in a big two-story house or a small cottage-style house, I still find ways to make my home cozy.  My favorite sausage is the original Jimmy Deans, and I have it with eggs, plain sandwiches, and even add it to my spaghetti, which is really good.  When my brother painted the rooms in this house, he found all the right colors.  Part of my dining room he left the walls unpainted cause it was the original pine paneling that you see in the cabins, and it looks nice.  But my bathroom he painted white, which I think was a good choice, because I like the look of a clean and light bathroom.  I added the color 'blush' in there, and found a blush shower rug, and added a picture that Jess gave me and a seashell I've had since I was a little girl.  It's very minimal decorating, but that's me.  My neighbor brought over some cucumbers and squash from her garden, and says there's more to come.  There's nothing like veggies from a garden. 

While the skies are hazy from the smoke, I will keep praying and have pleasant thoughts.  Won't you pray with me?


Monday, August 9, 2021

A New School Year

We are in the middle of Summer, or shall I say the end, and last week wasn't as hot as the weeks before.  It has been a mellow Summer lately.  I've noticed a change in the light of day also, and I think Fall will be here before we know it.  I have been thinking of my daughters, as school is starting up again.   Nel is teaching her college students this Fall, but her class in online, and Jess will teach her elementary students in the classroom this school year.  I think they have one of the oldest and most valued professions - being a teacher and shaping young minds to love learning is truly special.

One day last week, I looked across the street and saw an incredible sighting - a deer was standing in my neighbor's yard.  I quickly got my camera and went outside.  I tried to slowly take a picture, but was too excited, and it ran right past me and into the woods.  It was big and strong, and I was surprised to see that it was a Buck!

These were taken in my front yard.  I think this is a Robin, but not sure.

 Oh, sometimes I will look over and see a pink rose growing in my garden, and it makes me smile.  They aren't always like this; sometimes they turn out light, but this one was just right.

There was a farmer's market in my town at the end of July.  Me and my son happened to be in town that day.  I've been craving pecan pie, and when he saw they were selling mini pies, he went over and bought a pecan pie. it was the best.

The creek, end of Summer.

A cow farm near the creek.

There is a drive-in that's up the street from my house with a big tree that stands to the right of it, and someone carved a face on the tree.   It's so cool and artistic, and I've been wanting to take a picture of it and finally did.

I can tell Summer is almost over, and I'm glad.  Too hot for me.  I am already starting to see Fall in little ways, and I am curious what it will be like here in the mountains.