Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Home For The Animals

I am a lover of animals, and we took a trip to the zoo this weekend so I could see some wonderful animals up close.  The Folsom Zoo is not your typical zoo.  It is a special place for animals that are old, have injuries, or are unable to take care of themselves in the wild.  This sanctuary gives them a safe and caring environment to live the rest of their lives in.

Mama deer is alert as ever.

Big Bear is on the prowl for dinner.

The sneaky squirrel, upside down, was stealing the deer's food.

Our tiger friends were taking a nap without a care in the world of what goes on during the day.

This rooster was roaming all around showing his beautiful colors.

I am always fascinated by the monkeys.

Everybody loves an old donkey, especially when it breas.

My favorite attraction of the day was the Peacock.  There's only one word I can think of to describe this bird....


What a fun day we had.
Have you been to the Zoo lately?



Anne said...

Monkeys frighten the bejeebers out of me - ever since I read the Wizard of Oz when I was 8. Never got over it, either...

Lovely colours in that rooster! Thanks for the trip to the zoo.


val's alentejo blogspot.com said...

Falsom zoo seems to be a happy zoo.
I like a zoo that has lots of space for the animals.
Great photos Sheri

nice post

Antee Gurung said...

i;m a big fan of animals aswell..i cant tolerate any unjust act against them!!! ppl can be very cruel..my god i cried when i saw what the ppl were doing to animals in the name of fashion...that's really bad!!! anywaz i hope u had a grt time

btw be sure to check out my NEW POST

C'est moi Claudette said...

Teaching responsible behaviour towards all animals. I've been trying to teach that for years Sheri.

Terra said...

Folsom Zoo seems to have an important and good purpose. I love all animals, from tigers to burros, and the magnificent peacock too.

~~Loraine Living~~ said...

Nice to see the animals aspecialy the peacock! He spread his wings for you dear Sheri a suppose!!
Xxx Diana

oldthings said...

Dear Sheri
The zoo looks beautiful and animals happy. Nice idea to visit this zoo . I have visit zoo when my boys are very young !15 years before I think !

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sheri,
What a beautiful post. I just love the pics of these precious animals. Truly the peacock is gorgeous. What a wonderful weekend you had visiting this special Zoo. Thank you for sharing your time there with us all.

Also, I want to send special best wishes to Jess for her back to school decision. Loved catching up on your posts. Always a treat to visit my friend.

Blessings and hugs to you for a great week.
Celestina Marie XOXO

Anne said...

I enjoyed looking at the photos! We are going to take a trip to our local zoo soon:)

Anonymous said...

Great photos Sheri! I am also an animal lover with my favorite being the giraffe. Peacocks are magnificent aren't they? All those gorgeous colors fanned out...simply stunning. That is what I call "strutting your stuff." LOL

I used to stand and stare at a Gorilla at the zoo in our hometown. I used to wonder what he must have thought watching all the people standing there staring at him!

andrea@townandprairie said...

I've never heard of a zoo before where this was the sole purpose for set-up. Amazing. They have a place to rest w/o having to worry about performing, reproducing, etc. I loved the rooster! My fav!

NanaDiana said...

I love going to the zoo but haven't been in a while. I could sit in front of the monkey cages all day though and never see another thing. xo Diana

Patty Patterson said...

Love the peacock picture! And I love going to the zoo, too. We went Friday - but it will be a bit before I get zoo pictures posted. My blogs always run a bit behind my real life adventures.

Shirley said...

What beautiful animals. Thank goodness this zoo takes good care of them. We do have a small zoo not too far away but, it has been some time since we paid a visit. I will have to put it on our "Tank Away" list this summer. I truly love to see animals up close but feel bad for them at the same time..I know these are being saved by being in the zoo! Bittersweet...

Lucy said...

I am thinking we need to take a trip to the zoo soon.What great pictures,and isn't it amazing to see what a creative and wonderful sense of humour our God has?

Kaipiroska said...

So cute and amazing all those animals :)

magie said...

