Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Pumpkin carved and lit with a big melty candle...

This jack-o-lantern is purrr-fectly scary!

Spooky snacks prepared...

A festive take on Mom's famous 7-layer bean dip

Candy for the little ghosts and goblins that come knocking...

Some of my favorite Halloween candies growing up

It's time to...

Happy Halloween!

~ Nel

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Old Couple

I was at Sprouts, and as I was going back to my car, an older couple was getting out of their car.  We were next to our cars at the same time.  I waited til the old man got comfortably out, and he said, "I didn't see you, I just heard the beep beep beep of your car" (my clicker).  I said, "I didn't see you either."  The old woman said to me, "thank you for your patience.  When you get to be my age, you're slower at things."  I replied back, "when you get to be your age, it's wonderful."  She smiled, and with a distant chuckle, she slowly walked away. 

I wanted you to see all the Autumn color
around my neck of the woods.

The rose garden is still going strong.
Can't believe October is coming to an end.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween Home Trimmings

Do you love decorating for the holidays as much as I do? 

Even if it's just a few festive trimmings here and there, holiday decor can add so much fun to the house. 

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, I've changed my kitchen chalkboard every week with a new Pinterest-inspired Halloween message.

As an English major, I had to throw in a couple spooky Shakespeare quotes here and there.

 Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2, Line 351

Macbeth, Act 4, Scene 1, Line 10

This teacup is from Jess's baby shower. The black and white pattern went perfectly with my favorite tin of tea. 

Sun flowers add a little brightness to an autumn arrangement. 

Candles warm up a room chilled by spooky ghosts.  

These three funky witches are hugging each other tight. 

Wishing you a happy Halloween weekend from the girls at Red Rose Alley!

~ Nel       

Monday, October 23, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

I have been so busy preparing for the baby (she's due in a couple weeks!) and trying to finish up my last days of work (teaching, report cards, and conferences!)

But, I keep reminding myself to savor this month, my favorite month. 

Oh, October!

Piles of pumpkins make me smile. 

This is the biggest stem I have ever seen.

(And at this point, I'm feeling like I swallowed this pumpkin. ;-)


P.S. Thank you for all the thoughtful birthday wishes. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Catching Up With Friends

Met two of my friends yesterday for lunch.  One of them I see often, but the other one we don't get to see as much cause she works, sometimes out of town.  It was good to catch up on the happenings in their life, and we go way back, to our carefree high school days.  We met at my favorite place, Macaroni Grill.  The meals are always so fresh and gooood there.

A few pictures of Fall
around my town.
Have a restful weekend.