Monday, August 31, 2020

September Reminds Me Of

I was having my morning coffee Saturday, and I came across this note from my Mom.  Yes, I keep treasured notes, and they are hidden in desks and drawers around the house, but mostly in a felt pouch which I bought especially for these keepsakes that I've had for years.  September is here, and this month always reminds me of my Mom. 

I miss visiting her at the cemetery up north, as I used to make a point to put flowers on her site rain or shine.

I miss going over her house and just visiting with her.  I would look all around and notice any new items that she had in her home.  Jess does this also when she comes over, and I always smile when she sees something new and comments on it, cause I used to do the same thing at my Mom's house.
She didn't have much jewelry, but I always admired these vintage earrings she had.  Aren't they funky?  I don't wear much jewelry any more, but when I was younger, I loved earrings, so these got my attention.  When she left this world, I got her pair of earrings that I admired so much, and keep them in a glass box with a few other pieces she had.

Somehow, the place where we grew up
always pulls us back at some time or another.

I was out on the lawn the other day watering the grass and plants, and I noticed a single weed on the front lawn.   I picked it and brought it in, but it eventually shriveled up.  Unlike the weeds that wither away and scatter, the memories of the ones we love really never die.  They remain with us til the end.

Just thinking about my mom lately, 
it's as simple as that.  ; )

September is a pleasant month,
one of my favorites.


Monday, August 24, 2020

Pomona College

Me and Nel wanted to get away for awhile, so we took a drive and visited Pomona College.  Pomona's campus is in the heart of the Claremont colleges, and Nel thinks it has the prettiest grounds of them all.  In some of the scenes of Gilmore Girls where Rory attends Yale College, many of the scenes were really filmed at Pomona College.  I thought about being in the same place as Rory, as some episodes show her walking the halls of the campus that I visited on Sunday.

We first went through the Starbuck's drive through and got a treat for each of us.
There are beautiful old trees that provide shade for the students, and there was a squirrel right above us as we sat at the top of the stairs and enjoyed our coffee.
Time for Mia to stretch her legs and run.  There was a big grass area for her to run around at, and since she's two, she never stops.
She couldn't get enough of the water fountain.  The inside of the fountain is designed with blue tiles, and it was so pretty.
There was an area with brown flowers growing, and they were beautiful and reminded me that Fall is on its way.  Some of the leaves were already changing color.

This is a hill that Nel ran down several times,
making Mia laugh.

There was an outdoor area with a long wooden table and chairs where the teachers and students  can have group discussions. 

The sun was coming right through this tree looking lovely.

It was a fun day, and Nel wants to eventually show me all the colleges that make up Claremont College when we go on our drives to one of her favorite towns.  I will always remember these special outings.


Monday, August 17, 2020

Let's Go Camping!

Mia had a birthday party this weekend, and Nel thought it would be nice to have a camping theme.
Jess made some logs and fire out of felt, and it was so creative.  It sat right next to the tent so the kids would think they had a fire in their campground. 
Since it was a camping theme, Nel bought some casual red and white checkered plates and cheerful sunflowers for the table.
Grandma made goodie bags for the little ones.
And since I didn't have wrapping paper for her gift, I used pages from my fairy coloring book, and hot glued it together.  ; )

Renecke barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs, which were Yummy, and there were many other Summer side dishes.

Jess' mac and cheese is the best I've ever tasted.  She uses Gouda or Monterey Jack cheese and adds bits of bacon.
I filled all the jars with sweets for the kids to make
S'mores later on.

Birthday Girl

They had a blast playing in the tent!


Nel did a wonderful job making her daughter's second birthday a special one.


Monday, August 10, 2020

Think On These Things

Another school year.
Jess and Nel are teaching from home when school starts up again, and I'm so thankful for that.  I hope those children that have to be in the classroom this year will be safe, as well as their very special teachers.
I love this picture of Francesca
in Jess' classroom.
It won't be long 'til she's in school too.