Monday, September 27, 2021

A Surprise At The Creek

Almost every time I go to the creek, I see something interesting.  And they usually come by the dozens.  Recently, I took a drive there with the intention of saying the Rosary while I was there, as it's a peaceful and restful place with no interruptions.  I thought I saw something black sitting on the grass next to the creek, and then they started coming.

One by one, these cattle slowly walked to the creek.

There was even a calf trying to keep up with the rest.

It was a surprise to see them, because they tend to graze at the cow farm that is about five minutes away, which you can see in the distance.  There were so many of them!

A couple of them got so close that I could almost reach out and touch their whorls of hair, which a cow has right between their eyes.

This yellow flowering plant graces all the fields around here this time of year.  I'm not sure what it is, so if anyone can identify it, I'd love to know.

My Rosary broke, so I've been wanting to get a new one.  I asked the Priest if he had any Rosaries that I could have, and when I got to the church, he had about five in his hand.  They were all plastic, except for one, which belonged to the Priest.  One of them was a unique green color that was pretty.  He said he wanted me to have his personal Rosary, which has black beads and is very nice.  I thought that was so special of him, and I will keep it forever.

It's always a pleasant time driving to the creek.



Monday, September 20, 2021

Fall Front Porch

  I've never really had a big front porch.  I've lived in new houses most of my life, and with them came small porches.  So when I moved to the mountains, I was glad to have a big porch area.  I wanted to get a pumpkin for my front porch, and I found just the right one at the grocery store.

I was looking for some Mums because they always remind me of Fall, but couldn't find any.  But I did find some mini roses that looked Fallish.

Roses seem to follow me wherever I go, don't they?  This color was very much like the inside of a grapefruit, very pretty.

They were wrapped in an orange cellophane, which looked like Fall, so I kept it on.

I've had this plaque for many years.  My oldest brother, who passed away, used to sing this song often.   One day, I found this plaque that reminded me of him and bought it.  We were 10 years apart, and while he was the oldest, I was the youngest.....just like Nel and her brother.  My mother and brother's birthdays are in September, so I put it on the porch to keep them close to me.  

A few small items make a lovely Fall porch.

And my favorite part of the porch is the woods that surround me.

I made some apple cinnamon bread.  It's beginning to feel like Fall around here.

And Jess made some Harvest Mix.  It's starting to become a Fall tradition in her home.

"Autumn.....the year's last, loveliest smile."

~William Cullen Bryant

Monday, September 13, 2021


We got some rain on Friday!  Just a small amount of rain in the morning hours, but it felt so good to see the water come down after all this time.  I hope it helped with the fires.

I've been cooking healthy meals lately.  It always seems more comforting to cook in the Fall.

Francesca helped Jess decorate for Fall this year.

Mia and Nel made an Autumn spice cake to nibble on while they set things up.  Mia is painting herself in flour.

My son went to a little cafe last week, and he said they had the best coffee there.  It's rated in the top 2% of coffees in the world.  He brought a bag home for me, and it was really good - had a smooth taste.

While driving to the creek, in the middle of nowhere, I saw this.

I thought this was a lovely Autumn scene in my rear view mirror.

I want to get a pumpkin for my front porch.  They are selling them already at the grocery store.  They are the big orange ones that make me smile.
Have a pleasant week.


Monday, September 6, 2021

Heating And Cooling Unit

I got a new heating and cooling unit for the house a couple weeks ago.  Many of the neighbors in the mountains don't have air conditioning because the Summers are usually mild and only get a couple weeks of warm weather, but this one was unusually hot, in the 100's.  So, I was so thankful to get a cooling unit in my house.  I heard we are supposed to get a lot of snow this Winter, so I will be toasty warm with the heater too.  My brother had it installed, and I appreciate it very much.  I had to be gone all day while it was being worked on, so I spent most of the time downtown.  I went to my church and had a nice chat with the Priest.  He gave me Communion, and that was so special and filled me with peace.  I had some fried chicken for lunch, and went over to Rite Aid to get a pistachio ice cream cone.  I had an hour left, so I went to the grocery store and then back home.  It was hot that day so was relieved to have cool air in my house.  Here are a few pictures I took around town while waiting for the workers to finish.

I have decorated for Fall already.  And it was fun this year cause I got to put everything in a new place here in the mountains.  Since the kitchen window is one of my favorite spots in the house, I put the glass pumpkin that my sister-in-law gave me on the window sill, and it was so pretty when the sun was shining through.

I love blues around Fall too.

I've had this collection for many years, and gave all of them away, but two.  I kept this one because I guess I liked the orange pumpkin.  ; )

Always put this book out cause it makes me smile.

My glittery pumpkin looks like it has wings sitting on the bird table.

Even my garden rose looks like Fall.

And one through the window.

     Washed all my Fall cups and they're ready for coffee.

Nel and Jess like to decorate for Fall too, and I'll show you some pictures next week.  My mom had a molcajete in her kitchen when I was growing up.  Jess wanted one also, so a few years ago I found one and bought it for her.  Isn't this a cute idea that she put the pumpkins in the molcajete?

Every Fall I put this picture out because we are all together at our favorite place in northern California, Apple Hill.  This was also taken in Autumn.

Fall is coming early here in the mountains, and the days are getting cooler.  I'm ready for soups and hot drinks, how 'bout you?

Wishing you sweet September days.