Monday, January 31, 2022

Huckleberry Candle

Recently, I mentioned to Nel that I saw a candle on a friend's blog, and it was the prettiest candle I've ever seen.  It was Purple, and the scent was Huckleberry.  This name is very special to me, which made me want it even more.

I don't have any Purple decor in my home, except for a jeweled frame and my doll from France.  But I didn't care, cause I just really wanted this candle.

A short while later, Nel sent me an e-mail saying, "with shipping and taxes this prettiest candle you've ever seen was the most expensive candle I've ever bought, but Happy Valentine's Day from me and Mia!" 💜  She makes me laugh with some of the things she says.  Last week, a package was on my porch, and it was the candle that I wanted so much. 

I love the lid, it's so unusually pretty also.

It's a Voluspa candle, which are very nice, and Brian gave me a white one years ago that I still use, one of my favorites.  As you can see, I'm a candle person.

I will keep this candle forever, and when all the wax is gone, I will still have the pretty jar to hold on to.  Thank you, my Huckleberry baby.  

Monday, January 24, 2022

The Whispers Of Winter

Well, it's been pretty cold here this Winter - in the 20's when I go outside early in the morning and get in my car.  Our snow has melted, but we'll probably have another snowfall before Winter is over.  So, I've been staying inside and doing some cleaning, organizing, getting rid of, and such.  There were snowflakes on the windows of my car one day, it was freezing that morning.

 Don't get me wrong, Winter is really cold here, but it's beautiful at the same time, and I'm glad I get to experience this season to the fullest.

Jess had a fun snow day also.

  January is a good time to bake, and sometimes just do nothing at all.

I have been wanting to visit nature lately, so one day I drove to the Creek.  I've always wanted to see the Creek when it's snowing, but it's tricky driving there, so I haven't been able to do that yet.  I heard it's pretty, with the water being covered by a blanket of snow.  But, one day the sun came out and it felt really nice being there.

This is our mountain,

and this is glorious Mount Shasta.  I can see it clearly in the distance when I drive to the Creek.  I think about Nel climbing that tall mountain and reaching the top, twice!  And I feel her close to me right then.

  On my drive home, I always see horses and cows, which is a pleasant sight.  

We don't have a Starbuck's up here, but they do have it at the stores, so when I saw this, I instantly grabbed one, cause it's a limited edition.  It was sooooo good.

So, tell me how you're doing this Winter, and what weather conditions you are facing.  It's interesting to hear, and I think our blog friends would like to know as well.  


Monday, January 17, 2022

The Story Of The White Duck

When my father-in-law retired, he left the suburbs and moved to the mountains.  His house was built by loved ones, surrounded with forest trees nestled in the woods.

I used to enjoy visiting there, and took walks around the property, had good food to eat, and had conversations talking about so many interesting things.  He was very talented and used to carve ducks out of wood, and then painted them.  When he was finished, he lined them up on the window sill high above where you could see them all.  Most of them were mallard ducks, with green, brown, and grey tones, but there was one that I was drawn to.  It was a white duck, and I loved it so.  When we were leaving to go home, he took down and handed me that precious white duck he carved and said, "this is for you."  I was so happy, I could hardly believe it.  When I moved to the mountains last January, I kept it safe, and this weekend I took him out, washed and cleaned him, and put him on my mantel for Valentine's Day.

I put the bracelet Francesca gave me that is rose gold and placed it around his neck.

He joins all my Valentine goodies on my mantel.

There's nothing like chocolate Hershey's Kisses........except for Hershey's Kisses in Valentine colors.

Nel's not really a Valentine person, but she told me she's looking forward to it this year, as she has a little Valentine to share the day with.

My father-in-law would be pleased I live in the mountains now, and that I have his carved wooden duck in the center of my mantel for Valentine's Day.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

~William Wordsworth


Monday, January 10, 2022

Sheri's Thoughts - Helpfulness

 I was visiting with my brother-in-law one day over a cup of coffee, and we talked about many things.  He had just done something helpful for me, without me asking and just on his own, and when I mentioned it to him, he said, "we are here to help others."  He's right.  You've heard it a dozen times, whether in a phone conversation or in real life when someone asks for help only to be dismissed with a quick and direct, No.  People will complain, make excuses, sigh, to get out of helping others.   It's such a shame to me, as I think we're on this earth not for ourselves, but to help and serve others.  I'm not talking about helping someone when you are unable to, but when we can, it's always a good idea.  I not only think it's our obligation to help others, but I believe it's a privilege when we do.  It's a privilege because when this precious person asked for help, they entrusted us with their care.  I just think we should think twice about not bothering to help someone, as we might need to have that same courtesy extended to us someday.

Now, I'll stop talking, and show you photos of the place I call home, my little neck of the woods.

Remember the Hungry Hungry Hippos game?  It's Mia's favorite game at the moment, and it was so funny to watch her and Nel play it while on zoom. 

Francesca is pretending she's Elsa lately.  At Disney, she was giving the Castle magical ice.  Oh, these girls take me to another place.... of dreams and wishes and magical things.


Monday, January 3, 2022

January And Blue

I started the new year with a holiday coffee drink.  I mentioned before that there is a coffee shop in my town, a drive-through, that makes specialty coffee drinks.  Me and my son drove through, and I ordered a peppermint patty latte, and he got a peppermint pretzel latte.  They were both so good and warmed us up.  My neighbor told me that we are in for some cold weather this week, 12 and 14 degrees.

I made a bowl of oatmeal to warm me up also, with bananas.  I found this cranberry health mix at the store and added it, and it was really good.

Not sure why, but I love blue in the home for January.

My blog friend, Susan, sent me one of her cobalt vases, which I love.  It was wrapped so nicely in the mail, and such a thoughtful gift.

I put away all my Christmas stuff the day after, and Jess is always baffled when I put away holiday decorations so soon cause she usually leaves things out until the new year.  But that was Ok this year, cause I had decorations out for two months, so it was time for me.  The only thing I kept out was my snow fairy.

I filled out my calendar already for the year.  I noticed Renecke will turn 40!  He still looks great.

I can't believe the ginormous icicles that are lining the eaves of my house.  They are beautiful, but I don't dare get under them, cause I heard they can be harmful if they fall on you.

I hope the first week of the new year is good to you.