Monday, August 8, 2022

Turning The Page To August

Can't believe it's August already.  It's been warm here, but this week is supposed to be cooler, in the 80's and 90's.

I can see why Nel loves shopping Amazon.  I told Mia I would get her a music box, so Nel suggested I browse through Amazon, and pick something that I think looks like her, and she would order it.  So I did.  I got hooked after awhile, there were so many cute ones - a carousel, a unicorn, and there was even a fairy purse music box.

I didn't get any of those, but I found one that was so unique and pretty, and that's the one I chose.  I'll show it to you later, as I want Mia to see it first. 

It's hard to find landscapers up here, but I have a couple loyal ones that come through for me.  One came by and cleared out the whole back yard.  It was growing mullein, which was hard for me to do.  I was given a weed eater, and my neighbor showed me how to use it.  It's my new toy, and I've been trying to keep up with grooming the yard this Summer.

Jess, I finished Season 4 of Virgin River!  Couldn't stop watching it haha.  You're in for a surprise at what happens on the last episode.

As soon as I step out of my house in the mountains, pleasant and unusual things always appear to me.

 My son made dinner one night, and we watched the movie Hustle.  Can you ever go wrong with an Adam Sandler movie?  I thought it was a great movie.

There is a mourning dove that comes to my lawn every day.  She collects small twigs and things that fall from the pine trees, and then flies off and returns and does the same thing again.  She's possibly making a nest?  She is the sweetest thing, and I noticed she has a white mark on the center of her forehead.  These aren't the best pictures, cause they are through the window.  She flies off every time she sees my camera, and it's hard to get a good picture of her.

Summer treat.

There's nothing like Thrifty's ice cream in the Summertime, and this black cherry was so good on a hot day.

I am enjoying the Summer days, but anxiously waiting for Fall.  I was told that they just put up signs in the woods in this area not to walk the trails at this time because of fire season.  I'm glad they did that, and it is a relief to know that less fires will be started by careless people roaming the woods.  I can sit back and rest in my surroundings.


Monday, August 1, 2022

Francesca In Hawaii

Jess just took an unexpected trip to Maui, which wasn't planned at all, so she had only a couple days to get things ready.  Brian doesn't fly, but he made this trip with Jess, which surprised and pleased us all.  Francesca made her first trip to Hawaii at 4 and a half years old.  They had a great time seeing the sites - Brian went snorkeling, they saw the tropical birds just outside their hotel, they drank mai tais, had delicious food, and were fascinated with the fan trees, which Jess calls them.  They visited the area of the giant turtles - I saw these huge turtles on a trip to Maui when I was in my 40's, and they are amazing.  Jess sent me a file of photos from her trip, but there were so many, so I chose my favorites to share with you.  Once again, I won't flood you with pictures of the family, but more of this beautiful place called Maui.

On their way home.  Jess' headphones were too big for Francesca, so she placed a monkey between to secure them on her.  ; )

For four days, Francesca was a little Hawaiian girl.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Town History

Wherever I land in life, I always like to get to know the surroundings and history of the town I live in.  It really is a pretty part of northern California, and there are some natural spots that are considered gems, like the waterfalls on the outskirts of town, and the wonderful mountains that surround the area.  Here is a little of this and that about my town's history.  We are pretty high up in the mountains, with the elevation being around 3,000.  We do get snow, actually a fair amount in the Winter, and the Summers are warm, but not extremely hot.  The town sits at the base of the mountain.  The name of my town gets its name from a man who settled the area during the 1850's.  The falls nearby are incredible, and the waters flow all year around.  People come from all over to do some backpacking, and there are some great fishing spots also.  In fact, I just talked to a young man who was getting the vaccine at the same time as I was.  He was from Germany and was wearing his backpack, getting ready to do some exploring.  There are so many trails to hike on, which my son has experienced since he's been here.  They have the best burgers in this town, and two drive-inns, one which I go to regularly to get a mushroom burger.  One of the drive-inns has been in business since 1956.  The birds that make their appearance are the robin, the woodpecker, the steller's jay, the hummingbird, the quail, and the mourning doves, who are so dear to see on my lawn.  I see the quails every day, there are so many of them here.  Well, that's a little bit about my town.   Here are some pictures to follow.

The sea tells you everything will be fine.  The mountains tell you it doesn't matter anyway.

~Adeel Ahmed Khan

*painting by Kate Petrenko

Have a wonderful week.  Should be in the 90's most of the week.  We do need rain, it's been a dry Summer, so keep us in your thoughts.