Awe, such cute animals. The little sneaky squirrel made me smile..
I haven't been to the zoo in years..I will have to go sometime soon.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I found your blog through a visit to my blog, and I'm your newest follower. I'm really glad to meet you all. I think it's so wonderful all of you having this blog in common. I must say the mother daughter relationship is so special. I am a caretaker for my mom and I'm so glad I can be there to do it. I do need to start making some money too, so I will be using my sewing skills and hopefully making things people will like! I am an animal lover too, I have a little dog Sophie and chickens, and they are so much fun. We had another little dog named Dinky, a tiny little Yorkie, but he died. I am such a dork, I watch the animal documentaries on tv all the time. I love the gorillas and monkeys especially. I'm really happy to meet you all and look forward to getting to know you better.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Hi again Sheri,
I'm so glad you visited my blog again! I did take a little break when things were getting busy with mom, but I'm trying to get more consistent with posting. Life can be so crazy!!! Have a wonderful day, and thanks again for the sweet comments.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...


gi gi said...

A Big Happy ( beaming smile , he he) HELLOOOOO Sheri and girls!
How are you my sweet friend?! Did you get moved?
Oh, I do love to go to the Zoo! I really love the Omaha Zoo it's my fave!
Speaking of Zoos, I read (well listened via Audible) Life of Pi! Oh, and I just loved it! It had my attention right from the get go!
So glad Jess or Nell, sorry don't remember who did the post, but I am so glad they did!

Well. I have been over at my photography blog ( if you've missed me :) www.simplysmilephoto.blogspot.com
I am not sure if I am going to keep up my going glam!
I love photography and need to focus my energy on that!

Come on by! I have missed you!
Much love
gi gi

Robynne's Nest said...

Hi Sheri, thanks for stopping by my blog, it's lovely to meet you. Your red rose is quite magnificent...aren't flowers just wonderful to photograph. Often I can't capture what I see in a shot, and I seem to have hundreds of photos of flowers...It looks like you had a lovely day at the zoo. Not far from where we are living is a safari park which we love to take our visitors to...my favourite is the monkey enclosure...I could sit for hours watching them climb all over the cars. Have a lovely weekend. Robx

Sandy said...

Hi Sheri,

Love all the animals and the colors of the rooser and peacock are gorgeous. I haven't been to a zoo in a couple of years. I too, am an animal lover. Teaching humane behavior to animals and all of god's creatures is paramount. I'm glad we have humans on this planet that have the means to offer a sanctuary for old, injured or unwanted animals to live out their lives.

Thanks for visiting me and leaving the comments about color. How was your move? Are you all settled in now?

Ingeborg van Zuiden said...

Sheri, that squirrel is hilarious! You took a great picture there and my most favorite one is the peacock too. So gorgeous! I am always in awe of how God could create such perfect looking bird! I haven't been to the Zoo for ages. It is about time I think. It must be more than 35 years ago!! What a shame isn't it?! Who knows this year! You certainly do inspire me to go!

Have a wonderful day :-)

Marie said...

Love the rooster but don't like monkey's. Great pictures,looks like you had so much fun. Thanks for sharing



Anonymous said...

What a fun day you had. Beautiful shots and the peacock is GORGEOUS! You even got a shot of him showing off his magnificent tail. :-) I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your lovely blog!

Nancy HomemadebyNancy said...

What a beautiful photo's! thank you for your very nice comment on my blog! Your blog is very nice too! Love the quotes very much! Have a nice weekend! love, Nancy

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Sheri

Your pictures are just spectacular. We get deer in our garden from time to time but they are so shy and I have never managed to get a good shot.
I do so like the idea of a zoo being a sanctuary.
Have a good weekend.

Cottage and Broome said...

Have not been to the zoo in a while, we used to go all the time when Andrea was young. Love the peacock and I like the deer behind bars, they are eating my roses! Thank for stopping by, Laura

Lila Moonlight said...

So many years passed since the last zoo visit but next month we want to take our son to the zoo, I hope we can also see a peacock in full action, I love them so much : ) And congratulations to Jess for her career choice. Have a lovely Sunday : )

romance-of-roses said...

These are marvelous pictures of the zoo animals. I haven't been lately but our favorite zoo is San Diego Zoo. Been there several times. This is a wonderful place for these animals who cannot take care of themselves or are old. I didn't know such a place existed. Hugs...Lu

Deborah said...

The peacock strutted just for your camera? Lol
I was at the zoo ..hmmm...about 8 years ago? Time to go again!
Love to you!

Deborah xoxo