Monday, November 26, 2018

Christmas Country

Whenever I get tired of the suburbs, I get in my car and head straight for the country.  It's like a breath of fresh air to me.  There was a parade going on through town, and Santa was there bringing smiles to the children.  There are a couple shops I visit when I get to this town, and one of them is an indoor/outdoor shop.  It's pretty to see the leaves fall on the statues and garden collectibles outside.

Back in my town.
Autumn is still lingering in 
northern California,
and I never need filters when taking
pictures during this season.

We got rain!
This helps with the brutal fires
we're having this year.
It's been raining for days now.
I always make two pies for
 Thanksgiving.  ; )
I have a yearning to live in the country
as I get older.


Monday, November 19, 2018

A Very Special Candle

I met my friend, Darla, for lunch last week.  It's getting colder, and a hot plate of pasta Milano at Macaroni Grill sounded good to me, so we went there.  We talked about many things.  I told her that I was kind of bummed that I won't see Nel for Christmas this year.  The baby is too small to travel, which I totally understand.  We were laughing at stories about our moms, and how we used to always have to go to our mom's house on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  They never came over to our houses; we always came to them.  It was a different time back then, and we never questioned anything.  We laughed, not at our mom's, but that we went along with any funky idea they had.  She said, "my mom basically planned my whole wedding."   I told her that my sister said one time that our mom did some unusual and funny things at her wedding.  She said, "yea, my mom picked out my bridesmaids dresses and everything." 

*me on the left as a bridesmaid

Oh, the things we did for our mothers back then.  But it's like we didn't know any better or that's all we knew........or maybe we just didn't mind.  Things have substantially changed.  Children move away, and we find ourselves having to be flexible and go visit them.  This hasn't been easy for me because I'm not a traveler, and what's more, the crazy freeways have me holding onto my seat the whole time.  My friend gave me this candle, and what a pretty scent it has, and I love the words. 

I laugh when I get together with my friend, Darla, and my sister.  They come from the same world, where we did what we were told, and didn't have a whole lot of say in the matter on how things got done.  Our moms just did everything themselves, but they did it out of love, and I look back now and appreciate all the work they did do.  Even if it was their own funky way.

*my mother's bear

Despite all the little annoyances that come my way, I will remain in the Christmas spirit, and dwell in the goodness and wonder that the season brings.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Girls Just Wanna

What's better than going to a pumpkin farm?....going there with your grandchild.  We all spent the day at the pumpkin farm, along with the other grandma's family, and it was so much fun.  To see Francesca go on the train and carousel, and look in wonder at the farm animals was a thrill for me.  Everyone around here knows that this pumpkin farm is the best one in the area, as it has everything!  I used to go as a parent volunteer when my kids were in school, so it has special memories for me as well.  I had my first caramel apple of the season; there's just something about a caramel apple at a pumpkin farm.  My son thinks it's all the butter, and I think he's right.  ; )  This song was playing when we first got there, and you can listen to it while scrolling down the pictures.   

Although Mia couldn't go,
here's a pic of her,
and one day this grandma will have 
the pleasure of going to
the pumpkin farm with her too.

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

While I was waiting to get an oil change for my car, I walked across the street to the bakery.  It's Nel's favorite bakery when she comes into town.  He gave me a list of things to get fixed on my car.  I will get to it, one at a time.  Car maintenance, Ugh! 
Savoring Autumn
I have seen this car in front of me two times around town.  The message comforted me each time. 
Isn't he a handsome fellow?
Since I have two granddaughters now, I thought that it would be fun to decorate my Christmas tree with pink ornaments this year.  I have been gathering old and new ornaments to put on the tree. 
My sister gave me this blue dish.  She always finds the best gifts.  When she's out shopping and finds something, she'll keep it for that special someone, and then surprise you with it later.  It's very small, but that's ok, cause I have lots of miniatures.  ; )    
Made a batch of brownies and a cup of tea in my Polish  tea cup.  This may just be my favorite dessert.   
If I ever decide to get a new dog,
I'd like it to be this kind.
 A little of this, and a little of that
goes a long way.  ; )