Monday, October 21, 2019

Things And Thoughts In October

Took a drive in the country last week, and it always feels good to get in my car and drive to where there are open fields and fresh air.  Sometimes I stop at the vintage shop and try to sell some of my items that I no longer want.  The lady that works there, Ann, is always eager to buy my unique items, and it's nice to get a little something for them rather than just giving them away.   She told me to come back at Christmas time to see the five trees that she will decorate.  I stopped at my favorite bakery, and was going to get a mini pumpkin pie, but saw these pumpkin cookies instead and bought some.  Oh my, they were good - they had pumpkin filling inside.

You don't see this that often -
two very different birds standing side by side.

This candy bar wrapper made me smile, and is so true.  Chocolate can be wonderful on those stressful days.  ; )

I like nuts and fruit in my oatmeal, and I usually just put in whatever I have in my cupboards that day.  Today, it was sunflower seeds and bananas.

Oh, what is it about alleys that entice me?
Maybe it's walking through, and not knowing what's ahead.

Tall, skinny palm trees at my church.

Silk flowers and a cheerful scarecrow.

She is so lovely.

The last red rose of the season.

My new boots.

Guess who's turning two soon?



CiNdEe said...

Happy Soon to be two to your granddaughter. That is always a fun age.(-:
The cookies look really yummy. I love the two birds together in the picture. Both scrappin' for food no doubt.(-:
Glad you got to take a drive and see the sites. Fall has arrived here as well. I am going to miss the long summer days though.

Laurel Wood said...

Hi Sheri, What a darling photo of your soon to be two granddaughter. The pic of the horse is great - looks like he is smiling! Those cookies filled with pumpkin look sooooo good! Love your new boots, too. This is a fun time to take a drive or walk. Wishing you a lovely new week. xo


happy birthday to your granddaughter. she's adorable. love all the pretty scenery. great photos. those pumpkin cookies look delicious. enjoy.

It's me said...

Owww two years must be a proud from me Ria 💕💕💕

Karen said...

I enjoyed your photos so much! I can't believe she is almost 2. What a sweetheart.

Debbie Nolan said...

Sheri what a wonderful visit here. The two different birds was certainly a great capture. Wow your granddaughter is adorable - two is going to mean someone is growing fast. Have a delightful fall day. Hugs! P.S. those pumpkin cookies sound delicious.

Billie Jo said...

Lovely photos of your travels, my friend!
Those cookies look amazing.
And what a cutie pie!!!
Have a cozy afternoon. : )

Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Good mood post ;-) What are those pastries? Do you have a recipe for them?

Sandi said...

Great photos!

Those pastries...YUM!

R's Rue said...


Chatty Crone said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful and almost two.
I usually make my pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips. Did the frosting taste good on them.
You are right - two different birds is odd. So are the Palm tress - I am surprised they grow that far north?
Love your boots.
Guess your area is getting decorated for fall.
It is here too.
Love, sandie

Louca por porcelana said...

I always love your charming pictures!Happy Birthday to your cute princess,so sweet!Hugs and blessings!

Jeanie said...

What a lovely drive! And I especially love the emergency chocolate! Your little "Two" (Francesca, right?) is downright adorable!

Susie said...

Sheri, I love your pictures. You did see some nice sights. Oh yum on those cookies. Just add a cup of coffee. Your sweet granddaughter is growing before your eyes. Blessings to all,love you, xoxo, Susie

Aritha said...

O what a nice pictures. Love to see them. What a sweet girl ❤️

Carla from The River said...

I always enjoy your photos. The two birds, a sea gull and crow, is that right? That is funny to see them together.
Happy Birthday to that soon to be 2 year old.
Love, Carla

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

It's hard to believe Francesca is going to be two! I enjoyed seeing your views on your drive to the country. Those cookies are making my mouth water, Sheri! Lovely photos as always, my friend. I hope your week is off to a great start.

Rose said...

What a fun the shot of the gate. Hard to believe how fast the little ones grow up.

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm so happy to have started following you, Sheri. Your photos are beautiful and you have beautiful comments on each one. The pumpkin cookies had me at hello!

