Monday, January 28, 2019

Very Valentine

I put a few things out for Valentine's Day already.  I always enjoy decorating for the holidays, especially this one.....a day of love, and we could use more love in the world, don't ya think?  But first I wanted to share some sky pictures.   It's been raining so much here in California, and it seems the skies are even prettier after a rain.
You can see how much rain we've been having by the flooding on the grass.
Now for some cheerful....
Remember the rose soaps that Nel got me?  I put them in a gold bowl that my sister gave me, and they are a nice Valentine touch for the bathroom.
This is from the Willow Tree collection.  I used to have a couple more, but gave them away.  Me and Jess have been going through stuff and de-cluttering.   I kept this one, as she's carrying a single rose.
I have collected many tea cups through the years, but I thought these looked Valentiney (is that a word?).  ; )
I love this little cherub,
and it's smaller than it looks.
January can get dreary, and I usually light many candles during this month.
I've had these red birds for many years...they're sweet, and one of my favorite things to put out.
I sent my grandbabies Valentines
in the mail.
And my three Valentine's.
I thought the girls would like this picture, as they are raising kids of their own.  I remember well taking this picture.  We all dressed up in white sweaters and blue jeans and boots.   It was a very casual look, and a treasured picture of mine.
Made a batch of sugar cookies
with strawberry frosting.

I've always loved decorating for holidays, and really all year long.  Not sure where it comes from, cause my mom didn't decorate her house that much.  But I hope I never lose the desire to be creative, and at least put a few things out when every holiday comes around.  : )

Monday, January 21, 2019

17-Mile Drive

Welcome to the famous 17-Mile Drive in Pacific Grove (Carmel).

I'm not a golfer, but I figured we had to stroll through while we were in the area. 

There is a $10 fee to drive through, but after the drive, I thought it was worth it.

That golden California sunset, those wind-swept trees, 

rocky ocean views, rolling green hills, 

rugged Central Coast...

It was picturesque and peaceful. 


Monday, January 14, 2019

January Joy

January has been pretty good to me so far,
and here are some of the things
that  have brought me joy this month.
I found this ornament at my favorite home décor shop in my town.  I liked the words, and just had to get it.

My 2019 calendar!
I usually get a Mary Engelbreit one, but I was a little late this year, and they didn't have any when I went to look, so this was a nice change.  The month of February is my favorite page.

I'm lovin' my copper tea pot.  It's a smaller one, but just right for a single cup of tea or coffee.  And the spout is long, which makes it easier to pour. 

Nel and Jess send me pictures of the babies every week.  I don't like to post too many pictures of my grandchildren, but when Nel sent me this, how could I not share it with you?  I thought it was so sweet that although she stayed in for New Year's Eve, her and Mia got all dressed up in their black dresses to ring in the new year.

When I saw this frame, I thought it was so me,
and had to buy it.  I like to treat myself with something in the new year cause it's uplifting.

I hung it above my cluttered desk.  This is the only piece of furniture I have that belonged to my mother, so I haven't been able to part with it.  I want to paint it someday, maybe a white or cream color.

All the rain that we've been having!

I got a surprise visit from Francesca.  She was in town for her other grandma's birthday, and although I only got to spend a short time with her, it was such a treat to see her. 

Nel moves back to California this summer!
She really loves Georgia, and it was a great experience for her to live there for awhile, but all of her and Renecke's family is here in California.  It will be good to have my girl back home again.

Some people don't like the cemetery, but I'm just glad that it's close enough to where I can say hello to my mom and dad once in awhile.  As I was driving out, I noticed these red roses that looked so pretty sitting next to Mary's feet.  Mary brings me joy.  

 Saw some geese at the cemetery.
For some reason,
they always bring me joy.

I saw a friend at church yesterday who I haven't seen in a long time, and it really made my day.   We go way back, to when I was around 13.  Such a good person.

I hope the new year has delivered joy
to you also.


Monday, January 7, 2019

Balance And Harmony

To start the new year, I thought it would be nice to take a drive in the country.  That always rejuvenates me and lets me see the world through a different perspective.  I first stopped at the nursery café for a bite to eat.  The special of the day was raisin scones, and it was just the right treat to go along with my coffee. 

I'm not sure what these red flowers are, but they looked so pretty surrounded by the barbed wire and thick country grass. 

Be soft.  Do not let the world make you hard.  Do not let the pain make you hate.  Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.  Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.
~Kurt Vonnegut

On my way home, it started to rain.  We have some of the oldest trees in our area.

Later that day, I noticed that someone hung this green ornament from the magnolia tree right near my house.  It wasn't there all season, but only in the new year.

I was looking up what the color green symbolizes, and here are a few notes that I came across...
*The color green relates to balance and harmony.
*Green is directly related to nature and energy.
*The color green has healing power,
and is understood to be the most restful and
relaxing color for the human eye.
Yes, a drive in the country is just what I needed
to start the new year.
I got my balance and harmony back, and
 I saw acres and acres of green.