Monday, October 28, 2019

Every Day It Is Always There

Every day it is always there
Whether in mind or body
Whether I want it to be or not~
Sometimes it's like being haunted
By a constant presence
Of sometimes happiness
Sometimes anger~
But it is always filled with love
That love is my protector.
That protector is my Mother.
~Rainy Ortiz
Danelle, I was your age in this photo.  If  you remember, they had us strike a serious pose here.  It was a fun day dressing up in different outfits, and I was thinking of doing it again very soon, with the granddaughters included.
Dear daughters....haunt  your children pleasantly, so that you are beloved in their eyes.  So, that you are a teacher of good and decent things.  Make special memories with them, so that they will have charming stories to tell their own kids.  Haunt your children with endearment, just as your grandmothers have done to me. 

Some spooky looking pictures at the trail.
I woke up very early on Sunday,
even before the sun came up, and was on my way.
"I will love the light for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness because
it shows me the stars."
~Og Mandino
We've had strong winds here in California, up to 85 mph. in some areas.  There is always a concern of fires when the winds are that fierce.  There are some happening right now in the north and south areas (not close to me), very scary.

It's a tradition of ours to get a jack-o-lantern pizza every year at Papa Murphy's.  Me and my son enjoyed it with coke.  ; )  He loves the football season.

It's a time to dress up.


Monday, October 21, 2019

Things And Thoughts In October

Took a drive in the country last week, and it always feels good to get in my car and drive to where there are open fields and fresh air.  Sometimes I stop at the vintage shop and try to sell some of my items that I no longer want.  The lady that works there, Ann, is always eager to buy my unique items, and it's nice to get a little something for them rather than just giving them away.   She told me to come back at Christmas time to see the five trees that she will decorate.  I stopped at my favorite bakery, and was going to get a mini pumpkin pie, but saw these pumpkin cookies instead and bought some.  Oh my, they were good - they had pumpkin filling inside.

You don't see this that often -
two very different birds standing side by side.

This candy bar wrapper made me smile, and is so true.  Chocolate can be wonderful on those stressful days.  ; )

I like nuts and fruit in my oatmeal, and I usually just put in whatever I have in my cupboards that day.  Today, it was sunflower seeds and bananas.

Oh, what is it about alleys that entice me?
Maybe it's walking through, and not knowing what's ahead.

Tall, skinny palm trees at my church.

Silk flowers and a cheerful scarecrow.

She is so lovely.

The last red rose of the season.

My new boots.

Guess who's turning two soon?


Monday, October 14, 2019

Rosary Rally

I went to a Rosary Rally this last weekend.  It was really nice, and many people joined in for this beautiful devotion to Mary.  It was outside, on the corner of an intersection, so people were passing by in their cars and honking.  

I used the Rosary beads that Jess brought back from her trip to Rome.  She got them at the Vatican, and they are so special to me.

A blog friend asked a question on her blog recently, How do you cope with the sorrows of the world?  A good question, and saying the Rosary often is one way for me.  It brings me peace in these changing times.

I am pleased that my daughters are learning to say the Rosary too.  And I am reminding them to continue to do this, and to stay close to Mary always.

 This is the second year I attended the Rally, and there are many reasons why I say the Rosary, but one of them is to honor our Mother, and have a close relationship with her.

I bought this doll at Hallmark for Mia
when she was nine months old.  : )


Monday, October 7, 2019

Autumn, I've Been Waiting For You

Living in northern California, when Autumn comes around I get so excited, and I have to stop and take it all in.   The air is starting to get crisp and cool, and the colors in nature are changing to oranges and reds and golds.  Nel wants me to move to southern California to watch Mia a couple days a week, and I am considering it, but it will be a big change, as the northern and southern regions are two very different areas.  I'm a northern California gal, so while I'm here, I will embrace the season that I love so much.  Come along with me while we drive and see the goodness of Autumn.

Remember when the old houses were built
right under the power lines?
This was taken from my car window,
but he's such a grand bird that I had to take a
picture of him.

Brian made Jess a piƱata cake
for her birthday!
I thought it was so creative.

When you slice the cake,
it's filled with candy!

 There's just some pictures that really gets
to this grandma.
Mia playing in the Lego section at the
Disney store.

And Francesca carrying her Francesca's
bag while shopping haha.