Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Because

Here are some
pictures I took,
just because
they spoke to my

Sweet llama

Do you see a
dog in the
top left cloud?

A penny
for your thoughts.

A pink flower
for you.

I wonder what
bird made its nest

Jess' favorite,
pink flamingos.

Charming windows

Love this hair

I wish you a
rainbow today.


Friday, July 26, 2013

A Lovely Sight

I was at the park, and I started to walk up the hill and noticed something in the distance.  I thought it was just a walker, but to my surprise....

What a sight!  How often do we see a deer at our nearby park?  It stopped and looked at me, then started coming closer onto the grass.

It just stayed there for the longest time eating the grass and observing me.

Then, someone's car started up, and the deer ran away and headed back to where she came from.

"An animal's eyes
have the power to
speak a great
~Martin Buber
Have a good weekend, dear.

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Dressing Table

Do women's dressing
tables fascinate you like
they do me?  Come
along, and I'll give you a
peek at my dressing tables.
I bought this perfume
bottle recently.  It is filled
with white sand and shells.

I wear this cross bracelet
on special occasions.

Isn't this ring so unique?
My friend sells jewelry,
and me and my sister love
to browse through all
her items.  I just bought
this one.

Love the colors
in this bracelet.

One of my
favorite quotes.

You can't have too
many perfume bottles.
I put beads in this one.

A gift from Jess.

We all want to look
our best when we go out.

Nel's favorite earrings
she likes to borrow
when she comes over.

Jess' favorite earrings
she likes to borrow.

It's nice to
once in awhile. 

Nel got married last
year, so I had to have a
picture of her special day
on my dressing table.
I thought this frame
was so antique looking.

Yes, a woman's
dressing table is
so fascinating to me.
What is yours like?


Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Road Trip Continued: Four Corners, USA

In continuing our road trip,

our next stop from the Grand Canyon was  
Four Corners, USA.

This is in a very desolate area located within the Navajo Indian Reservation.

It's a great place to stop briefly on the way to a nearby destination. 

This is the only place in the United States where you can be in four states at once!  

Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado? Why not visit them all?

I made sure to run around the circle so that I made my rounds in each state ;-) 

Next Stop: Beautiful Aspen, Colorado!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On The Shore

My husband was at the San Francisco ocean, and as he was looking at the view, he turned his head for a second, and all of a sudden appeared this wonderful Seagull.  This Seagull landed on the rock at the shore of the ocean.  My husband said there was something very special about him.  He paused for awhile to look at this bird and said, "the Lord can take many shapes."

Have a beautiful day.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Road Trip Continued: Grand Canyon

We're picking up where we left off and entering the GRAND Canyon! (You can read our first stop in our summer road trip here)

The South Rim was absolutely amazing.

I have always heard that pictures just can't express how stunning it is in person,

and this is true.

We hiked down the canyon and stopped for some lunch while admiring its natural beauty. 

One must be careful when deciding how far to walk down because the hike back up is so much more difficult (and hot)!

We were even greeted by some natives while sight-seeing. 

Can you believe this little river helped create this natural beauty?

After a long day, we bid our farewells...

Until next time, Grand Canyon...

Our next stop will be Four Corners, USA.