Monday, April 2, 2012

Naples, Long Beach

This past weekend, we took a short trip to the Naples and Belmont Shore Districts in Long Beach. 

The weather was nice, and I felt like walking around. 

Naples Islands have plenty of canals, bridges, and walkways that run along the most gorgeous waterfront homes.

It's like a miniature tropical Venice!  

You can even take a gondola ride where gondoliers row you through the canals, and you have the option of enjoying a delicious Italian meal on board.  We did this for my birthday, and it was so much fun.  Here is the link in case you happen to be in the area:

After walking around the islands, we decided to head towards the bustling Belmont Shore district, known for its shopping and dining.

We stopped for lunch at one of our barbecue favorites, Lucille's Smokehouse.  

What a lovely Sunday afternoon. 

I hope you enjoyed a pleasant weekend too.    


a little of me said...


Zinnia said...

Lovely image with the different colored garden chairs and matching snapdragon. You seem to have had a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

magie said...

It looks like a lovely area..I love the brightly coloured beach chairs and the pretty houses.
Sounds like a really great place to go and visit..:)

Patty Patterson said...

Lovely, just lovely! I'd love to go on that gondola but I think it's a terribly long way from here. Too bad they don't have those closeby.

NanaDiana said...

Jess- What a beautiful, beautiful area. It is just gorgeous- especially that canal! Love it- Diana

Rainbow Gatherer said...

lovely place and lovely photos =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a beautiful place, Jess. I could get lost there. You and Francis over at "By Surprise" have your colorful Adirondack chairs out today, and I'm loving every bit of it. ;)
Much love!

Butterbean Row said...

What a lovely place! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love your photos!

Have a blessed day!


val's alentejo said...

Hi Jess,
Great photos.
Wish one day I could visit that part of the world!
You must have had a great time.

Are there not aligators in the canal's..I think there are!
I would be a little scared. (silly me)

best wishes

Cottage and Broome said...

Jess, looks like you had a great weekend. I'm looking to sit in my adirondack chairs but it is in the 40's here. Love mini Venice. Have a great week, Laura

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW that is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE! It reminds me of Venice Beach in California!!!

SHERI DEAR, thank you for visiting me! I will be posting something for Easter on Friday! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL! Anita

De andar por Casas said...

Gracias por tu hermosa visita. Ya tienes una nueva seguidora. Hasta muy pronto.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sheri,

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit to my blog. I always appreciate new visits and comments. I have added my name to your list of followers and added your name to my blog roll. I hope you will do the same.

You have a very lovely blog and I enjoyed the post on Naples. I used to visit and stay with my aunt in Panama City, Florida as a child and have been to West Palm Beach and Bradenton, Florida as well. It's so beautiful down that way. With you and your two daughters writing posts, I'll certainly look forward to the different topics that all of you will write in future posts.

Again, thanks so much for stopping by and I'll look forward to your visits in the future.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Life long Californian and I never knew Long Beach had an area like that. How completely charming! Next time I'm in So Cal I'll have to make time to check it out. Thanks for sharing!


What a GORGEOUS place. A perfect afternoon hideaway. I LOVE those colorful chairs in that first photo. makes me smile. glad you enjoyed your visit there.

Miky said...

Great picture :o)

Lila Moonlight said...

What a beautiful place, thanks for the Naples tour : )

Deborah said...

Jess this sounds so wonderful!
Your photos are great and so inviting.
Is this Naples, Florida?
I have a friend who adores going there every year.
Have a great weekend with your family and give your Momma a big hug for me!

Deborah xoxo

Antee Gurung said...

wow Naples is a wonderful bright place!!! the pics look so awesome!!!
btw be sure to check out my NEW POST
would love to have ur feedback!!
love n luck

Shirley said...

The colors could not be any more colorful if you had painted the pictures yourself! Everything was so nice to look at! I want to take a Gondola ride!
have a great week..

Lori said...

Just gorgeous!