Monday, September 23, 2019

Sheri's Thoughts - Compassion

I was talking with a friend recently, and we both agreed that people in the world today are lacking compassion.  We talked about it, and she told me what she thought and I told her what I thought, and it was good to share my insight with a like-minded spirit.  I don't know why some people don't have compassion.  The only two reasons I can come up with is that they are suffering in their own way, and have had so many difficulties that they are just too weary and broken to have a lot of compassion for others.  Or, maybe they haven't had difficult times at all, and compassion is just unfamiliar to them.  I simply don't understand it cause I've had many many (did I say many?) crushing moments, but still find compassion for those that are hurting.  I'm not saying everyone lacks compassion - there are people at my church who I see every week who have warm and caring hearts.  But it's just that I see a lot more out there in the world without mercy.  If I see someone treating another without compassion who is hurting and in pain, it is a disgrace to me.  I even get angry about it.  So, please tell me, dear friends, why do you think the world is lacking compassion?  I'd love to learn from you.   

Here are a few pictures of
this and that.

Not sure what cactus this is,
maybe prickly pear?

Mia's first time at Disneyland.

This one loves books now.

So many changes lately,
and I think the biggest one is Nel went blonde!


It's me said...

Wowww Nel !!...looking good 💕💕 it is always good to have compassion for everyone around you....I always think of others when I stopped work ...I visit our old customers...who live alone and need some attention from others...that’s me 🤓 a sort of little help for them ...and last week I visit two of them and they enjoy my attention and visit...and I enjoy it is new for me ...because I always work and they came to our shop and drinking tea every week by I turned around...and I enjoy it !! see they are happy to see me..💕💕happy week love from me Sheri ❤️🍀

Jeanie said...

I think you are right, Sheri. I feel like most of the people I know are compassionate but globally? I'm not so sure. There's an awful lot of "ME!" out there and so many never put themselves in another's shoes.

Sandi said...

It seems like compassion should be a trait of all humans, but something stifles it. Has it always been this way or is it our modern self-centered culture? I guess that's not an answer, just another question. I was just watching a wonderful testimony last night by a young person who had no empathy (his own description) and did not believe in or feel love. It was very interesting. He described coming out of a fog and everything changed after an experience he had. I will send you a link in your email.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sheri - it says in the Good Book - in the later days people's hearts will grow cold...perhaps we are just seeing the lack of compassion because hearts have grown hard and cold. Yet I know there are still many sweet souls like yourself who still care and practice empathy. Goodness and love always wins in the end...let us persevere and not grow weary in loving and caring for others.

As always I adore your photos. Nel makes a beautiful blonde. Mia is certainly growing.

Have a super day. Hugs!

Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Lovely photos! I've noticed the same thing, people no longer care about anything else than their own well-being.

Debby said...

This world can be so incredibly beautiful yet, so cold. It's like my dad used to tell me when I was growing up; "It's a dog eat world out there" and it still is.

I have seen sincere compassion locally after the fires of last year. But people forget - get back to their lives until the next tragedy, makes them feel guilty and they find their compassion again.

R's Rue said...


Hena Tayeb said...

She looks great as a blonde..
So wonderful when kids love books.. makes my heart happy.
I agree with your thoughts on compassion.. I can see it in my boys.. they have everything they could possibly want and more. They can't comprehend the idea of someone having less than them, someones struggles.. loss. We travel with them to show them people of all walks of life.. how others live.. we are trying to and hoping that we will be able to teach them how to be compassionate and emphatic. We are living in a me first world, were so many live in a bubble where they can do no wrong, every one gets a trophy.. there are no losers.. so when they grow up they can not comprehend the harsh realities of the world and understand others suffering.

Pilar said...

Sheri my mom and I were just talking about the same thing this morning. I've notice that some people are so bitter and miserable that they love the company. Isn't it sad that the world lacks compassion, but some people are happy to see others struggling and have misfortune. Then I thought about how some people were never taught how to be compassionate growing up. The world can be a pretty ugly place sometimes, but I remember how my mom raised me to be compassionate towards others. Just like kindess is free, so is compassion. I wish more people would remember that. Wishing you a wonderful new week my beautiful friend :)

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Wow - Nel looks absolutely gorgeous as a blonde! Love it! And always so nice to see those beautiful little grands. Don't they just melt your heart? Oh, Sheri, I have been thinking the same thing about this world, lately. I want to believe that most people are compassionate and kind and maybe the access to so much information and news is making us doubt that, but I am always surprised by the cruelties in this world. It really hurts my heart and I have been filled with an actual feeling of grief over what is going on. It's so overwhelming. I just keep hoping that shining a light on these things will help to eliminate the darkness. Beautiful photos, as always. I love the old truck. Sending hugs and blessings xo Karen

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

I think Nel would would look great with any hair color! Blonde is beautiful on her. Mia is darling! So glad she went to Disneyland. And Francesca loves books--I'm so glad! What little dolls your grands are, Sheri.
I think you touched on many reasons that the world lacks compassion. I notice it as well. I think kindness begins with each of us. A simple smile can really make someone's day. My husband and I walk for exercise every day and we wave to everyone we see even though we don't know them. Some wave back and some look at us like we're crazy. It's really sad we think.

