Thursday, November 3, 2016

Southern Charm in Savannah

One of our goals while we're living in Georgia is to explore as much of the South as possible. I had heard and read so much about the charms of Savannah, so I knew that was where I wanted to go for our first weekend getaway. 

When we pulled up outside our bed and breakfast, I was spellbound. The federal style homes and tree lined streets...the Spanish moss hanging from the oaks and willows in the park was all so magical.

Now let me tell favorite thing in the world to do is explore a new city, and even though we only had one day to make our rounds, I was determined to make the most of it!

We walked east from Chatham Square, strolling through the parks and taking pictures. Diversity is very important to me, and I loved that there was a Jewish temple, a Methodist church, and a Catholic cathedral within blocks of each other. 

Congregation Mickve Israel 

Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church 

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist 

The cathedral began as a small parish established by immigrants from France and Haiti in the 18th century. The architecture is stunning, and the interior was just as beautiful, though I couldn't take pictures because mass had started.

I absolutely love history, and Savannah has so much of it. We visited the Colonial Park Cemetery, where one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence is laid to rest. 

Founding Father, Button Gwinnett (1735-1777)

We stopped by two of the city's architectural gems, the Owens Thomas House and the Sorrel-Weed House.

Owens Thomas House, built in 1816 

 Sorrel-Weed House, built in 1835 

Sight-seeing works up an appetite! So we stopped in for a bite to eat at the Old Pirate's House, which is thought by some to be the oldest standing building in the state of Georgia.

The Old Pirate's House, built in 1753

There are all kinds of spooky stories and legends about this place. Savannah is built on a system of underground tunnels, and one of them leads from the Pirate's House to the Savannah River. It's said that the sailors who stopped into the tavern were sometimes kidnapped by pirates and forced into work on the ships that sailed in and out of the harbor.

After lunch, we made our way down River Street.

And wouldn't you know it...we happened upon an Oktoberfest celebration! Of course we had to order a brat and a couple of pumpkin spiced beers. 

Then we headed back toward the hotel, stopping to take a few pictures of Chippewa Square, where Forrest Gump was filmed. 

But our adventures didn't stop there... Later that evening we took a stroll through Forsyth Park and then set out for a pub crawl, where we learned more about the city's histories and haunts. It was Halloween weekend after all!

We had so much fun in charming, historic Savannah. And I'm already planning our next weekend getaway...any guesses where? ( ;

Image from Blonde Well Traveled  

~ Nel ~  


Pilar said...

Even though I've never visited Savanah thoroughly I've always hear it's a nice place to visit! Lovely pictures!

Susie said...

Nel, You may want a 3 day weekend in Charleston. :) So many things to see there also. Try to visit one of the plantations. I loved all you saw while in Savannah. I have been wanting to go there. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Summer said...

Gorgeous place ♥

Jeanie said...

Savannah is a spot I've always wanted to visit and when I see a post like this one, I want to visit all the more. What a wonderful place to have your home! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful images.

Carla from The River said...

How fun and what a great post. I enjoy you taking us along. :-)

DUTA said...

The cathedral is very impressive!
I suppose the market at the River Street is colorful and has a lot to oFfer.
Nice city, well worth the visit!

Mildred said...

Savannah is a very pretty and interesting place to visit. So glad you had an opportunity to enjoy so many of its special places. It is a busy place on St. Patrick's Day, also!

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Nel, you certainly saw a lot of Savannah! I love it there. So much history and you have shared such lovely photos of a great southern town. Your next adventure will not disappoint. I do hope you share Charleston! It's great you are exploring while living on the east coast. ♥

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm glad you got a chance to visit Savannah. It is such an old city, rich in history. The Cathedral is amazing. And the story of The Old Pirate's house is interesting. I can't wait to see Charleston. I enjoyed this post, Nel, and it was if I was walking right alongside there with you. : )

janice15 said...

Gosh how exciting love the churches and old building wish I could travel... Lovely post thank you for sharing Nel.. Blessings. With love Janice

Dewena said...

I didn't know that Savannah was built over tunnels, how intriguing! Never been there but sure would like to see these beautiful spots for myself. I love your enthusiasm for what you've seen!

Regine Karpel said...


abrianna said...

Mikveh Israel is the third oldest synagogue in the U.S. and is also the *only* Gothic synagogue in the states.

James Oglethorpe was the first to welcome Jewish people to Savannah. The boat thew were on had been ailing up and down the river looking for a place to disembark and and many people refused them. James heard there was a doctor on board and told the doctor that if he would treat the people in Savannah (there was a plague going on at the time), he would give them land. The doctor agreed and the rest is history.

The original Mikeh Israel burned down in a fire. When they rebuilt, they found the land they are on now.

Mercy F said...

Interesting city, I enjoyed reading and looking at each photo. I've heard about Savannah too mostly in the tv and now you are confirming it. Great post!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

There truly are amazing cities in our country. Very beautiful, Nel!

roughterrain crane said...

Me too. Walking around a new city is really exciting.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

So happy for you that you took in the sights of this beautiful and Historical city! Your enthusiasm is positively contagious!

Bohemian said...

I have not yet had the Pleasure of visiting the South but I have always been intrigued by the Architecture and the Magnificence of the Natural splendor of that region. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

LoveT. said...

Great Images Nel! Savannah have gorgeous Places and Buildings :)

lovely Greetings

Karen said...

It is truly a historic and lovely city. I was there years ago for a visit. Thank you for the beautiful photo tour.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

How special to tour the city and take in the beautiful sights. I have never been, so this is a treat. xo

Celestina Marie said...

What a beautiful post sharing this wonderful city. Your photos are outstanding. Thank you for sharing. It is on my list of places to visit.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

It's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed the tour! I've always wanted to visit. Love the cathedral. Looking forward to Charleston! <3 xx Karen

Nuria Travelera said...

Oh Nel! It looks such a wonderful place to visit! Gorgeous pics
Have a lovely day sweetie

Lowcarb team member said...

Wow - looks such fun.
What a brilliant collection of photographs.

All the best Jan

Beauty Follower said...

Beautiful houses!