Monday, November 29, 2021

Christmas In The Mountains

It was fun decorating for Christmas in the mountains this year, and although I have much of the same things, everything is in a new place.  I turned on some festive shows while I decorated, and of course, I chose the Hallmark channel.  ; )

My favorite Hallmark Christmas show this year is A Timeless Christmas.  Charles Whitley travels from 1903 to 2020 where he meets Megan Turner.  The show also tells a story of an antique clock, and I love antiques and treasures from the past.   To me, Megan is a timeless beauty, and I still believe in that.

I decorated my mantel this year in white and silver, as I could possibly have a White Christmas for the first time this year.

One of Nel's favorite things about the house is the three tier shelves that are built into the pine paneling.  It was perfect this year for my elves.

Here's some more decorating.

Nel and Jess spent the day without the little ones in the Disney cabin drinking hot apple cider and just relaxing.  I've seen this tree before a few years ago when I visited, and it's wonderful.  I think it's important for moms to spend some time around big people now and then, so they can be refreshed again to take care of their little people.

I was surprised to find so many cute things for Christmas here in the mountains.  I always wrap my presents in a distinctive way so everyone knows it's from me.  And this year I went with candy cane wrapping!

I don't put fancy bows or ribbons on my packages, only a big black initial at the bottom to let them know who it's for.  I will never give up this tradition as it started with my Mom.  I remember the kids being so excited Christmas morning when they looked under the tree for the present with the black initial that was for them.

 Aren't these the cutest Hershey's Kisses Santa Hats?

Do you ever crave the McDonald's Egg McMuffin and coffee?  I do.  Yes, there's a McDonald's in this mountain town, and I drove through the other day.  Look at the cute holiday cups that are out.  Enjoy the season!



Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Lovely decorations and tradition. Time away is time well spent to refresh.
Coffee and sausage muffin here :)

Olde Dame Holly said...

I love to see through your eyes, as you find the beauty and fun in every situation, from McCafe cup to icy gorgeousness on your mantle! I so agree with you about moms needing some time to themselves to be with other adults, but sadly, many won't act on that very human need! They should! I like your wrapping/big initial tradition.

Chatty Crone said...

Sheri you do go around and look for the beauty in things - I like that about you - even down to the McDonald's cup.
I love how you wrap gifts I am going to do that.
Loved the Hersey kisses!!!
I agree we girls have to have some adult time - so which daughter looks more like you - both are pretty but so different.
Love all your decorations too and the shelves in the corner.
So pretty up in the mountains.

Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Christmas is coming soon;-)

Jeanie said...

I HAVE to get those Hershey Kisses! Those are adorable!

Isn't it fun when "everything old is new again" as it is in your new home? I love your mantel, if that's a mantel with the white and all your sweet snow globes, which I adore! They really are the best and it looks like you have quite a little collection going! I love your white deer, snowman and tree too. And so nice your girls could get away for a little together time. I think this will be a very special Christmas for you. I love your wrapping tradition!

R's Rue said...

Love the decorations. I want some Hershey kisses now.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love ALL your decorations, especially the gorgeous mantel! and your beautiful furniture, wspecially the round table with the shelf. Everything looks like it just belongs where it is. I have not seen these kisses! they would be so cute as pachage toppers! I am going to look for them when I go to Wal-Mart later today. I love the way you have wrapped, it is SO classy! I think I will copy you next year.

Carla from The River said...

I love all your decorations.
I really like how you wrap your gifts. I just might steal your idea. :-)

Sandi said...

Love the little Santa hats! And the big, ginormous tree. 🎄

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Your home looks so lovely decorated for Christmas, Sheri. The lovely pieces look right at home in your mountain home. I adore those Hershey kisses--I must look for them for our grands! I'm so glad your girls were able to get away for adult time to recharge the batteries. Sheri, it's so sweet how you have kept your Mother's tradition of wrapping gifts. To me, that's what makes Christmas traditions special.

Louca por porcelana said...

Adorable Christmas decorations! I love everything! So especial!

Unknown said...

