Monday, January 23, 2023

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was yesterday!

My brother-in-law came into town last week to get some groceries, and asked if I wanted to meet for lunch.  I suggested Chinese food.  We went to the local restaurant, and the food was really good, as always.

It was a nice time visiting and catching up.  We talked about many things.....about grandma, and her life in the mountains.

I told him that I miss grandma, and he said, "me too."  As he was getting ready to leave, he handed me two big pork roasts that he just bought at the store.  He told me the way his mom used to cook a pork roast, coating it with oil, and adding different spices.  I'll have to give it a try.

A few fun facts about Chinese New Year!

*In China, each year is linked with a different animal.

*The celebrations last for 15 days.

*Guo Nian Hao means Happy New Year!

*Children receive red envelopes with money inside.

*Chinese New Year ends with the "Lantern Festival."

*Lion and Dragon dances are very popular around this time.

*Fireworks will be set off at midnight! 

After every Chinese meal, I always look forward to my fortune cookie.  This was a good one I thought, and words to live by.

I wanted to show you the doll that Nel had when she was a little girl.  Her dad brought it back for her from San Francisco when she was around 3 or 4.  It's still in pretty good shape after all these years, and it's nice she still has it - I love how Nel and Jess keep old things from their childhood.  Now, it's in HER daughter's room tucked away with many of her other beloved stuffed animals and dolls.

Time passes so quickly.  It's almost February, one of my favorite months.  ; )



Marilyn Miller said...

Happy Chinese New Year.
Enjoy the year of the rabbit.
Oh, that Chinese food looks so good. I do love almost all Asian food so much.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Sheri,
Kudos to your very kind brother–in–law and you are very lucky for having him!
Pieter and I were discussing the Chinese food in the USA and pointed out that we always enjoyed going to China Town in San Francisco. Guess it is rather authentic due to its vast population. Loved to shop there.
In my birth country we do have excellent Chinese–Indonesian restaurants due to the 350 years of having colonized Indonesia and with that comes of course lots of Chinese food.
Living and working in Indonesia of course was heaven to both of us.
A clean conscience is a good pillow is an excellent quote as is.
For me I also like—memories are a good pillow for old age.
As long as we do enjoy the little miracles in life, we ARE happy!
Big hugs,

LOVE that doll and happy it got so well preserved over the years!

Linda O'Connell said...

That doll is a real treasure. Chinese buffet is one of my favorites! Two pork roasts? What a nice guy!

Sandi said...

That fortune cookie is so true.

Louca por porcelana said...

Love chinese food. I usually make yakisoba with shrimps for my husband. What cute doll! Hugs and blessings.

Chatty Crone said...

I am sure I forgot but is this BIL your husband's brother or sister's husband. I don't think you have a sister. Any that is very thoughtful what he has done. Two pork roasts are sweet too.
I love Chinese food. I love Mongolian beef. With the onions and rice. And my favorite soup is Wonton. And Hot Green Tea. AND FORTUNE COOKIES! ☺
Did you two have the same grandma?
Was the Chinese New Year the same one where they were celebrating in LA with the violence?
Time does pass too fast.
Why is February your favorite month - it is mine too. My daughter's birthday,, my birthday, and Valentine's day.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Happy New Year!

Ginny Hartzler said...

How wonderful that she kept this doll! There are many childhood things I wish I had kept! Your photo is gorgeous, was this in the restaraunt?

Ginny Hartzler said...

It is wonderful that she kept this doll. There were many childhood things that I wish I had kept. The photo is beautiful; was this in the restaraunt?

Carla from The River said...

Thank you for sharing the memories and photo of the beautiful doll. I love when you share memories Sheri, it makes me smile.
Why is February your favorite month?

My top 3 months, May, August and December.
xx oo

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you, Jim, for following us. I appreciate that very much.


Patricia said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Sheri. Your Chinese dinner looks so delicious and what a kind brother-in-law you have. I think it is time we also had a Chinese meal at the weekend. I am sure you enjoyed the pork roasts too. That is a beautiful Chinese doll, and so well looked after. Isn't it great that Nel has a little girl to appreciate such a treasure. I have a few dolls which I hope to pass to my little granddaughter as she grows older. That will be fun :)

It's me said...