Rose said...

Yes, to Nel in blonde! It looks so good...but like someone said, she would look good in any color.

As to compassion, I live in the midwest, and I see a lot of compassion. At our little grocery store, I often see the young cashiers offer to help an older person with their groceries...I seldom shop in Terre Haute, but I have seen it there, too.

Louca por porcelana said...

Your Daughter is so beautiful!That gorgeous pitcher caught my eye too!All pictures are amazing.About the lack of compassion,I think it is a consequence of a world without God...In my country people kills people for nothing,a cell phone,twenty dollars,any stupid reason...We live in a silence civil war...God is love..."You shall love your neighbor as yourself"...God is compassion...Hugs,dear Sheri.

Susan said...

Lovely photos, Sheri. Nel is lovely as a blonde. So sorry you had some sad moments lately. As far as lack of compassion, yes, I agree with you. So many people in our world lack it. For myself, I think anyone who has lost connection with God would have a hard time having compassion toward others. He is the source of light, love, happiness, peace, genteness, and yes, compassion. This is a hard world we are in but there are many good things about it, too. And for those who have compassion, and there are millions, God bless them, every one!

Chatty Crone said...

Nel is beautiful as a blonde!
Well I am really thinking of a good answer for compassion as I agree with you. I think there are a lot of reasons - one being the darn cell phone and the limiting of real life relationships. I think it affects every single thing.
Don't get me started.
The lemon cake (?) looks so good to me.
Cactus are unusual looking - I guess the prickly needles are for their protection.
Great bird shots.
Did she just love Disneyland?
I enjoyed it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Grandma’s Blessings said...

Love Nel’s hair! Beautiful. I too believe there should be more compassion showed to each other. Life’s journey isn’t easy and Christ have had compassion for his children and as believers we should follow His example.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOod morning Sheri!

I too have been troubled in the last few years as I see more and more how people are becoming more enraged, less patient and extremely hateful. I pray to NOT become that way! Honestly, I think society has been transformed in a way that makes it much easier for any of us to hide behind the screen. True community in person gives us more of an edge to watch our behavior, when we are held accountable by our community members. But these days, who does anyone need to be accountable to except for those in close physical proximity? It's too easy now to stand alone, HIT and RUN and insult, treat others less than human. I have a lot to say about this but that's it in a nutshell.

The only thing we can do is BE compassionate and plant those seeds and water them daily.

baili said...

Oh Nel looks absolutely charming and pretty dear Sheri :)

such a glow i can see on her face and smile is lovely !

Mia is one of the most wise looking baby to me :) ah childhood is such a freedom and luxury :)

i agree with reasons you mentioned my friend , people were always diverse in nature and now when the population on earth is increasing and media and social media is fully active
we see so much happening around us yes i can feel that most of the people loosing their souls
when we live by only physical version we depend on physical senses and realize only physical desires and pains
and lacking "feelings"is sign that we have lost our spirit which is invisible but astonishingly brings more positive and visible changes in our world

we have a saying here that "God lives in kind hearts" and it seems we are going to be Godless (God forbid)
wishing you all the happiness and peace of mind my precious friend!

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

Hello Sheri! What a meaning post! I so agree with you. It seems compassion and common decency are very much lacking in this world we live in today. Could it be less people are from a God-fearing family or the fact that everyone communicates through their phones instead of face to face. It seems reality doesn't even seem real anymore to some people.

This is a good reminder that we must be in prayer and reach out, in love, to those around us when we can.

All the pictures you shared are so pretty... I especially love Nel's blonde hair! Did she do it herself? If so, please share that brand! I definitely need some new highlights! :)

Blessings on your day! Net

Aritha said...

Thanks for all the beautiful photos. I love the dove.

I read this: "People who lack empathy were probably raised in families who were avoiding to get in touch with their feelings and even condemned others for feeling their emotions." We all can take little steps to learn love the other.

Alicia said...


nonie everythingsewing said...

