Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old Things

Mother's Day is
around the corner,
and I've been
thinking of my
mom a bit. 
Here are a few
lovelies that
belonged to her
that I'd like
to share.
She had this
jewelry box for
many years, and
since I love hearts,
it is special to me.
She gave me and
my sister this
sweet ceramic
tea pot.
These candle
holders belonged
to her mother.
They are very old.
Aren't these
vintage earrings
and purse pretty?
Every time I went
to her house, this
figurine always
caught my eye.
A card she gave
me and my family.
And a special note
she wrote that I
will cherish forever.
I keep them all
in this box,
and every now
and then, I will
open the box,
browse through
these items, and
think of her.
Is there something
that is special to
you that you could
never give away?



What lovely keepsakes from your mom. They are treasures for sure. Never to be parted with. I have a box of gemstones my grandfather gave me that I could never leave behind.

oldthings said...

My dear Sheri , they are so lovely nd precious !I like all ,specially the earrings and I think that this little message is the most important !She was a beaty nad elegant lady !
Have a nice weekend !

Nettie's Blog said...

i love this post mother died 29 years ago and was only 55...i was planning to do a post about her and you have made me get my act into gear and do it ...thank you XXXXX

It's me said...

Beautiful post for your mom......we miss our mom ...every day from me...happy

syros2js said...

I am so moved by this post...
Everything that you shared with us are treasures! I cannot think of another word to decribe them...
The first thing I do on Mother's Day, is to give a really big on both my parents!!!
(And to be honest, even though I do like to see me in photographs, I can't live without photos of my beloved ones...)
Lots of kisses, my friend!!!
I loved your post!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Out of all the jewelry she left me, there IS one thing I cannot part with. A little plastic doll she bought at a five and dime. She crocheted a little vest and hat for it while she was ill and gave it to me the day she died.

Much love sweet friend. Anita

Susie said...

Sheri, I have some of my mother's jewelry. I have her name tag from when she worked at the Kmart, for 21 years.It means a lot to me. I have a small table that has a compartment she used for a sewing box. I miss my mommy too. There is nothing quite like a mother's love.xoxo,Susie

Sandy said...


This is a beautiful tribute to your mother. Everything holds such beauty and memories. She was a beautiful woman. I have so many things from my mom. My favorite has to be the antique wrought iron arbor in my garden. I remember the day we both picked it out. She bought it for me so I could remember her when she was gone. We purchased it about 4 years before she passed away. She gave me some lovely pieces of jadeite fireking dishes and platters. I also have a pair of her reading glasses. We treasure these things all the more when they are no longer physically with us but we will carry their memories in our hearts forever.

xxoo Sandy

miss b said...

What lovely treasures you have from your Mum who looks so pretty in the photo. I'ts nice that you look at them from time to time and remember.
The earrings and bag are beautiful and I'm sure you must use them. So important to keep special things which bring back happy memories.

Lina Beauty Insider said...

Hello Sheri, such a lovely post and nice things you showed us !!
Thank you for commenting on my blog!!

Susie Swanson said...

What a beautiful post.. These are so lovely and such treasures.. I have several things of my mother that I cherish so much.. I even kept two of her favorite dresses . She wore them often.. Your mother was so beautiful just like you.. Hugs my sweet friend.. xoxo

janice15 said...

Lovely presious things...My Mom is still here and i'm ever so grateful and dread the day she leaves us...your things are lovely and I'm glad for you that you have them.. thank you for stopping by Sheri, I enjoy your visit and love visiting you..Hugs...Have a wonderful weekend dear...with love Janice

Attic Clutter said...

oh Sheri that is the most beautiful post to your mothers memory.
love it..
thanks for sharing..makes me think of. my sweet mom(:)

From The Heart said...

What a beautiful post..Your Mom was so special!I have a quilt my Mom made,it is tattered now, but I sleep under it every night.Thank you for the nice comments you make on my blog.

sparklegem said...

It is wonderful to have so many lovely things that hold such fond memories. The portrait of your mother is beautiful. I have a lot of my fathers art work and letters and will always cherish them.


Teresa said...

I didn't have a mother... no I wasn't created in a laboratory ahahahah... what I mean is I didn't have a Mum in the sense you all do this kind of post. But I had two terrific Aunts and my Grandma as Mothers. Main mother, I guess, was Gandma and the other two were always there waiting to have the honor and duty. How blessed Am I?

And yes I have plenty of objects from them I wouldn't get rid for the Life in me. They were very generous so besides the memory and love there are several things - less "precious" and valuable than said memories. Objects are also very important, don't you think? - and when we see them, we touch them or even mention them we can't help the flood of love and warmth that takes over our being, isn't it?

Is it my eyes or Jess is your mother all over? I can't remember the picture of her in Nel's Gorgeous and Loving Wedding but the other day you posted - when you shared the bits about you - a picture of you with the best-kids-ever and even Jess' way of putting her head resembles that picture of your Mum.

I think people we love this much should be Eternal. Really Eternal. Forever young and loving until we said they could go. Mother's Day is a day to be selfish, right? Can you imagine how happy she would be witnessing Nel's Happiness, Jess building hers or how she'd dig Hendsome Boy tattoo??? I bet she's in Heaven bragging ahahah That's why they go ahead, so when we get there they already are the most popular people around and everyone knows what you did and are ahahaha

See??? no small comment from me ;) but your faul, in fact ;), your posts provoke in me non-stopping talking ahahah

Love You, Beautiful Soul!!!!

Deborah said...

Such beautiful treasures you have of your Momma..but most precious, the love you both have for one another. Heart warming!
So glad you shared with us...your Momma is beautiful Sheri!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxoox

Josien said...

This sure is a very lovely tribute to your Mom. All the materials that remind us of the good times..... and bring back the best of it all.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

How very special, Sheri. I love that clutch, and the memory box is gorgeous. You have such a beautiful heart, my friend.
Thank you for all the support and encouragement you've sent my way these days. It has not gone unnoticed. I was inspired to update the shop page again today just so it doesn't fade away. I do love that little corner. Just have to go through with my art table break for now.

PS-I changed Moon River because I couldn't resist Forrest Gump soundtrack with the new feather header. teehee

Start of a new month. Happy May 1st. :)

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

OH my! How sweet was this tribute to you Mom. Loved it.


Lila Moonlight said...

I treasure family memories so much. So I also love keeping such things, I have many home and clothing/jewelry pieces coming from my aunts : )