Love from me and Leaf ❤️🐾❤️🍀

roughterrain crane said...

Happy Lunar New Year!
As this year is linked with a rabbit, they say 2023 is a year of jump.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear Sheri!

February is coming upon us an on Valentine's Day, it will be 43 years since my husband and I met. Where indeed does time go...

Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Have a nice new week.

Jeanie said...

what a fun pot. I didn't know about all of these customs -- they're fun. And how lovely to be able to reminisce with your brother about your gran. I bet that pork roast will be delicious!

Debby said...

Is that Orange chicken? Whatever it is, it looks delicious.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I love rabbits so it has to be a great year. I kept all of my dolls too and gave to my daughter.
Im glad you had a nice visit with your brother in law. Have a great week Sheri!

Donna said...

I LOVE Chinese food...anything! My favorite is Lemon Chicken.
Hope you are staying well and warm!

Mellie said...

What a pretty doll. I too have quite a bit of things from my childhood packed away in my closet. I can't bear to part with it even though it has no real purpose except for the memories!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hello, Dear Sheri, that is so sweet of your BIL to share a nice Chinese meal with you and to gift you with the pork roasts. He seems like such a nice guy. Chinese take-out is my favorite treat and we always get it for my birthday and other special occasions. I enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year, too. The fortune is so true.
Of course, you probably wrote this post before the tragedies surrounding this holiday, which are so sad.
I love that Nel saved her sweet doll and now her little daughter can enjoy it, too.
I saved my daughter's dolls, but I have been blessed with 5 grandsons, so I guess I am going to be the antique little girl who plays with them. :)

I have been catching up with your previous posts and enjoying hearing about how you are faring this winter in your mountain home. I'm glad to hear that your neighbors look out for you and that you didn't get hit with the worst of the weather in your state. Have been following it and my heart breaks for everyone affected. All that rain usually comes up here to Washington and Oregon in winter. Please stay safe, my friend. Hugs xo K

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That's such a beautiful little doll. We haven't had Chinese food in a long time and it sounds...and looks so good! Enjoy your week.

Holly said...

Happy New Year. I miss Cali's Chinese food, there is not an even close comparison out here, maybe in Houston but I haven't ventured for it yet in that area. Hope you are doing okay with all that California is going through right now. May February be amazing and filled with love.

Estelle's said...

This was fun you know I had a doll similar to this one....I almost had forgotten about hearing you talk about your Grandma....I love doing that too! Stay warm love!

DeniseinVA said...

The little doll is such a family treasure! Lovely yummy Chinese food!
Enjoyed another wonderful post Sheri, thank you and have a great weekend :)

Kim said...

What a beautiful doll! Love the wisdom in your fortune cookie! Happy Chinese New Year, Sheri!

Hena Tayeb said...

The year of the rabbit represents peace, harmony and tranquility.. something our world is severely lacking right now. Hoping this year brings us the peace we need.

Bety said...

This doll is a true antique treasure!
I enjoy reading the Chinese horoscope and according to it we are now in the year of the Water Rabbit. The Year of the Rabbit leaves an impression of an energetic period filled with fateful changes. 2023 is considered a calm year, during which all changes and innovations will be obvious, transparent, logical and easy to understand.
According to Feng Shui philosophy, the lucky element this year is fire, and the color that will bring happiness and good luck is a special kind of pink. It is called "fuchsia" because of the plant of that name, and its shade is pink with a reddish-purple tint, just like the flower itself.

Susan said...

The Chinese food looks great, Sheri. And that first photo is gorgeous. Loved this post, too! Hugs. Susan

Arrubelsk said...

he Chinese food looks great, Sheri. And that first photo is gorgeous. Loved this post, too! marketing coruse

Masroor02 said...

"If knowledge were a fine wine, this post would be a vintage masterpiece."
Global warming

Tonmoy khan said...

that is so sweet of your BIL to share a nice Chinese meal with you and to gift you with the pork roasts. He seems like such a nice guy. Chinese take-out is my favorite treat and we always get it for my birthday and other special occasions. I enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year, too. The fortune is so true Facebook