Monday, September 2, 2019

End Of Summer's Song

Have you ever been pulled in so many directions, that you just wanted to run away and hide?  Well, that's what I did.  I've had so many different things going on lately, and much stuff to take care of, that I just wanted to be in the stillness of nature.  I was missing nature, and nature was missing me.  ; )
Sometimes critters can blend in with
 the colors of nature.
When I was at the park drinking my coffee, I noticed something high up in the tree next to me.
I took a closer look,
and saw this!
I wondered what it was....maybe a caterpillar?  Well, who says a rainbow has to come from the sky?  It made me smile just the same. 
  I think this is a Black Phoebe.
  She came to visit with me one day.

Angel clouds
These were so pretty, and I thought they were real,
but they're not.
Cute lawn stake.
Most of the blossoms have fallen, as Autumn is approaching.
Best honey ever.
I found this fairy/doll house furniture for the granddaughters.  I think they'll love it.
Yellow love
I sure won't miss these.  They only come around in the Summers, and they creep me out.
I liked these wine labels
at Trader Joes.
This was a cool mural at Starbuck's.
I went to a wedding recently, and me and Jess wore the same color and didn't know it.  I'm wearing the earrings Francesca gave me.  I do think I will keep these earrings forever.
I've been seeing signs of Fall already.
Window shopping,
and a message for you.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Isn't it marvelous, to be alive.

nonie everythingsewing said...

I love it, a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Dewena said...

I love your end of summer's song, Sheri! And what a curious critter to have spotted high in the tree. I hope the story was that it was thrown up there playfully, not in anger. It could go either way and make a good story, couldn't it? And all in all fits right in with this bittersweet time of year of summer taking her final bows.

Your phoebe reminded me that we don't have them at this house but did at the old house and I loved them so. Even when they built messy nests on our front porch. An angel cloud! You are so observant. And adorable doll house furniture--it's like a tic tac toe table!

And Sheri, you previous post of that charming old book really touched my heart! I too went hunting with my father and remember on snowy days him teaching me the difference in tracks we saw in the snow. I love flannel too and hope it always stays in style.

Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Somehow sad that winter is coming.

It's me said...

Summer is almost end sad fall is comming....lovely week lovefrom me Ria 💕💕

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Sheri, your lovely post reminds me of how my favorite season is approaching! I love your beautiful photos of the signs of fall. You and Jess look so lovely dressed for the wedding. Your pretty earrings are perfect with your pretty dress. I'm with you when things get too hectic, I head to nature!

Pam said...

Hello Sheri ~ Thanks for the comments on the blog today. Looks like you have been busy. I understand about needing to get away for a bit. I love my alone time and just chilling with nature. I love being out and about when it turns this time of yr. I love the fall and I am getting so READY for it. I too have noticed the changes coming. Brown leaves, some red and really hoping that with the amount of rain we have had we have a beautiful and colorful fall. Just wished it lasted as long as summer and winter!!! But this is the way I feel about it right now....BRING IT ON! I have also noticed some really thick spider webs and yesterday a Holly tree covered with berries. I have always heard that a lot of berries mean food for the birds when it gets rough....waiting to see. Hoping for some SNOW this yr.

Rose said...

Oh, Sheri, you got some lovely captures, here. I a so missing nature...I have not been in the woods since before roger's stroke and I miss it so bad. I love the quietness, and the smells, and just everything about being in a forest. Or even just a patch of woods. We are seeing signs of fall, here, too. And when it rains, it even sounds like fall. There is just a different sound to a fall rain.

Rose said...

Meant to say that Jess is such a pretty girl!

Louca por porcelana said...

Adorable post...I love your way of looking "life" around...I think you are laughing at my bad English,I am laughing too!Sorry and I hope you can understand!My husband always tells me:"-Write only b e a u t i f u l"! Lol!Blessings,my sweet Sheri!

Jeanie said...

I know what you mean about being pulled in so many directions. I'm seeing signs of fall too, and with that comes obligations. I loved each and every photo, Sheri, but the one of you two together made me smile the most!

Chatty Crone said...

