Monday, April 25, 2022

Some Flowery Things

Well, I thought Spring came, and then we had rain, hail, sleet, and snow last week.  And I'll take it all.  California really needs the rain, and it was good to see it fall.

If you love Oreos like I do, it might interest you that this is their 110th celebration.  Can't believe they've been around that long.  In 1912, the Oreo cookie was born!

Spaghetti is even better with homemade meatballs to go with it.

My son made enchiladas one day with eggs, ham, potatoes, onions, chili sauce, and cheese.  They tasted a lot like breakfast burritos and were so good.

There's nothing like corn bread, except when smothered in butter.

The California Quail.  This is a handsome fellow, a round bird.  It has a head plume, which looks like a single feather, but is actually a cluster of six feathers.  He is our state bird, and I see an abundance of them in the mountains.  I'll post more about this bird sometime, as they fascinate me.  They often walk in big groups, and I see them trot in my yard all the time.

I know Spring is coming when I see the dandelions on my front lawn....but they do make me smile.

I put out some flowery things just to brighten up my home a bit.

We love our blog friends, don't we?  My friend, Carla, sent me a card in the mail, and I was very surprised and happy to receive it.

I love that little feet ran barefoot searching for eggs on the Easter egg hunt.

Nel's pretty plate she gave me.

Have a good flowery week.


Monday, April 18, 2022

Francesca's Adventure In The South

I mentioned on my last post that Jess and Francesca took a little trip to the South, and the city they visited was Charleston! (South Carolina).  It's an old city with so many things to see and do.  She went to a charming French bakery that had the best croissants, visited the college of Charleston, had scrumptious cupcakes, saw many cool alleys, and stood under the Spanish moss trees.  She splurged on a horse and carriage ride.  She always wants to go on one when she visits historic cities, but they are always so expensive.  But this time she did.  Our family loves food, and she knew I would be interested in all the dishes she tried - Monte Cristo with sweet tea for lunch, and chicken and baby shrimp in a zesty pepper sauce with mashed potatoes, and the best "flash fried" brussel sprouts she has ever eaten.  I will show you pictures of her trip, and I won't flood you with ones of Jess and Francesca, just a few of my favorites of them, but mostly of the town, in case you ever want to visit.  I love Francesca's funky shoes, purple purse, and suitcase.  I'll start with my favorite picture.


Jess said it was a lot of fun, and a wonderful trip overall.


Monday, April 11, 2022

Some Unusual Sights On My Drive To Town

Just a few pictures of unusual sightings on my way to town to get a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.

Some daffodils growing in the wild in the middle of the forest.

A mama deer and her three young ones.  The youngest looked a bit scrappy.  It was fun to watch Prancer spring into action and jump over the fence.

Not sure why,  but some of the trees along the road have been spray painted blue.

A mural on the wall at the community center.  Anything painted by children is a masterpiece.  ; )

I'm at the coffee shop now, and today I will just get a black coffee with cream and a carrot muffin, which are amazing.  These coffees are specialty drinks and the price is a little more, but every now and then I go through the drive through and treat myself to a coffee for each new season.

And speaking of treating ourselves, Nel bought a few goodies at World Market for herself - a fairy door for her garden, a candle, and a vintage looking perfume bottle.  She has a lot of blue and gold and cream in her living room right now.

Jess misses traveling so much, and she's had to cancel many trips because of this or that.  So, she decided to take a little journey with Francesca for a few days to visit a popular city in the south.  Jess found her a little suitcase with unicorns on it for the trip.  This picture reminded me of that.

Francesca showed me her new unicorn suitcase on Zoom.  I told her that her mama used to love playing with compartments and putting little things in them too.

Mia did something funny when she was in Nel's work office.  Here she is with Nel's briefcase.  She took a ruler, placed it on the hour glass, and lined up all the chess pieces on there haha.  Very creative I think.

Hope the days are getting warmer for you this Spring, but not too warm.  Have a great week.