That's a very no nonsense way of gift giving, putting an initial on the present. But hey, it works, and everyone knows who it's from. I bought those same Hershey's kisses Santa hats today at Costco. I love your little snowman holding the wreath and covered in mica. So darn cute.

Abdelkhalek said...

Beautiful photos!! Love all your decorations thanks for sharing :)

Abdel | Infinitely Posh.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Adorable, loving, caring and special friend, good morning!

Isn't it marvelous to be a creator of joy and light?

You do this well and I love the cultural practices of our traditions. We can encourage, bring joy and create bonds with people within and apart from our immediate circles. What a joyous cottage you live in!

HUGS to you and have a wonderful December!

ashok said...

Feel the season !

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I love that Hallmark movie! I also love antique clocks. I am laughing about the initials on boxes because my granddaughter and son in law have same initials. I guess I could use middle initials. I like the way you wrap. I don't use bows either. Your decorations are perfect for the holiday! I am not putting a tree up this year because of the puppy. I have my lighted ceramic trees up though.

Marilyn Miller said...

Love your decorating.
How lovely for your daughters to have a time away.
I have not been to McDonald's in many years, but glad you have one where you live.
What a fun gift wrapping tradition. I really like the candy cane paper. My shopping is mostly done, but other than things I must mail I haven't wrapped a thing yet.

a spirit of simplicity said...

Your home looks beautiful for the season. I will have to check out that Hallmark movie. I love watching corny movies at Christmas time. Of course, I will also be watching It's a Wonderful Life, the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol, and The Bishop's Wife.

Veronica Lee said...

Your decorations are beautiful!

I especially love the gorgeous mantel.

Happy Wednesday, Sheri.

Rose said...

I love your mantel decorations. And I no longer use bows on presents. I quit years ago because the cats I now have will not leave them alone. I don't even put out presents till near the end.

DeniseinVA said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations! I am not quite as far ahead but do have a smaller tree already decorated, and another bigger one to start soon for the front room. Such a sweet pairing of your little ones, adorable and beautiful frames. Great family photos of you all. Thank you for sharing the spirit of the holidays, thoroughly enjoyed :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear friend I had such a delightful time scrolling through and enjoying all your lovely Christmas decorations. Love the white reindeer. It brought back a memory of my Grandma having a sleigh and reindeer that she set out at Christmas. The sleigh was a candy dish if I remember correctly. Hmm wonder if it is still at the farm with some of the Christmas decorations we had stored away as kids. I will have to ask my brother (who lives there now) if we could go through the attic to see and gather some of those old charming things of the past. Guess this time of the year gets me homesick for those who made Christmas so extra special and are missing now. Hope you are putting up your feet now and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa with whip cream (got to have whip cream) - Hugs!

Patricia said...

Hi Sheri, what a lovely Christmas post. I love the silvery Christmas tree best, but all your pieces are really sweet. You love decorating for the season as much as I do. The Candy Cane wrapping looks beautiful, and your wrapping is perfection too. I always liked Hallmark and I miss it. For some reason we do not get it on our cable now. Maybe it will return one day :)

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Aw! Your first Christmas in your new home - so special! Love the white mantel and your pretty snow globes. Your elf collection is really cute, too. I love the house painting on your mantel and the photo of your little granddaughter in front of the Christmas tree. Everything looks so charming xx. I've never seen Hershey kisses like that- so cute. Your unique gift wrapping is wonderful, and a nice tradition passed down. Now I am craving an egg McMuffin! Love seeing your girls having some fun together! Stay warm and cozy, dear Sheri. xx K

Mellie said...

What lovely decorations! Looks like you are all set for Christmas in the mountains. I love those corner shelves. I'm sure they come in handy for decorations.

Haddock said...

Like those elves on the three tier shelves.

Ann said...

Lovely pics Sheri, especially the trees.
I love seeing your old
Christmas decors, the older they get,
the dearer they are to us. Your elves collection and snow
globes are still so cute and whimsical.
I haven't watched that 'Timeless Christmas, maybe this week.
Have a lovely December ♥