Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hello August

Just some pics
of Mother Nature.
Hello August,
I can feel your heat right now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Last Minutes Things To Do

Taking care of last minute things for the wedding.  Jess wanted to check a few things off her list, so I'm helping her until the big day arrives.  She is having **sparklers** at her wedding (isn't that a fun idea), and I've been looking all over for a pretty bucket to put them in.  She will fill the bucket with sand first to hold the sparklers.

She wanted to have gold sugar around the rim of the champagne glasses when she does the "wedding toast" at the reception.   I found some, and it's going to look so pretty.

We are all gathering at my house to get ready for the wedding.  I bought seven champagne glasses and this peach sparkling wine for a toast before.   I thought of my girl, Nel, when I came across this wine, as she just moved to Georgia, the Peach state.

Jess and her bridesmaids all met in beautiful San Diego for the Bachelorette Party.   They had a great time.  Here's the Maid of Honor.  ; )


Nel got these darling shirts for the bridemaids to wear, and a special white one for the bride.

My dear Jess, amongst all the fun, magic, glitter, and fancy,  please take a few moments each day and remember the sweet love you have with Brian.  Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, just real.  ~mom

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Quiet Peaceful Road

With all the wedding preparations going on, I thought I'd take a break and take a drive in the country to Penryn and Newcastle.  Here are some pics along the way going there and back.

My resting stop, always.
The road less traveled
is a beautiful one.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Red Dress


I was thinking about my brother-in-law the other day.  And that very same day a song came on that reminded me of him.  Tommy was dear to me, and out of all the seven brothers, I think I connected to him the most.  This story is probably the most precious to me, so I hope you enjoy reading it.

Tommy passed away about 34 years ago, and we were all going to Mount Shasta for his funeral.  Nel was just a baby at the time, and I was still so young.   We didn't have much money, as we were just starting out, so I couldn't go out and buy a new dress for the funeral.  So, I wore the only dress that I had, which was a red dress.  I know, what was I thinking?  Well, I was very young, and this was the first funeral in the family and wasn't familiar with the traditions.   Everyone started to take pictures, and it seemed like they excluded me and were treating me differently, and I felt bad.  One of the family members who was close to us told us what they were talking about.  They thought the red dress I wore was inappropriate, and that I shouldn't have worn it to a funeral.  At the time, I didn't know or understand why that mattered, but of course I realize now why I shouldn't wear red to a funeral.  After going to the cemetery and saying good-bye to Tommy, and as we were leaving the town of Mount Shasta, we drove under a bridge.  I looked back at the bridge, and on the walls were graffiti with spray painted words that said  "I love you Sheri."  I asked the person who was driving with us, "did you see that?" and he turned around and saw it as well.  And the most extraordinary thing was that the words were written in RED SPRAY PAINT!!!  At that moment I thought that Tommy was trying to say that it doesn't matter what I wore or what color I wore.  He loved me just the same.  : )


Monday, July 18, 2016

Georgia On My Mind

Hello friends! I have some exciting news to share with you... 

This California girl has hit the road...

and moved to Georgia!

Okay, okay, so as I've been telling all of my California loved ones, it's just a temporary move, but I've been offered a really great position at a top university and I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity! Of course I'll be taking all my dear ones along with me on this journey. So pack your bags...we're headed toward the highway! 

Our first stop is in Williams, Arizona, just an hour south of the Grand Canyon. It was actually my first time there! Williams is a charming little town off Route 66, and of course the Grand Canyon is simply spectacular. Our dog Ozzie thought so too.

From Williams, we continued onto Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we explored the historic Old Town and all its (hidden) treasures.   

From New Mexico we crossed through Texas...

and made our way into Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I absolutely fell in love with Bricktown! The charming street lamps lit up the bridges that spanned the canals, and all of the riverfront restaurants looked so inviting. I was especially taken with a painting in a boutique window that had the lyrics to my wedding song printed across the symbol of the city me and my husband spent our honeymoon in.  

The skies of ArkansasMississippi, and Alabama were bright blue and filled with strange clouds. A witch's hat turned into a heart as we drove along a tree-lined highway.  

We spent our last night on the road in Memphis, Tennesee, which has now become one of my very favorite cities! It reminded me a lot of New Orleans, but with its own distinct Memphis flavor. At the Blues City Cafe we dined on melt off the bone ribs and the hands-down BEST gumbo I've ever tasted! 

Our final day on the road we made the 6-hour drive from Memphis to Atlanta, Georgia (of course we hit stop-and-go traffic in the very last hour of our 5-day journey!). Finally though, we made it to our home sweet new southern home...

Okay, so I was a little tired by this point...ha! Well friends, now there's boxes to unpack and furniture to set up, but I have to admit that I've been a little distracted. All I've really wanted to do is sit in my backyard listening to the symphony of cicadas, crickets, and frogs, while watching the silhouettes of bats swoop in and out of the pine trees at twilight. 

So far, southern living has been as sweet as southern tea. I look forward to sharing our memorable moments with you as we settle into life in the Peach State.