Monday, December 30, 2019

The Old And The New

Some birds came to see me recently,
and the yellow and red ones are my favorite.

I have to show you the wine bottle that Jess got me.  It has a rose label on the front, and the glass bottom is in the shape of a rose, it's so cool.  We always have a cheese ball with crackers every year around the holidays.

These flowers were on Jess' bedside when she came in to visit.  They are from a bush outside my front yard.  Do you know the name of them?  (camellias maybe?)

The trees are all bare now, and it's getting so cold.

The birds are making their nests, finding shelter from the cold.  And what better place to make their home than the drive through at Starbuck's?

Do you remember the vintage Radio Flyer red wagons?
  I think they came out in the 1930's.

Well, look who got a Radio Flyer red wagon!
It was a gift from her other grandma.  And the wheels are huge, so they can take long walks on the beach.

Somebody's kissing under the mistletoe.

2020, the start of a new decade.  Is this going to be a good year?  I've had many difficult times throughout this year, but Jess knows that I believe through all those hard times, that blessings still come my way every day.  This may be my favorite present of all.

The train passing by with its whistle blowing tells me
"all is right with the world."

Oh, what is it?.....what is it about the rose?  Even a wilted dry old rose is pretty to me.  It reminds me that even old things are beautiful - old houses, old clothes, old furniture, and especially old people.  We tend to focus on the new, and we have to keep up with the newness of everything.  I am wishing you so much goodness in the new year, and I hope you get some new things, and maybe mix them with the old.

And remember,
a good cup of coffee makes everything better
even on a crappy day.  ; )


Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Rain

We got some rain a few days before Christmas!  The skies were so pretty this morning.

I had a Christmas lunch with my brother and sister.  We went to an Italian restaurant.  After, we drove to See's, and my brother bought each of us a box of candy.  My sister gave me this coffee cup, as she knows home is important to me.

My friend, Dana, always bakes homemade goodies at Christmastime.  She makes the best chocolate chip cookies.  This year, she wrapped it all with cellophane, a gold plate, and a gold ribbon (we ate half of them before the picture was taken).  ; )

I had a little visitor.

When she first got here, she handed me a glittery red baby poinsettia.

I made her oatmeal, and this time I put raisins and pecans in it.  She liked it so much, she ate the whole thing!

I bought her some pink boots
(Old Navy)

Curious in the car.
Later that evening, we went to a neighborhood close by to look at the Christmas lights.  This is a tradition we do every year.  We drove through Starbuck's first and got a hot chocolate.

Papa coloring with his little artist.

Merry Christmas!

You Lord are my lamp
You turn my darkness into light.
~2 Samuel 22:29


Monday, December 16, 2019

Accordion Angel

I was out Christmas shopping, and I stopped at one of my favorite shops.  After browsing around, I went up to the cashier to purchase my item, and when she was finished ringing me up, she said, "Happy Holidays."  I said to her, "does your work not allow you to say Merry Christmas?"  And with a smile, she said, "maybe."  I thought it was so sad.  
A few pictures around my town.
decorated steps
I bought lots of goodies at Trader Joe's.  The marzipan cake is so Yummy.  I think one either loves marzipan or doesn't.  How about you?
Loved this Starbuck's tree
~Danelle and Jessica, I took a ceramics class many years ago when I was a young mom.  I made this plate, and I have kept it all these years.  Your lives can be so hectic running around and raising children, but I wanted to remind you to take time for yourself.  Take a class, take a long hike, take a road trip, just do something for you.  It's so important, and you will be better moms for it.
There is a trail right by my house that is so lovely this time of year.
My mother-in-law played the accordion.  When I saw this angel, I just had to get it.  She passed away recently - it's not a sad thing.  She was in her 90's.  Perhaps she wanted to say Merry Christmas?  The angel has a sweet face, and I knew she had to come home with me.  ; ) 
This is the tallest Christmas tree I've seen!
A Christmas lunch with my son.
Jess' Christmas tree.

Francesca reading an old book.
Mia helping decorate the tree.
Nel made sugar cookies and Mia helped (and by 'help' I mean take the balls off the baking dish and squish them in her little hands, haha).
And so, with a joyful heart, your blog friend right here, right now, with no hesitation, says
Merry Christmas to you!