What beautiful pictures! I know a lady in one of my groups that I call the big meanie. She is so mean , but to sum it up it is because she lacks compassion. Actually, that is very sad and we have lost a lot of members because of her.


Carla from The River said...

Hi Sheri,
I do like what "Net, It's a Wonderful Movie" shared. That really does make sense.

Nel looks lovely.

xx oo

Pam said... Did that a couple of times and it was to much of a shock for me to keep it that way! Compassion....I think a lot is just the times, there is so much to deal with on a given day that folks see and maybe it is just to hard to have compassion for it all. Or the way they were brought up. I really don't know but I do know that to me it feels like the world, the feelings of the folks, their behavior, drugs, stress, etc seems to be getting worse by the day.

Walking the Bean said...

The topic of compassion steeps through both the Old and New Testaments and definately presented a challenge to Jesus' followers. Both your points are true now days and true two thousand years ago. But I do have to say that we as humans are growing up not having basic social skills to function in life much less even know what it means to be compassionate or even the skills it takes to look someone in the eye and listen. My friends' seventeen year old daughter doesn't know how to function unless she has earbuds in her ear and a phone in her hand. That's the only life she knows and will later cause social issues when it's time to interview for a job or anything else that requires face to face communication. I don't mean to trash-talk social media or technology {they are both great actually}, but it may very well be contributing to new a kind of human evolution.


Shirley Wright said...

Your daughter and the Grandbabies are beautiful! I love her blonde hair.All the pictures are beautiful too!I really like the apples and the pitcher.
I think we live in such a fast paced world with all the technology...cell phones,Ipads,x boxes, and all kinds of video games etc, that people just push themselves to the limit and don't feel much of anything.I was at the Dr office the other day, and every person in there ,even the ones my age,weren't saying a word..just staring at their phones.
This world is a cold place.What we need is a touch from the Lord..The One who has true love and compassion...for all His creation.

A Casa Madeira said...

Hi Sheri, how are you?
Glad you liked the stone post.
When we put ourselves in the other's place we realize their pain;
The world is very selfish.
I take time to write because on the site I have no internet.
Good October entry.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

She really does look gorgeous as a blond! And I enjoyed your other photos too. I live in a community that does a lot for others...seniors that volunteer in all kinds of capacities! So I am blessed with being around people like that. I don't understand the lack of compassion. I pray for others and try to show my love to everyone. I volunteer for a Hospice you know...and meet so many loving people. It is inspiring. Happy Fall to you my friend! And thanks for getting us to take part in this conversation! Hugs! "Love one another"

Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Hello dear Sheri, such wonderful photos of this and that. :)

About the lack of compassion, you and so many people in the comments above have found possible reasons, perhaps the root of the problem are all those reasons together.
Social media make our life easier but they also have created really strange phenomena, like seeing a traffic accident, some people don't help but stop to take photos and make more difficult the work of the medical personnel...
Surely the fact that the importance of faith in everyday life has become smaller is one of the reasons.

Here it's raining hard today and it's lovely. Lots of yellow leaves are flying in the air. :) I would hope to have more plants with red leaves!

Happy autumn! xx

Dewena said...

Nel is a beautiful blonde! It looks so natural that I would have thought she was one anyway.

Sheri,I wish your thoughts on compassion would spread around the globe. The unleashed unfiltered postings on social media seem to have made it acceptable to constantly criticize. I do believe that we go through troubles so that we might learn to be compassionate with others going through bad times.

Marilyn Miller said...

Yes, there is a lack of compassion in our world right now. It's all about me, me, me! If I were to think about it, I would partly blame social media and partly blame leadership and greed. Now I am going to be thinking about this more. Recently someone told me how much she appreciated something about me, it really touched me and made me realize we don't tell others things like that enough. I am trying to better with that one.
Nell's blonde hair is really pretty! Love that your grand daughter is loving books.

Holly said...

Us with compassion need to keep it going and install it in the future generations. Lovely photos 😍

Haddock said...

Isn't that a blessing in this age (children loving book)
Like that sunset pic.

Laurel Wood said...

Your photos are so lovely. Nel looks so pretty as a blonde. I have great compassion for both people and animals. I often witness such mean and uncaring folks when I am out and about. Breaks my heart.
Sending sweet wishes for you to enjoy the Autumn weekend. xo

Tammie Lee said...

Lovely autumn photos. .

Compassion is a wonderful subject.
Maybe the fact that society is bombarded with information, violence, shows, movies.... that is is too much, or we are numb, or things don't seem real. I think it is too much to take in SO much of the worlds activities all at once like we do with the news etc. Just thoughts.

Compassion is essential for a healthy life and intimacy in life. And what is life without intimacy.....

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