Monday, March 23, 2020

Magazines And Robin Eggs

I called my brother to see if he had an extra bottle of Softsoap cause I ran out, and he said he didn't.  But when he went to the store for his family, he also got me a few groceries.  I was so thankful, because it saved me a trip to the store, and it's a bit worrisome right now being around all those people at the grocery store.  All of my brothers are dear, but this is the one who is closest in age with me.  We're only a year apart.  
He bought me chicken and steak and a few other foods, and he even got me some chocolate to nibble on with my coffee (robin eggs).
Look what I saw roaming through the neighborhood!
The black birds are scrounging for food, and they're not at all bothered by me taking their picture.
What do you do when you have to stay home, like we are now having to do in California?  Buy a good magazine, and this edition shows some really creative ideas.
I saw this vase at an eclectic shop,
and I love what it says.
 I think you know who I was thinking about
when I bought it.
I love pasta!
And I have to make it every week.  They were out of spaghetti, so I bought some penne noodles.  Sprinkled a little cheese on, and it was so delicious. 
Our state flower is the California Poppy, and I saw a bunch of them growing wild at the edge of a road.  Aren't they the prettiest color?
So, how are you doing during this time,
dear friends?
Does your state have you staying home too?


R's Rue said...

Thank you for the smile.

CiNdEe said...

Yesterday I made bread to bake today. I am trying to keep busy. On my down time I am watching Netflix. Its a tough time full of worries. I hope it is over soon and life can get back to normal. I hope we can all stay healthy.
I am glad your brother was able to bring you groceries. The poppies are very cheerful! I do love their color! Take care!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear heart,

I am on spring break in my living room, my studio, my upstairs loft bedroom. I love it. However, the news reports are starting to startle me and next week, my school life as usual will have an unusual restart: digital teaching. This is the area where I am personally feeling the anxiety because we are well stocked with food, we don't need much, but going online to teach is uncharted territory for all of us teachers.

I do believe however, that this is a time that is meant to teach us something, each one of us with a different story to tell.

Let's get thinking, let's get writing, photographing, documenting all that is happening around us and within us.

Terra said...

I am in California too. What a kind brother you have, and I like your tea cup, it is the style I like with birds and flowers on it. That pair of runaway sheep are fabulous. My sons are taking turns bringing me food, they are great guys.

Billie Jo said...

Hi Sheri!
You and your brother have the same age difference as my mom and her brother.
And they are the best of friends at 83 and 82!
Thank you for the cozy today.
I am doing much the same here.
And pasta!
Oh yes.
Although I may not look it, I am full of Italian blood.
My mom always served broccoli with her pasta too.

Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Funny sheep;-)

Jeanie said...

You have a fine and kind brother!

I love penne, probably more than spaghetti -- it seems easier!

Our governor locked us down today -- essential services only. Stay at Home till April 13. No egg hunt with the little ones this year, I'm afraid. But that's OK. Rick is getting groceries and I am staying in with Lizzie, who is blissfully unaware of everything but lunch, nap, and good girl treats. I envy her.

Carla from The River said...

You have a great family Sheri.
I love that your brother got you some chocolates.
We are getting closer to a lock down.. we will know more at 5pm.

Stay safe Sheri!!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Hi Sheri - thanks for sharing the lovely pictures! I ADORE poppies and every year say I'm going to try growing them but I haven't yet! We are on lock down here in Illinois as well. We are so fortunate that both my husband and I are working from home and while there's not a lot of work, we are still getting full pay. I know that's not the case for many and I'm praying this ends soon for their sakes! So many hurting from this. I have been sewing like a crazy woman, sometimes until midnight just because I get started and can't stop lol! I'm also reading a lot and yes, binge-watching some shows too. I'm finding time to create some art pieces and have even sold quite a few in the past week which is fun. My dog LOVES having both of his 'peeps' home too! Hope you are all well and stay safe!

Hena Tayeb said...

Love those poppies.. and the vase is such a great find.

Chatty Crone said...

What a sweet brother - and he even brought you some chocolate. Maybe soon soft soap. Were those goats running free in your neighborhood? So was that coffee or tea with the chocolate bunny? Like the vase. My daughter LOVES pasta - so we have it every week too. The poppies are gorgeous. I am staying in and trying to follow the rules - but I have a 19 year old here .............

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Well, I never! How funny to see them walking through your neighborhood! Hope they found their way home! And how sweet of your brother! My boys live close to each other and they are helping each other out....sure makes me proud. Take care of yourself my friend. Stay and your whole family. Sweet hugs, Diane

Pilar said...

That was so sweet of your brother Sheri. The grocery stores here are pretty empty or at least when I go, I haven't seen much food or supplies. Your pictures always brighten up any day especially during these difficult times. Keep shining brightly my friend :) Be well and stay safe!

Merlesworld said...

As I'm retired I good at staying home but I miss catching up with friends and a shopping trip just to look at the shops.

Louca por porcelana said...

What an adorable photo of your brother and you!This is a lovely post and I love seeing your gorgeous pictures.We are at home too,except me...I have to go work.Today when I prayed the rosary,I remembered you...Praying God to save the world...Hugs.

Susan said...

Hello dear Sheri....That was a most lovely post...just what I needed to read and see during these trying times. We are on stay-at-home as well. This is the second week now. I still cannot get to all the chores and tasks that I'd like to accomplish but it's okay. I will not add that stress to the already abundant supply. Take care and stay safe and stay healthy. Hugs. Susan

Karen said...


Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you, Barbara, for following us. I appreciate that very much. : )

Rose said...

Oh, I have enjoyed the glimpse of life from your eyes! Yes, we are home, too. I am enjoying the fact that I don't have to get up every single morning and get ready to go. But Roger sure misses getting out to breakfast every day.

