Monday, September 25, 2023

Just Because

Welcome Fall.  I've been waiting for you.


It's been downright cold in the mornings and evenings, in the 40's, here in the mountains of northern California.  I had to turn my heater on over the weekend, and I washed my throw so it will be ready to use.

My son went into the city on his day off from work, and he brought me back a pecan pie.  What is it about pecan pie that I love so much?

Italian sausage is always good for dinner.

One of my favorite snacks is tuna on crackers with a slice of pickle.

Luca the kitty snuggling up to Nel after the football game.

I bought this blouse for my travels coming up.  I like the floral design and the way it flares at the bottom.

This will be a short post today, as I'm just getting ready to see my little Charlotte, and have lots to do.  She's smiling already.

I told uncle b that I would be sure to take the bear he got for her.  He's so cute with his big head and small body.

Truth is, I do not like to travel, it gives me much anxiety.....but what are ya going to do?  Lots of praying until I return, that's what. 

It's officially Fall, enjoy the season.



Monday, September 18, 2023

I Will Gaze Upon You

We have had lots of road work being done on the highway this month, leading into town, and it's been a bother having to sit in traffic for long periods at a time while cars are coming and going, not to mention the big logging trucks right in front of us, but the roads are looking much better, and it will be nice when it's all finished.

My sister-in-law's resting place is in Mount Shasta area, and they recently had her memorial up here.  

As a remembrance of her, my other sister-in-law put together a package for me, and my brother-in-law came over last week and delivered it.  It was so carefully wrapped with such thoughtful gifts.  There was a strand of pink silk roses that they used at her service, a memorial card with a few words about her, a wind chime, and this dangling crystal pendant.

There was a wooden cut out on the wind chime with a dear saying....

I will gaze upon you,

From the sea of stars,

As I'll always be,

Your guiding star

Also, with the package, she sent some forget-me-nots to plant in a garden sometime.

I can just imagine a garden filled with forget-me-nots.

It was a thoughtful package, and filled with many wonderful goodies to remember my sister-in-law.

Through my dining room window....funny bird.

I finally found a tiny pumpkin at the store.

Mums have always reminded me of Fall, especially the golden, orange, and reddish ones.  When I was in school, they sold Mums during the football season, and anyone could buy one for that special person, and we would pin them on our dresses and blouses.  It was a great surprise when it was time for them to come around to the classrooms and deliver that Mum, and to see who it was from.  I was always fortunate to receive one or two during that time, thanks to my brother, good friends, and boyfriend.  ; )

And speaking of the football season, here's little Mia getting into the spirit at the football game.

I made some hot pastrami sandwiches....they were so delicious.

Francesca has been a good big sister to little Charlotte.

A weekend drive.  The road workers stop doing the maintenance on the weekends.

I cooked some shrimp with a little butter, and added some lemon juice and soul food seasoning.  Then, dipped them in a spicy sauce.

All of my socks are white.  I just bought a big bundle for the cold months coming up.  But I couldn't resist when I saw these.  Reminds me of the '60s.


Monday, September 11, 2023

Earthquake In The Mountains

The mountain coolness is coming, and it's been in the 50's when I get in my car in the mornings.  We felt an earthquake in our town on Friday, and it startled me.  It made the whole house shake, and right away, I called my neighbors.  They said it was a 5.2 earthquake, and it was 7 miles from here.  It was so strange, I've never felt anything like that before.

The Robins are coming around more, and they are a delight to see.

My neighbor, in his late 60's, up on his roof cleaning the gutters and chimney.

My son goes into the city once in awhile, and spends the day there.  He always stops at the fired pizza place to get his favorite, Greek pizza.  All their pizzas there are made medium-sized, and he brings me back half of it.

I bought this cute tote bag for my travels.

Some Fall things.  My little statue has a new look - I replaced the pink rose, and put my glitter pumpkin in there.

The pumpkins came in at the store, and got two for my porch.  I love the stems on them.

I baked some steak strips, and put Havarti cheese on top.  When it was cooked and the cheese melted, I toasted some bread, and added barbecue sauce; it was really good.

A drive to the creek, cause it keeps me grounded, but first, I have to stop and get a cheeseburger.  Do you crave McDonald's cheeseburgers like I do?

At the creek now, and these yellow bushes are all over growing wild in September.

I made some chocolate chip bread, and I had some pecans so sprinkled them on top.  Baked it for just awhile, and had a slice warm with butter.

My red rose has lasted for awhile, it's been over two weeks!

 "My favorite word is 'pumpkin.'  You can't take it seriously.  But you can't ignore it, either.  It takes ahold of your head, and that's it."

~Harrison Salisbury

September has always been a calm month, a still month for me.  The other months are so busy and rushed, but September is kind and gentle and unfettered.  It's one of my favorite months.