Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank You

My dear blog friends,
I want to
thank you for so
many things.
for your friendship
for  your patience
for your strength
for your guidance
and direction
for your sweet
and e-mails.
for your
for your peace
and especially for
the love that
you have given
me and the girls
through the years.
Happy New Year!
~Sheri, Jess, Nel

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Song Of The Shepherd's Purse Fairy

Nel bought me this
Flower Fairies of the Winter.
I read the whole
book, and I think my
favorite poem was
this one.
Though I'm poor to human eyes
Really I am rich and wise.
Every tiny flower I shed
Leaves a heart-shaped purse instead.
In each purse is wealth indeed~
Every coin a living seed.
Sow the seed upon the earth~
Living plants shall spring to birth.
Silly people's purses hold
Lifeless silver, clinking gold;
But you cannot grow a pound
From a farthing in the ground.
Money may become a curse;
Give me then my Shepherd's Purse.
The new year is upon us,
do you have any big plans?
These little fairies will
be traveling and

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Pictures

December pictures
of this and that.
This little guy was
trying to hide from me.
Did you know
that I have a collection
of children's books?
A very mysterious you
see the heart?
I hope the new year
will be a bright
one for you and me.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday On Ice

I surprised the
girls and took them
Ice Skating!

There is an outside
Ice Skating rink
in our town,
and they had the
most wonderful time.

Nel even did
a few twirls.

And have yourself a
merry little Christmas

~Sheri, Jess, Nel

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Light and Bright

It's Winter Break!

I have been working hard as a first year teacher, and I am SO looking forward to the next two weeks of rest

and rejuvenation.

It seems that December has flown by, 
but I have tried to open my eyes and ears to the sights and sounds of Christmas,

and enjoy the season as much as possible.

There's four more days until Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying the season. 

I know I am. ;-) 

"I just like to smile...smiling's my favorite." ~Elf


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Three Trees, Three Hearts

Our trees are all decorated and reflect each of us in our own way.  Nel has gold accents on her tree, and I really like it.  It reminds me of the gift of gold that was given by one of the three wise men on that holy night.

Jess favors red on her tree.  Red has always reminded me of love, and what better color to represent Christmas, as Jesus is love.

What is it about Purple that stirs my heart?  Besides it being the color of Advent, it is the most extraordinary color to me.  Here's my tree.

I hope you liked the peek
at our trees.
Remember, if Christmas isn't
found in your hearts,
you won't find it under a tree.
~Charlotte Carpenter
I'm glad to be able to share
Christmas together
with my blog family.