Monday, July 22, 2019


I took my car in to get some work done, and it's always exhausting after any car maintenance day.  It wasn't the simple kind of work, like an oil change, it was the engine kind of work, and very expensive.  I tried calling three other places to get a lower price on the part I needed, and finally found someone who would take care of it for less.  That was the only good thing about the day.....and taking some pictures of pretty things while I waited.  This took about three hours, and another day was scheduled to do the repair work.
A nice lady let me take pictures of her cute dog
while we waited.
She's getting sleepy,
and sleepier,
and fell asleep.
This pretty much sums up my
car maintenance day.


Monday, July 15, 2019

Maybe Tomorrow

I had a conversation with a blog friend recently through e-mail.  We went back and forth several times and talked about many things.  She is lovely and compassionate and good, and a beautiful woman here in blog land.  This is a song that she is fond of, so you can listen to it while I share some Summer photos.

peace and good, brotherhood........
and sisterhood.  ; )

Monday, July 8, 2019

Flamingo Windows and Unicorn Backpacks

I had a special little visitor last weekend.  She rode all the way from her town just to see me.  ; )
Right away, she looked inside the cabinet.  I am starting to fill it with lots of goodies.  I found the cutest unicorn backpack.  She's at the perfect age for a backpack.  I also found a darling straw hat with pink roses.  I saw another one that I want to get Mia, only with daisies.
We went to our favorite shopping center and ate lunch.  It's a festive place, and she enjoyed her beans and rice.
It was fun to see her go down the slide on the playground.  I thought of my own young ones and how much they loved the playground.  Then Papa watched her while me and Jess did some shopping.
Anthropologie's window display was so delightful.  Jess bought a gold candle with a lovely scent.
Don't ya love Francesca's sandals?  They look like little Greek sandals haha.

Jess had two frames made by a good friend who creates wall d├ęcor.  This was the one that was made for me.  Her friend does very nice work, and I love how it turned out.  Still wondering where I'm going to hang it.
We had a wonderful day.  And it does my heart good every time I see this child.
(grandma and Francesca)

Monday, July 1, 2019

Brand New Pair Of Roller Skates

Some red, white, and blue pics

Jess lives in an area where they don't allow fireworks, so that bothers her every year, but she always finds something fun to do, and she lives about 5 minutes from the ocean, so she doesn't complain much.  
Nel is moving in her new place this week.  So much to do, so much cleaning, so much organizing.  It will be tiring moving with the baby, but she's pretty efficient, and I know she'll do fine.  
As for me.....
will probably watch the fireworks in my town,
I'm just thankful to be free!
Happy Fourth of July, friends.
This is a song that I used to love growing up, when things were simple, those carefree days.  I think my favorite version is the one sung by last years' American Idol winner, Maddie Poppe.  Enjoy!