Monday, October 15, 2018

Pumpkin Pleasures

Nel picked up a few pumpkin goodies the last time she was at Trader Joes.  She said the pumpkin cranberry crisps were so good, and she likes the pumpkin spice tea so much that she got two containers.
Jess also got a few goodies at Trader Joes.
  She even found a Harvest pasta sauce with pumpkin
and butternut squash.
And I got some pumpkin goodies at different stores as well.  I found this wall hanging and had to buy it, cause my mom used to dance in her kitchen all the time while cooking.
When Nel sent me this picture it really got to me, as I used to read The Berenstain Bears to my kids all the time.  To see my daughter reading to her daughter was a precious sight to me.

(photo taken by Renecke)

I had my first pumpkin pie of the season at my favorite bakery in the country.
I asked for two pumpkin cookies to take home, and she threw in a ghost too.  She is always sweet to me and made me a fresh pot of coffee.
I thought Nel would love this sign, as this is her favorite coffee during the Autumn season.
Pumpkin colored flowers
What's this little pumpkin coming towards me?
As you can see,
this is a pumpkin loving family.  ; )

Monday, October 8, 2018

Bizarre And Beautiful

I watched a movie recently, Finding Vivian Maier, and it was fascinating to me....the kind of movie that you are still thinking about three days later.  She was a great photographer, and I think anyone who loves taking pictures would enjoy this movie.  I often take pictures of the lovely, but I also like to capture the unusual, quirky, out of the ordinary, bizarre and beautiful.


my grandbabies  ; )

(baby photos taken by Brian and Nel)
When I took a black and white photography class many years ago, I was asked who my favorite photographer was.  I didn't really have one at the time.  Now I do.  There's something very special and captivating about Vivian Maier's photos.  I can really learn a thing or two from this amazing and artistic photographer.  I hope you get a chance to watch this movie sometime.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Color All Around Me

There was a festival going on at my church this weekend that I went to and enjoyed.  They were serving many different dishes, so my son joined me.  He loves authentic foods from different traditions.  

Cute pom poms adorned the posts
of the building.

Colorful umbrellas

There were even ladies dressed
in their colorful blouses.

We each had a taco and a tamale,
which were so good.

We didn't try the assorted pastries,
but I've had these before.

Lovely handmade signs
(this one means Rosary of love).

Just one of the many festivals
 that my church puts on every year.

Color is the language of
the poets.
It is astonishingly lovely.
To speak it is a privilege.
~Keith Crown

Have a colorful week.


Monday, September 24, 2018

Oh, September

September is a time when I think about home, family, pumpkin treats, and the changing colors of nature.  I tend to think of my mom, who always did her best to get her five kids ready for the new school year.  She cooked a lot, but didn't bake much, and I think that's why I enjoy all those pumpkin desserts so much.  I saw a family of geese when visiting my parents at the cemetery, and one of the geese was limping, as if she injured her leg.  At the park, I noticed something beneath the tree, and after taking a closer look, I was surprised to see a painted rock with a face.   The pomegranates are growing at the Rose Garden, and I thought of Nel, as she has gotten a pomegranate in her stocking every year since she was a child.   I went to a quaint shop in my town and bought an ornament that has three little, but very special words on it.  I've been putting together some children's books to read to Francesca when she comes in.   She loves books now, but sometimes grabs at the pages, so I'll have to look around for the hard page ones haha.  Oh September, I delight in seeing your dancing leaves change color, to sip your hot drinks and eat your pumpkin treats, to savor each moment now, and reflect on the past when our own mothers made these Autumn days so comforting and gentle.