Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Poem

This is a poem that I came across many years ago, and it's always been a favorite of mine.  It's just one verse from the poem, and it's written by William A. Baxter.
Life's Values
When we look at the mountains or look at the sod,
Oh, how can we help but give credit to God?
The tints of the rainbow, the light on the cloud,
Oh, how can the spirit of mortal be proud?
The song of the bird is as God's voice telling me
To be kind to all men and to deal honestly,
And walk with the traveler on life's rugged road
To cheer him, and help him in lightening his load.
It may be this journey will be his last mile;
Oh, these are the values we'll prize afterwhile.
Photos by husband at Bodega Bay.

Have a peaceful day.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Sheri, love the poem, and tell hubby he takes beautiful photos. This is just breathtaking!
Thank you so much for your sweet words. I tried to get as close as I could in creating her little dress. So happy you enjoyed.

Terra said...

Thank you for sharing this poem and your husband's photos of this earth's beauty.

Deserae said...

So beautiful :o)

Patricia said...

Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me :)
Beautiful photos, and lovely sentiments in your poem, Sheri. xxx

Riitta Sinikka said...

♥ Hello, my dear friend! So beautiful photos and place! Happy day♥ xxx Riitta


this poem touched my heart. Particularly the part about the traveler. My daughter whose been living in Alaska just gave up her job to move back to the lower forty-eight. She leaves Saturday. It will be a difficult trip by car.


PS) The photographs are beautiful.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Beautiful photos! x

Vintage Jane said...

Beautiful poem and photos ...

Sola Scriptura said...

What a lovely poem, and you accompanied it with such gorgeous photos! This was a lovely little treat for me to read today, thanks.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Beautiful poem, and those photos are absolutely breathtaking!!

It's me said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Poetry and the ocean? YES MA'AM. And Bodega Bay is one of the places we went to about three years ago now, when we went up to Santa Rosa to see family.

Sheri, inspiration is all around us dear friend, isn't it? OH! You should have seen and smelled the RED ROSES I saw yesterday when we went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory. I thought of you immediately! What velvety beauty in their prized roses!

Thank you my sweet sister, for coming to visit and for viewing my pinboard! I am trying to hard to get a certain look to my photography, and just shooting photos of what is in my home. I LOVE my house, but it appears boring through the camera lens! But those white starfish really are sublime, aren't they!


Stephanie said...

Beautiful words and pictures, sweet Sheri :)

Hugs to you!

Noelle the dreamer said...

A great poem Sheri and thank you for sharing!

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Beautiful Sheri! Have a wonderful day…

Susie said...

Sheri, A beautiful poem and the pictures are wonderful. Great post. Hope you are having good days. xoxo,Susie

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Oh Sheri,

Such a lovely poem and these photos are inspiring and breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sheri, looks like our heart is in the same place again. Beautiful words and photographs. From East Coast to West Coast, so much beauty in life's moments and it's wonderful when we pause to appreciate them.

Memory of a Voyage said...

The coastal photos appeal me! They are beautiful, and so is the poem.

Have a marvelous weekend!


Susie Swanson said...

Oh how I love this and the pictures as well. Hugs, xo

Shell said...

Very fitting pictures to accompany some beautiful words. Wishing you peace Sheri this weekend. Shell - A Darlings Nest

Debbie Harris said...

The hand of God is all over in the beauty of Bodega Bay, and your hubbys photos look like paintings, just gorgeous!
Thank you for that precious poem to ponder on.
Have a beautiful blessed week end, Sheri.
Joy! Debbie said...

Hello Sheri,
Oh..what a lovely poem.
I want to go to Bodega Bay.. its stunning.
Your hubby took great photos..
Indeed it can only be the work of god to create such beauty.
Happy weekend Sheri.
val xx

pinks said...

Sheri this poem is so lovely :) And your husband has taken such good photos!!! maybe he should have a blog too! :P Hope you are having a good week my friend :)