I love the poppies....they are so pretty. And your teacup in those is so pretty. I wish I had room to collect teacups...I sure love them.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Good Morning Dearest Sheri,
How are you lovely friend?

Well how crazy adorable are these sheep strolling around town, I am sure this brought a chuckle and a smile to your heart. Makes me think of the Nursery Rhyme Mary Had A Little Lamb!
I am thankful that you have family all around you and that you have a brother who looks out for his sister. I always thought having a brother would be nice.
The state of Colorado has come to a stand still too just like the rest of the nation.
We are a strong nation though, filled with beautiful souls, hard-work ethic,creativity and love for our nation. I know we will get through this and grow stronger too.
Stay well my dear Sheri,

baili said...


i loved your sharing to it's each bit but your cup oh dear it is so pretty and elegant ,perfect for for spring tea time :)

you are fortunate to have such loving brother ,the luxury that i miss so much in my life ,i have one and he is dear to me ,may be i am to him either but we both are not close enough to share heart and i miss this
how sweet of him to bring you all you needed along with chocolate :) on earth what else can a girl happy who gets chocolate as gift from her male loved ones like father brother or husband :)

your captures are lovely ,your neighborhood has lots of beautiful flowers and poppies are delightful
this is nice to stroll a good magazine while you have to stay indoor specially when they come up with excellent unique ideas ,i am always open to learn new thing to better my living dear Sheri
loved this adorable cupboard too
stay well and keep taking good care my freind!

baili said...


Eliane said...

sempre tão lindas suas fotos !!
adorei as fotos da papoulas.
por aqui já plantei uma vez, são lindas !!!
grande abraço.

Ann said...

I love your quote at the end of your post Sheri
and I truly believe we do.
I love your mug
floral and just the right size,
although there are times when I'd opt for something
bigger. I love the flower pics,
stunning and bright shots you've done,
so beautiful in my eyes. And I only have
one brother and he leaves in a different city,
these days I worry about him and his daughter
and wish they would be safe okay as we quarantine.
We are so close as I'm sure you are with that sweet
brother of your who brought you groceries.

Stay safe ♥


Dewena said...

Sheri, you and your brother were so cute! And still are, I bet. Family is always there to help and thank God for that. I'm not sure if TN is on lock down but I know Nashville is, and those of us in the metropolitan county. I was glad that the mayor ordered it but even so there are many on the roads, my husband says. He and our son and their crew are still working as they are exempt along with other construction workers. They are still doing repairs on houses with major damage from the tornado that hit Nashville not long before this terrible virus hit too. My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes in it and I wonder where they are sheltering now.

But as your Allende quote says, all of this has brought forth so many courageous stories, so many people helping those who need help the most right now. So many heroes all around us right now.

As well as cute sheep wandering among us, it looks like! Darling!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Hello Sheri! It has certainly been a while, but now I finally have time to catch up with old friends.

I had to do a double take when I saw that shot of the sheep. Goodness that’s hysterical! I would have loved to see that up close and personal. And that pic of you and your brother is simply beyond precious. How nice that he’s taking care of you, and going above and beyond by bringing you candy :). But of course, those are essential, right? lol

I don’t have too much difficulty staying home. I’ve been quite busy sewing face masks for nursing homes, cooking, taking care of little projects that aren’t crucial but nice to have time to do, and almost every day weather permitting taking a bike ride. Also online yoga and I’m learning Italian, slowly but surely. We’re scheduled for a three week trip to Italy in September. We shall see how that plays out.

I haven’t blogged so please don’t waste your time by visiting. Just thought I’d check in and I’m glad you’re well.


Marilyn Miller said...

That is a good quote by Isabel Allende. I love her books.
Love California poppies too.
What fun to see sheep walking by.
How lovely to have a thoughtful brother to buy some groceries for you including chocolate.
The magazine looks like a good one. Love the mug too.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Sheri, so nice to catch up with you and see how you are dealing with the stay at home blues! I love that your brother went to the store for you and even bought you chocolates :) I don't have a brother, but I always wish I did. There's nothing like a brother to stand up for you and have your back. I was the 'brother' in my family - the eldest sister who actually had to have a few fist-fights to protect my little sisters from the neighborhood bullies. haha! Love the sweet photo. How funny to see the sheep - escape artists, I'm sure. Your little vase is darling and the California poppies are wonderful. The highway dept. grows them in the meridians here in places, and it is such a lovely sight. It is still too cold here for them to bloom, though. Always love your beautiful photos. Hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. Sending hugs and blessings to you, my dear. xo Karen

handmade by amalia said...

How kind of your brother, there are a lot of acts of kindness all around us. We are also staying home, we are only allowed to go 100m out of our homes unless buying groceries or medicine. I'm ordering everything on-line, there are some shortages and it takes a couple of weeks to get a delivery, but it feels safer. I hope that you are keeping well and safe, dear Sheri.

Holly said...

Your post put me in the mood for Easter with all the pretty pastels. And oh how I miss home, and all the beauty in the nature and landscapes.

It's me said...

Hi Sheri.....yea also staying at home..i’am so glad I have Leaf around scarry strange world where we live in ...take care Ria ❤️🙏🍀

Walking the Bean said...

Great series. Don't you just adore the small random things? French Country magazine and coffee...I love how you get me! :P


Susan said...

Oh yes, Sheri. Massachusetts is in a stay-at-home order and that's a good thing with this despicable virus running around. Admittedly, I'm getting a bit sick of it all but it's better than being on a ventilator with the corona virus. Take care, dear Sheri, and please, stay safe. Susan