Monday, May 25, 2020

China Cabinet

My china cabinet....I almost left it behind when I moved.  The last three houses I've lived in were small, and it's a big piece of furniture to have in a small space, but I couldn't leave it behind.  It was a dear gift many years ago, and I still appreciate it after all these years.  It was made in Italy, and when I first saw it, I just had to have it.  After it was set up with this last move, me and Nel tried so hard to get the long glass plate to fit into the cabinet, but couldn't manage to do it.
This last weekend I did it Nel!  I was determined to get that glass plate in there somehow, and she mentioned that maybe if we place it in upwards instead of downwards it would work.  Well Nel, after a lot of bumping and banging I maneuvered the glass plate securely in there.  But you'll have to help me with the upper one, if I decide to put it up.  It looks nice without it.
There is a lower shelf in the cabinet to store
vases and other treasures.
This plate belonged to my Mother.  It was from her first grandchildren, my brother's kids.  There is a groove built in to display plates that have special meaning to me.
After having two girls, I was overjoyed to have a son, and this plate has always reminded me of my son.
Princess Di music box.
For some reason, blue china is the prettiest to me.
There are beveled doors on the cabinet
which are very nice.

I hung my pink heart on one of the knobs.
Favorite tea cups
My Mom gave me and my sister and sister-in-law
this cute porcelain tea pot many years ago,
and I still have it.
It was a lot of work that day, cause I cleaned and polished everything that was in the cabinet.  I don't know if I'll have this 'ole china cabinet forever, but it keeps moving with me, and it has been a part of me for about 35 years.

I think every woman should have a space to call her own for her special treasures and keepsakes that she collects throughout the years.
I am sitting in the blue chair listening to this stillness.  The only sound: the occasional gurgle of tea coming out of the pot and into the cup.  How can this be?  Such calm, such peace, such solitude in this world of woe.
from The Sixth of Jan by 
~David Budbill
Enjoy your cup of tea today.  ; )


Monday, May 18, 2020

Just Because

I'm settling in the new place, and it's been a long week of cleaning, organizing, and putting things just where I want them.  The fun part is decorating for me when all the work is done.  Jess bought me a new white and grey area rug that's coming soon.  I always know I'm home when I place my girl statue on the front porch of each house I move to.  Nel bought me this doormat from Target, and it's fitting, as I'm with my family once again.
They ordered me this dessert for Mother's Day, and it was Yummy.  It tasted so good with a hot cup of coffee.
The girls made grandma's enchiladas.
Yes, it's already swim time in California.
No going to the beaches yet,
but the kids have fun with this blow up crab
right in the back yard.
Some blooms

Francesca is learning to play hide and seek, and this picture makes me laugh.  There is a BIG sunflower randomly growing in Jess' patio area.
Some housewarming gifts from the girls
to brighten the place up.
View of the mountains from my bedroom window.
Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest,
is surely home, and home sweet home,
for there the heart can rest.  ~Henry Van Dyke
It's coming along,
but so much more to do.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I'm Tired

It's a crazy time to move right now, but that's just what I did.  I found a place in So. Calif., and this last weekend, the kids moved me down there.  I have to start by saying that this post is dedicated to Nel, and as you read along, you'll see why.  She did so many things to make the move more comfortable, and for that, I'm grateful.
I was so relieved that I didn't have to be around any people during this move.  I was worried about that.  Nel had boxes delivered to my house, I packed everything up, and when the movers came, I found this shady tree down the street and sat while taking pictures until they were done.
You know how frustrating it is to get all the internet, tv, and phone set up after moving in - well, Nel was at the new place a week before and had it taken care of.  She ordered me a new tv cause mine was acting up, and had it set up before I got there.
She replaced all the kitchen cupboards with white liner paper, and that was a chore, to say the least.  There is a brick area on the patio, and she pulled all the weeds by hand between each brick to make it look nicer.   Renecke filled my cupboards with a few groceries, and helped set up the tv and so much more.  Jess drove the long way there, and Brian drove the UHaul.  Traveling over the grapevine, which is called the gateway to northern and southern California, we saw the most beautiful poppies growing wild on the mountains.  Jess described them as God's brush painting the mountains. 
We finally got to my place, and while observing the area, I noticed these trees with purple flowers.  Not sure what their name is, but they were so pretty.  Maybe  you could tell me what kind of trees they are.

I made some chocolate chip cookies
a few days before the move.

I was glad that I found a place after months of searching, and the best part is it's in the same town as Nel.  About a half hour from the ocean, and 20 minutes from the mountains, I have a view of the mountains from my bedroom window, but this is the best view of all.

I'm tired, but I'll be around to visit you.  I need to take a break from all these boxes for awhile, and seeing your blogs is just what I need.   I was a mere 21 years old here with Nel in my arms.  I would have never thought then she'd be taking care of me one day.


Monday, May 4, 2020

Pizza Never Tasted So Good

I have been cooking a lot lately, almost every day, so you can imagine how surprised and pleased I was to have a pizza delivered to the house!  It was from one of the best pizza places in town, and it was such a treat for me.  It was so delicious, and my son joined me in this wonderful meal.  Thank you, M.
There was an ice cold bottle of Pepsi
 to go along with it.
Jess has been experimenting with making macarons, and I think she's getting the hang of it.  She said this was her best batch yet. 
We really enjoy our food in this family.  ; )


How are you doing?
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