Monday, October 14, 2019

Rosary Rally

I went to a Rosary Rally this last weekend.  It was really nice, and many people joined in for this beautiful devotion to Mary.  It was outside, on the corner of an intersection, so people were passing by in their cars and honking.  

I used the Rosary beads that Jess brought back from her trip to Rome.  She got them at the Vatican, and they are so special to me.

A blog friend asked a question on her blog recently, How do you cope with the sorrows of the world?  A good question, and saying the Rosary often is one way for me.  It brings me peace in these changing times.

I am pleased that my daughters are learning to say the Rosary too.  And I am reminding them to continue to do this, and to stay close to Mary always.

 This is the second year I attended the Rally, and there are many reasons why I say the Rosary, but one of them is to honor our Mother, and have a close relationship with her.

I bought this doll at Hallmark for Mia
when she was nine months old.  : )


Monday, October 7, 2019

Autumn, I've Been Waiting For You

Living in northern California, when Autumn comes around I get so excited, and I have to stop and take it all in.   The air is starting to get crisp and cool, and the colors in nature are changing to oranges and reds and golds.  Nel wants me to move to southern California to watch Mia a couple days a week, and I am considering it, but it will be a big change, as the northern and southern regions are two very different areas.  I'm a northern California gal, so while I'm here, I will embrace the season that I love so much.  Come along with me while we drive and see the goodness of Autumn.

Remember when the old houses were built
right under the power lines?
This was taken from my car window,
but he's such a grand bird that I had to take a
picture of him.

Brian made Jess a piñata cake
for her birthday!
I thought it was so creative.

When you slice the cake,
it's filled with candy!

 There's just some pictures that really gets
to this grandma.
Mia playing in the Lego section at the
Disney store.

And Francesca carrying her Francesca's
bag while shopping haha.


Monday, September 30, 2019

Hello, Autumn

It's officially fall!

It's finally cooling down in these last few days. 

I am so ready for fall weather, treats, decor, patterns, colors, and holidays. 

Is autumn knocking on your door?


Monday, September 23, 2019

Sheri's Thoughts - Compassion

I was talking with a friend recently, and we both agreed that people in the world today are lacking compassion.  We talked about it, and she told me what she thought and I told her what I thought, and it was good to share my insight with a like-minded spirit.  I don't know why some people don't have compassion.  The only two reasons I can come up with is that they are suffering in their own way, and have had so many difficulties that they are just too weary and broken to have a lot of compassion for others.  Or, maybe they haven't had difficult times at all, and compassion is just unfamiliar to them.  I simply don't understand it cause I've had many many (did I say many?) crushing moments, but still find compassion for those that are hurting.  I'm not saying everyone lacks compassion - there are people at my church who I see every week who have warm and caring hearts.  But it's just that I see a lot more out there in the world without mercy.  If I see someone treating another without compassion who is hurting and in pain, it is a disgrace to me.  I even get angry about it.  So, please tell me, dear friends, why do you think the world is lacking compassion?  I'd love to learn from you.   

Here are a few pictures of
this and that.

Not sure what cactus this is,
maybe prickly pear?

Mia's first time at Disneyland.

This one loves books now.

So many changes lately,
and I think the biggest one is Nel went blonde!