Monday, October 25, 2021

Big Storm Headed Our Way

There's a big storm headed our way as I write this.  Friday and Saturday we got lots of rain, and Sunday and Monday we're supposed to get heavy rain.  They are calling it a 'flash flood watch.'  But I think it's God cleansing the woods.  Do you know how many fires we had up here this Summer?

I did get some rain seeping in my back porch area, and the cardboard box which holds my photo albums got wet underneath.  I immediately went to the store, and bought a big plastic bin to put them in.  There are 26 albums from when my kids were growing up, and I still hold on to them.  There were three albums that didn't fit in the bin, so I have to get another one soon.  Now they are all organized for my children.  If you're wondering why she keeps all those albums.......Oh, my friends, I was a stay-at-home mom with three children for many many years, and that was my life!  I have so many memories in those pictures.  I was with those little ones every day and all day, and I had lots of sweet moments with them. Doesn't Jess look like Francesca here?  I remember putting pink make-up on her cheeks to make them rosy.

I looked out the window one day,

and saw this.....eeeeek!  I took a picture from inside cause they still scare me haha.  I know, it's kind of crazy living in the mountains and being afraid of squirrels........but I am.

My poor pink rose drenched with rain.

I have some Halloween candy in case any kids stop by.

I love this picture of Mia looking through the Halloween goodies.  I gave the kids that witch on top.  She twirls and cackles when you press her arm.

And her witchy fingers on Zoom.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the storm.

Oh, I wish you could see Fall here when the rain had stopped.  Its so pretty.  But we'll have two more days of heavy rain.  

Have a fun Halloween week.


Monday, October 18, 2021

Nearby Lake

My two brother-in-laws moved up this way to live with my sister-in-law and help her out with her big ranch home.  A couple weeks ago, my brother-in-law came into town to run errands and he stopped by for a visit.  I have been wanting to see a nearby lake that I was told about, so we drove over there, along with my son, to see some views of the lake.

We got some lunch first, and headed on over there.  They got cheeseburgers and I ordered fish and chips.  Everything was so good.

We ate on one of the benches overlooking the lake.

There are three picnic benches there, and they were all covered with engraved names and sayings.  I smiled at some of them, as they were the names of loved ones in my own family.

And a cute bench.

It was a lovely time at the lake, and I'm so thankful to have family living close by now.

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I got a few Christmas goodies while out shopping that I couldn't resist.....a Christmas gnome kitchen towel, a glittery bird, and a chocolate coffee bar.  When I got in my car the other morning, it was 40 degrees.  It's already so cold here, and I warmed up with my favorite hot chocolate.

I do love the Christmas season, but I'm still savoring Autumn with my new cinnamon candle.

Have a good October week.


Monday, October 11, 2021

Four Sisters Coffee

When I was at the grocery story, I noticed there were bags of Four Sisters Coffee on the shelf.  I thought I'd take it home and try it out.  The French Roast is an intriguing blend of coffees from the regions of Latin America, Indonesia, and East Africa.  I like to try different kinds of coffee, and although Starbuck's is still my favorite, I welcome the change in others.   I made myself a cup of Four Sisters Coffee that morning, and I really liked it.

Although I'm not living in So Cal anymore, my heart is glad that my daughters are still together and are able to spend time with each other and their little ones.

picture taken in New Orleans

Sisters are important, and I had the same experience being near my sister while we were raising our kids.  We still talk on the phone often, and in fact, while I was working on this post, she called to say hello.  Wonderful timing.

These girls are cousins, but they will feel very much like sisters growing up, as they are only a year apart.  ~and the circle of life goes on.  : )

  Me and my sister don't always agree on things, but she listens.  One day many years ago we were talking, and I said something like, "as soon as my life gets back to normal, it will be a sigh of relief," and she responded, "that is life."  What she was saying is that no matter how messy things are at the moment, that is life, and it can be wonderful, joyful, sad, and sometimes messy.  So, as I'm sipping on my Four Sisters Coffee, I'm thinking of my own sister and feeling very thankful I have her.


Monday, October 4, 2021

Autumn In The Mountains

There's no Starbuck's here in the mountains where I live, but there is a little coffee shop that I go to often.  They have specialty drinks, so yesterday me and my son drove through, and I was hoping they would have a pumpkin coffee.  They did!  I had my first pumpkin latte of the season, and it was really good.

I've seen Winter, Spring, and Summer since I moved here, and now it's time to see Autumn in the mountains, so come along with me.

 I was watching a tv program the other day, and they were showing holiday decor by using pine cones.  When they mentioned how much the bag of pine cones were, I smiled because I have a whole front yard filled with them.  I've been thinking of gathering a few and doing something crafty with them for Christmas.  Any ideas, let me know.