You have a darling granddaughter, I have one who will be three next month. Time flies so fast with little ones!


roughterrain crane said...

You took an excellent shot of two different birds.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Sheri!

Those pumpkin cookies do look amazing! Too bad the recipe isn't available! And what joy it is to just wander always find lovely inspiration wherever your beautiful soul leads.

Pilar said...

What a fun post Sheri! Happy Early Birthday to Francesca! Wishing you a wonderful week!

baili said...

Oh you filled my eyes and soul with peace and glory of October dear Sheri :)

these captures are so elegant and CAPTIVATING ,one has to move to next one with bit of effort as your images are so beautiful :)

i specially loved the one with two different birds :))) brilliant timing indeed!

yes walking through alleys without knowing what is ahead is so amazing feeling for senses :)
how nice that you have place around where you can sell your unwanted things ,this is quite a great thing because many of us have so many stuff to sell off
If i am not mistaking this one is Mia ? Happy birthday to her :) how swiftly times fly ,it seems just yesterday when she was newly born in your arms :)

the angle is so lovely and flowers are so delightful
i liked your breakfast bowl ,no oily including makes it easy digestion indeed
driving here and there in month such beautiful is so much fun i believe
hope you enjoy the all days ahead with same love and peace my friend!
more blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Walking the Bean said...

Country drives, vintage shops, and your favorite foods! Can't get any better. Lover your new boots. Mia is getting big fast! What a blessing and enjoy your fall season.


Marilyn Miller said...

Wow! Turning 2 came quickly! Enjoy every moment.
Love your drive with the pumpkin cookies, the last red rose, the tall palm trees, and your new boots. How nice that the antique shop will buy some of your things. I hadn't thought of doing that. Good idea!

handmade by amalia said...

It is my firm belief that everything in life would benefit from a pink glaze. I love you cookies.

Debby said...

2-year-olds are so darn cute! Happy Birthday to her! Love the shot of the 2 birds. That does seem rare.

Carola Bartz said...

October is just such a wonderful month. I like your new boots.

Mellie said...

Lovely photos. Oh those cookies look amazing! Cute boots too.

Red Rose Alley said...

Baili, the little one is Francesca, but her and Mia look alike sometimes. : )

Pam said...

No way that she is turning two ALREADY! I tell new parents all the time, DON'T BLINK, if you blink then you open your eyes, they are grown. It happens way to fast. Loving the pics. Funny, I look at your blog and laugh cause I have a folder in FB that is strictly for unusual street signs!! haha, then I keep going and I see your gate. I also have yet another FB folder for my B&Ws and I have a lot of pics of gates. I make all mine B&W. As for an alley, I love walking down and driving down if nothing else. So cool that Ann buys things you don't want anymore. That is cool. I have SO MUCH I need to go through here at my house then I am bringing things from moms still. Its crazy. Not enough room! Going to work on things today. Great hearing from you. Hoping you are enjoying the season.

Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Hello dear Sheri, once more you have posted a wonderful series of photos. Indeed, they spread good mood, like Anne writes there earlier.
Where to start?! Your granddaughter is indeed incredibly cute (and the wall behind her looks so cheerful).
The palm trees look amazing and the chocolate bar wrapper is so funny, there are even the "directions for use"...
Thank you for making us smile! xx

A Casa Madeira said...

Hello Sheri, I loved the post on the 9th, the pumpkins are
gorgeous; I loved the white and the lanterns.

We call the back of our alley house, lol,

thank you for the words, the wooden houses in your
country are usually very beautiful with a beautiful finish.
There is no refinement here nor luxury, I like wood
in its raw state;

I like to observe the details of your images;

baili said...

dear Sheri came to say thank you so much for answering about your precious granddaughter
Francesca seems to be growing fast by the grace of God :)

and thank you for lovely comment on my cooking post :)
it seems we have had shared similar interests as girls :)
lots of love and peace to you and family my friend !!!

Shirley Wright said...

Your photos are always so good, and tell a good story! The cookies look yummy...I could eat one right now. Your Grand daughter is so pretty...and turning two!Time flies by, before you know it she will be grown.
Have a great week, and blessings on you and your beautiful family.
Thank you once again for all the nice comments you make on my blog.