Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pink Rollers

I have naturally curly hair.  When I was little, my hair was straighter with blonde tints, but as I got older, the curls seemed to come along.....and the frizz.  Not sure when it happened, but it did.  I always admired girls with straight hair.  I thought they could do anything with their hair.  When I went on dates in high school, I would straighten my hair, and was that ever a treat, because straightening my hair wasn't an easy task.  I would get the giant pink rollers out, and my mom would wrap my hair around them, and then I would sit under the vintage dryer for about an hour until my hair was dry.  When I got older, I would iron my hair for that extra fine straight look.  Oh, it was a chore every time, but worth it.  Often, people would compliment me on my naturally curly hair, and  I never really understood that, as I always longed for straight hair.  Now, as I've gotten older, I only straighten my hair for special occasions, and I just use the curling iron, and for an even straighter look, a real iron.  Guess who inherited my curly hair? daughters.  Jess' hair is pretty curly, but not too thick, and Nel's hair is not as curly, but very thick.  I have come to accept and appreciate this naturally curly hair of mine and embrace what has been given to me.  And most of the time during the hot summer months, I just swoop my hair up or put it in a braid.
with curly hair
after I straightened it
braided hair-do
little Nel with her curls
What kind of hair do you have,

Saturday, May 27, 2017


My heritage is calling me again at the annual Greek Festival, which me and my son attended today.  It always starts off with wonderful Greek food, which I think is one of the main reasons my son goes with me each year.  ; )  The festival music is playing in the background, as we look at all the booths with their unique items to buy, some of them handmade with love.  Walking into the church, we gaze and appreciate the art work that is very different from the paintings and art that I've ever seen.   A hand carved alter was sent here all the way from Greece.  We look at the assortment of desserts, which some of the recipes go back for hundreds of years.  There are so many to choose from.  Greek pastries can be rich, so we get a few different kinds and take bites from each.  What could be better than baklava?.....the baklava cheesecake.   Oh, it's something else.  Another year marveling at the good people around me and their traditions.  A feeling of love and hope comes over me, knowing I belong to them, as my Greek roots make us one. 


this video is kind of long,
so you can watch the beginning of it,
and don't forget to see the end
where they break the plates.  : )

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just Because In May

There was a festival in my town, and I've always loved the ferris wheel, but as I get older, not so much.  Lots of flowers at the rose garden right now, and the soft pink roses seem to be my favorite.  My friend, Anne, loved this cinnamon streusel and bought seven boxes of them at the store, haha.  She gave me one, and it was soooo good.  I collect little trinkets - there's just something cute about small.   I've been eating lots of grapefruit lately, and I got the taste for them from my dad who liked them as well.  The birds are singing their song, and loudly, telling me that summer is on its way.  Not my favorite season, as it gets hot here in the summers, but it has its loveliness just like the rest of them. 


Sunday, May 21, 2017

California Journey

A dear blog friend showed us some of the culture and way of life in her country, and I thought it would be fun to show you a little of this and that about our state of California. 
We have extreme and diverse
climates, and we get
rains, snow, winds, and sun -
from the valleys
to the

Some of the best surfing,

internet photo
as well as
snow boarding
skate boarding

Our state flower,
California Poppy.

photo by Jess
We have some of the cutest
fashion designs and
hair styles.

In the summer, we wear
flip flops or sandals like these.

California is well known
for its agriculture.
I appreciate our farmers so much.

Some of our favorite watched movies
were made in Hollywood.

~my dad looked a lot like Cary Grant
Hollywood Walk of Fame

We have many libraries,
art exhibits, good colleges, and
 resources for learning.
But all in all,
California is plain 'ole good fun.