Thursday, November 3, 2011

We All Have Our Own Style

" The perfect room is a means of self-expression."



Lavender and Linen said...

Beautiful photo's! I love red!

Cottage and Broome said...

Sheri, Love all the reds in this post, so pretty! Laura - Cottage and Broome

Trisha said...

Those reds are beautiful!!


Becky said...

I love red as well.Summer time clothes are soft and pale usually thats why I lovee this time of year.Red for christmas and more Reds in sweaters etc.


Shelia said...

Hi! Oh, what beautiful roses and lots of red! Love it.
Thanks for popping in to see my little Carter!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Susie Swanson said...

Thanks for being a red fan like me. When people enter my door they can tell that for sure.. Love the photos..Blessings, Susie

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your title and with that quote, Sheri. Red is my second favorite after turquoise but it has actually been my favorite longer so it might still hold a first of sorts in my heart's color corner. ;) Have you noticed the title of my second blog? ;)
LOVE those shoes. Wow!!
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Scrolling down to view the pics.
Much love!

Unknown said...

Livin your "style" girl! Love the red! WOW, I'm smiling!

romance-of-roses said...

Before I got into pink my color was red. Also collected coca cola items. Love your reds. Your
spanish dancer reminded me that I have a picture of me in a spanish outfit similar but was just a young girl of 12 or 13. Hugs...Lu

Anonymous said...

Oh so so very pretty! I love that journal and that plate. Beautiful!!

magie said...

Lovely! I love the colour red as well..there is something so warm and cosy about it. Your rose plate is just beautiful! :)

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Sheri,

Great photos!
I love red too!
The plate is just gorgeous...
Have a great weekend!
All the Best,

Unknown said...

Sheri...I am totally seduced by Red. From the orange reds to the deep blood-blue reds, I love them all.
When the weather gets a little colder, I will switch out our soft blue duvet cover for a deep red dupioni silk one to cosset and cuddle us through winter.

Becky said...

Hi Sheri,thanks so much for the visit today I loved your comment as always.Hugs!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sheri,

I love all the fabulous reds you have shared today.
It is always such a warm and wonderful colour.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend

francis said...

Just loving your reds my friend !
For a very long time I was into blue ....
So I have many beautiful items in that color .
But than after my devource all changed in red !
Have a happy weekend Gwendolyn

Tara said...

Such pretty things! Love the painting of the flamenco dancer, if that's the dance she's doing! I love me some red and the colors here are so rich. Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Teresa said...

Best of - I was going to say 2, but - 3 worlds: Red details + Antiques + and Angels. :LOVE:

I'm hopeless with such combination.

Thank you for sharing.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sheri,
Wonderful reds you share and all your accents are gorgeous. I have a red guest room combined with red toile and love it. The shoe ornament is awesome. And the journal and bottle are gorgeous.
Missed you while off line but had so much fun catching up here now. Your Halloween posts were wonderful. Love the Irish Stew!
Have a great rest of the weekend and thank you for stopping by sweet friend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Heidi said...

Love your beautiful pics. I also love red...Hope you have a gorgeous Sunday!

Victorian1885 said...

What a lovely Blog! Your red post is perfect. I look forward to checking out your past posts. Thank you for visiting my Blog today and leaving such sweet comments. I am your newest follower!


Unknown said...

In our house we bleed Crimson. (We're not the Tide!)
I am planning a red letter wall for all of our family photos. Once I get it together...I will post about it. Your images are lovely, Sheri!

Geneva said...

Sheri, I always love visiting your blog! Your photographs and music always make me a smile. Great Job! ":o)

Vær våken said...

Dear Sheri, I love red so this post was a delight! That perfume bottle is so lovely! Yes, I have visited the southbank and portobello market. I loved Notting hill! But I still haven't tasted fish sticks. I'll have to do that next time. Have a lovely day!

Kristin xo

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Sheri,

I am truly enjoying this post! Really loving the rich reds here!!! :) I hope you are enjoying your week so far! By the way, thank you for your kind words on my last post regarding my dad - it is greatly appreciated! :)


Catharina Maria said...

I will thank you so much for your lovely words on my blog . I have seen some post on your blog and I will come back to see your other posts .
Love ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands
My English is not so good ,sorry for that ;-)

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

love all these red things - my favorite color!