I am totally in the same place as you - being pulled in multiple directions. Maybe I need a walk in nature too.
How in the world did you find that tiny snail in those leaves?
I agree totally about lizards.
That caterpillar is probably lost from a child don't you think?
I love your flowers.
We buy our wine at Trader Joe's too - but the cheap ones.
Well I enjoyed your walk with you and they did look like angels in the clouds.
I can't believe you are getting ready for fall.
I am so waiting for fall here. It is so hot.
Love, sandie

Hena Tayeb said...

So many great little moments captured.. puts a smile on my face.

Agnieszka Mikołajczyk said...

Baeutiful a smile super photos

Pilar said...

What a lovely post Sheri! You and Jess look beautiful for the wedding!

Susan said...

Well what a perfectly darling post! So many beautiful photos, Sheri. You look so adorable with your daughter. And that colorful caterpillar! Was that a child's toy from the Hungry Caterpillar that somehow got thrown into the tree and then got stuck there? So curious.
Ohhh, yes, signs of autumn here, too, but I will NOT call it autumn yet. Hope, we've got til Sept. 21. ha hahaha Thanks for all your visits and comments, Sheri. You are the best. Susan

Laurel Wood said...

Sheri, Such gorgeous photos. You and Jess are both lovely. I am taking time away from my blog; sending wishes for you to enjoy Autumn and all its splendor. xo

baili said...

Oh this is SPLENDID post dear Sheri !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first of all let me say that I LOVED YOU IMAGE WITH DAUGHTER :)))

you are stunning lady my friend with such beautiful heart and delicate thoughts !

you both look absolutely GORGEOUS IN THIS PRETTY DRESS!

i loved the fall images ,perfect like magical paintings indeed :)

amazingly captured bird and lizard ,haha i either don't miss them in winters

tiny furniture for Francesca is sooo CUTE !

such a wise quote

thank you for kind words and sweet words on my place dear Sheri ,i am too blessed to have you as friend!
hugs and best wishes !

Trini Altea said...

Que tengas un buen comienzo y mes de septiembre

Debbie Nolan said...

Sheri just reading your post made me happy. Your and your daughter in the lovely maroon color...for sure two beautiful ladies - thanks for putting a smile on my face. Hugs!

Carola Bartz said...

Yes, I think that's a phoebe - so cute! Why don't you like lizards? I love them and I'm so happy to have a couple in my garden. While I also see some signs of autumn I do know that we still have quite some weeks of summer left, but I certainly look forward to fall.

Jill said...

So many great things here to see! We get the little lizards around here too and somehow my cat has found them inside and runs around with them and yes I admit I scream and run, lol... now that's a sight to see ;-) I'm like you...nature always seems to restore my soul.... Hope you are having a great week!


Carla from The River said...

Hi Sheri,
I always enjoy your posts sharing what you see in nature. Thank You!

Eliane said...

olá Sheri:
são lindas as fotos !!
os momento capturados , tão bom de visitar !
seus olhos estão sempre atentos ao belo e à vida que Deus nos presenteia !!
grande abraço .


Ann said...

Oh Sheri your pics look amazing
all of them, and I am telling the truth :)
Your photo taking skills have really improved
through the years and I wish I have the eyes to
see beauty in simple things and natural things.
I sometimes feel the same way,
I just want to be quiet and be on my own
but most of the times that I am I would still
find some things to do...hahaha I really need
to stop doing things sometimes.
Especially time wasters.
Wonderful lighting on the photos too.
Have a wonderful weekend ♥


Mellie said...

Lovely photos!! There is no sign of fall here in the South. It's over 100 degrees today.

NanaDiana said...

I haven't been visiting much of anywhere lately---so here I am! What a great post. It looks like your autumn is even ahead of ours which is really surprising. No falling leaves here yet.
Love the picture of you and your daughters--twinsies! Love your earrings, too

Wonder what that 'caterpillar' will morph into? lol

Have a wonderful night- I, too, am feeling pulled in way too many directions. xo Diana

The Liberty Belle said...

What a lovely photograph of you and Jess. The toast with honey looks yummy.

Shirley Wright said...

Such gorgeous pictures! And you and your daughter are both look like sisters! I absolutely love this post!
Wishing you a blessed, wonderful day.

Marilyn Miller said...

Beautiful earrings! Oh fall is coming, yes it is! Love that you found that colorful caterpillar in the tree.

R's Rue said...


Bety said...

Nature gives us so much! And it always recharges and soothes us. Wonderful moments you captured with your camera! Thank you for sharing!