Monday, December 27, 2021

Buried In Snow

Well, I wasn't sure if we would have a White Christmas here, but indeed, we did!  I looked out my front window Christmas morning, and saw a blanket of white.  The snow was falling too, it was magical.

I'll show you some of the things I got for Christmas.  Jess got me this copper tea pot.  She has the same one in her home, and I love the handle and lid on it.

Nel got me some baking pans, which I really needed.  Mine was getting so old and tarnished.  These bake well, and already made a batch of cookies!

One of my favorite things was the pj's Nel and Renecke and Mia got me.  They are so soft and comfy and warm, and I really needed them with the cold Winters we have up here.

Brian always gets the most thoughtful gifts.  And he looks around and picks things out on his own.  He got me some See's candy, which I loved because there's no See's up here, and I crave it.  He also found a candle with the scent of berry and sage.  On the candle is a design of red flowers, and he knows how much I like red roses.  The smell is so pretty, and I'll keep it out all year.

An assortment of hot chocolates - the peppermint is the best.

One day I heard a sound on my roof, and when I looked outside, I noticed we were getting hail!

And then icicles!

I love the dress Mia was wearing on Christmas day.  It is red lace and so cute.  Nel always finds the cutest holiday outfits for her to wear on-line.

My son made Rice Krispie Treats.  They didn't have the original cereal, only chocolate, so he thought he'd give it a try, and they turned out really good.

I wanted to show you how much snow we are getting, and all the things around me that are buried in snow.

These benches are at my favorite drive-through.  We got fish and chips one day.

I haven't seen many of these lately.  I think they're hiding for the Winter, although there are a few that still scurry about in my front yard and up the trees.

My neighbor's garden things.

 Pine needles and my poor rose bush.

And me!

The story of an orange........Jess was shopping at Trader Joe's, and Francesca kept putting goodies in the cart, and Jess kept taking some of them out.  She picked up an orange and put it in the cart, and Jess thought, "Ok, we'll keep that one."  Jess always puts an orange in my stocking every year, a tradition that was passed on from my mom where she put oranges in our stockings growing up.  Jess thought that Francesca may have picked up that orange to give me for Christmas, so she put it inside the package along with the other gifts.  A single orange.....a most treasured gift.

I hope the new year brings you treasured gifts, not expensive or elaborate gifts, but small dear ones, those of gentleness, ones that only the innocence of a child can bring.


Sunday, December 19, 2021

White Christmas.......And Some Red

Well, I've seen all the seasons up here in the mountains, and Winter is definitely my favorite.  We had our first snowfall last week, with about a foot of snow, and our second snowfall is supposed to come on Wednesday through Christmas.  This is my first White Christmas, and even if it doesn't snow on that day, the days leading up to it are wonderful.  Yes, Winter is my favorite season here, and this is why.

My blog friend, Carla, made these snowmen for me many years ago.  They are so cute.  She hand painted them, put twigs on for the arms, a cotton ball on the hat for snow, and glitter and snow on the base of the snowman.  I smile when I look at them, cause I have all of these things now in the woods!  These little guys stay out until January.

Nel's creative chalk art this Christmas.

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Jesus is the true light of the world!

 Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Christmas Trip

I just got back from a trip to see Jess and her family.  My brother-in-law drove, and I was so glad about that because I don't like to drive long distances.  He went to visit his sister and take her presents as well.  This is my birthplace, and Jess met up with us and saw Brian's family also.  While it is snowing here, it's still Autumn there, and not as cold.

When I first got there, Brian's mom made me a cup of coffee and some eggs and potatoes.  She really does make the best coffee, and always makes me feel welcome in her home.

We went out to the back yard so Francesca could run around.  We thought it would be fun for her to go to the park, so we got ourselves together and walked there.  Francesca does not like to have her hair brushed.  Does any kid?

This is a well kept up park and so familiar to me, as my kids went to school in this area.

Grandma J and Auntie JJ had fun on the swings,

while I pushed Francesca on hers.

Going down the slide with Francesca.

And me and Uncle C racing down the slide.

 When we left the park, there was a dazzling sunset.

Afterwards, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I have been craving the food here.

We met for coffee in the morning at Starbuck's.  Francesca was cracking me up asking me to tell her a story.  So, I told her one.  She said, "tell me again," and after a dozen times, I said, "Ok, but this is the last time," and she said, "ok, this is the last time."  Then, when the story was over she said, "tell me again."   My grandgirls are funny little people, both of them.  I'm glad their moms have a sense of humor and sprinkle it in their lives.  Here's little Mia running after a Christmas duck.  This picture makes me laugh.

I came home with lots of presents to open on Christmas morning.  When I saw the bottom of Jess' wrapped presents I smiled and got a tear.  She is carrying on her mom's tradition and put a big black S initial on the bottom of my presents.

  One of Nel's presents was opening, so I just opened it and LOVED the pajamas she got me.  They are plaid, which I asked for, and I can not believe how soft and cozy they are.  Can't wait to wear them.  

It was a very nice Christmas trip, and I came home to some snow, which I'll show you next week.

Have a merry December week.