Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Mini Box Of See's

Went to lunch with my sister and brothers and niece to celebrate my sister's birthday.  We met at one of our favorite places, Macaroni Grill.

I ordered my favorite, Pasta Milano with sundried tomatoes.

My brother gave us all a mini box of See's, I loved it!

It was my sister's birthday, and she brought a few goodies for me.  : )  One of them was this wonderful picture.  It reminds me of me and the girls.  I'm going to have it framed very soon.

Charles Courtney Curran Painting, On the Heights
My sister lost her husband and son all within one year.  It has been a difficult time for her in so many ways, but she has been a pillar of strength, and I think about her so often throughout my days.  This is us when we were growing up. 

I love getting together with my sister and brothers, and my mom would be so pleased that her chickadees are gathering and making merry.



Regine Karpel said...


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed visiting today (as usual), love. That picture of you and your sister is beautiful, so full of light. I'd sure frame it too. Indeed your sister must be a pillar of strength surviving such pain. So sorry for your loss, dear heart.
Have a lovely Sunday, lovely.

Nuria Travelera said...

It is lovely to have celebrations like this where we meet with our brothers and sisters and great that you keep a close relationship and you have each other.
Such a Nice picture ehen you were younger :)
Have a wonderful day sweetie xxx

Dazee C. said...

What a joy to get together with family and remember, and a box of See's Candy, yum. My grandma lived in Bell, CA and when we would visit (a long ways from Missouri) we would always go to the See's Candy Store. My favorite were the orange flavored round discs. Thank you for posting your memory that made me remember mine! Have a wonderful Sunday!

DUTA said...

Judging by the picture of you and your sister, you were both striking young beauties.
Siblings and children are all the real family there is, so it's good to keep together, give and receive support in hard times, enjoy together the merry times.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

It's so lovely to hear about your times with your siblings, Sheri. Your brother sounds like a sweetie to bring sweets to his sisters! I remember having See's candies when we were in California--so yummy. I love the painting your sister gifted you--just beautiful. I know you will find a special place to hang it. I'm sorry to hear your sister has had such a hard year. I know she must find comfort when you all get together. Have a wonderful week, my friend. ♥

It's me said...

So Nice happy week Ria x ❤️

Susie said...

Sheri, Your mom's wish is the wish my mother had for all of us stay close family forever. You and your sister are so pretty. I love the gifts. That print will be a treasure for you. I love things that make me think of my daughters. Blessings and Happy birthday to your sister too.xoxo,love, Susie

Lowcarb team member said...

That picture of you and your sister is lovely.
I also like the picture of the three women, I can see why it reminds you of you and your two girls.

It's always nice to spend time with family - happy birthday to your sister.

I hope the coming new week is a good one for you.

All the best Jan

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you watched Victoria, Sheri. I’m definitely hooked. Can you believe those colors on my orchids? Pics are unedited, and some of the plants have been blooming continuously since last spring.
PS-I misunderstood you meant the picture of you and your sister earlier. The painting is also very beautiful, just as you said, a perfect reminder of you and the girls.

Carla from The River said...

Sweet and I am so thankful for you too to be able to see your siblings. Not all families get along, so when one does, I think it is a WONDERFUL BLESSING!!!
Prayers for your sister.
Love, Carla

NanaDiana said...

Wow! What a rough year for your sister. I am so sorry for her. Hard enough to lose a spouse but even harder to lose a child....that is not the natural order of things. I am glad you live close enough to spend some time with her. Lunch looks good to me!!!
Great picture of you and your sister-are you on the right or the left? xo Diana

Pam Jackson said...

Sounds wonderful, like you all had a great time. Sorry to hear what your sister has been through. I can't even begin to understand losing a husband and a child in one yr. Keep on sharing those special times.

Patricia said...

Family is the most important thing we have Sheri. So lovely that you gather to celebrate, and what pretty girls you and your sister are. I am eldest of six children, and we all enjoy our gatherings and each other's company. One brother has bought a new house and we are all keen to go see it, and share time together :)


A mini box of See's is like getting something gold and precious. These candies are so delicious. It sounds like it's going to be a better year for all in your family.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Sheri,

So lovely that your family were able to get together to celebrate your sisters birthday.
So sad for your sister loosing her husband and son, my thoughts and prayers are with her. Love the picture of the three girls and does look so much like you, and the girls. The chicks are sweet

Happy new week

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

We ARE truly all we've got...God is within us and the comfort we give to each other is a sign of His love. Bless you sweet Sheri!

Michelle B said...

Sheri, It sounds like you enjoyed your time with your family. Those are times to cherish. :) I am glad your sister has you to help her through this difficult time in her life. I love he picture of you two together, it is priceless. :) - Michelle

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I love See's candy and i would eat the entire box if I had a pound of them.

How great that you all got together to celebrate your sisters Bday.

Love the picture she gave you and it will be stunning when you get it framed.

The picture of you and your sisters is priceless - you are all so beautiful.

Enjoy your week Sherri.


Nina said...

Hi Sheri,
Happy belated Birthday to you!
Such a lovely poster you've gotten - the three ladies in the sun, with the pretty whites dresses - so pretty!
Thank you for leaving the sweetest comment on my blog, so I could follow you here, and join as a reader to your blog!
Have a lovely week, enjoy the sun!
Love from Nina

Susie Swanson said...

Getting together with family is so priceless. We try to get together but it's so hard sometimes to work around each other's schedule. I love the pic of you and your sister. Much Love and Blessings.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Good morning! What a sweet picture of you with your sister. And my brother in law has grown to love See's Candies. I just received a picture of the empty box with a tearful emoji. Hope the new year has been good to you!

Vagabonde said...

The picture with your sister is lovely. It is great that you are close enough to each other so you can get together. I wish I had had a sister (or a brother.) We have a Macaroni Grill close to us and they send me many specials on my cell phone. My daughter gave me a box of See’s Candy for Christmas, the soft centers – they are delicious. I like this pretty print you received; it is Lovely Lasses by Charles Courtney Curran, isn’t it?

Vagabonde said...

No, this print is called "On the Heights" I believe.

roughterrain crane said...

I believe happy memories in childhood will keep us strong.

Pilar said...

What a lovely photo of you and your sister! I don't have a sister, but I know that has to be bond like no other! I think it's so important to cherish our loved ones. I hope that your sister had a wonderful brithday!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Such a lovely photo of the two of you Sheri. You both look so happy and full of life! It's so sad to learn of what life brought your sister's way. It's not fair. I'm sure you are a great comfort to her.


Jeanie said...

What a lovely time together. Yes, your sister's story is sad. I'm glad you could all be together. Those family times are so very important and so nice that your sister was celebrated on her special day. And good brother move too, with the chocolate!