Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Little Of This

Just a few pictures
of this and that.
Nel's house at Halloween.
Beautiful colors of Fall
around my area.
This white cat showed up
in my front yard a couple days
before Halloween.
Glad it wasn't a black cat.  ; )
It's been raining a lot here,
and making all things grow.

There's something so sweet
about an old man walking his dog.
Jess' "shark" costume
she made for Halloween.

Sometimes we just have to
be patient and wait.

Happy November!


Karen said...

Enjoyed your colorful photos. Amazing roses. Happy November

Regine Karpel said...


Stephanie said...

Happy November, precious friend. I am still in shock at how quickly the months of 2016 have flown by!

Delightful pictures and the roses...be still my heart :)

Love and hugs to you!

Pilar said...

Happy November! Lovely pictures! You can capture so many beautiful outside photos during the last months of the year!

Mildred said...

Amazing fall color and surprisingly gorgeous roses for Nov.! Hard to believe we are so close to the holidays!

LoveT. said...

The Pics are gorgeous! I love the beautiful Roses :)

Happy Sunday Sheri <3

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Wonderful photos - cute decorations, munchies and daughter in costume! Love the roses and the turkeys :) November has crept up on us much too quickly! Sending hugs xo Karen

Dewena said...

I love seeing these last photos of Halloween, and that roses are still flourishing.

But, are you sure that's an old man? Just teasing!

Love you,

It's me said...

Cute doggie....love Ria x ❤️❤️❤️

NanaDiana said...

Happy November to you, too. I love all your bits and pieces of life around your place. What fun to see the costume and decorations. Gorgeous roses!!! xo Diana

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

What great photos of Halloween and the lovely fall colors! I'm sure the trick or treaters enjoyed your efforts. Enjoy November as we slip toward Thanksgiving. ♥

Carla from The River said...

I had a white cat named Fred growing up. I loved him so much. He died after I was married. I would love to have another all white cat. Our Catsby is close, but he has some spots. ;-)
I love the photos of the roses. Beautiful.
What a fun Halloween costume.
Love, Carla

Holly said...

Happy November! Beautiful photos and moments.

Susie said...

Sheri, I love Jess costume...so clever. It's good to see you are enjoy wonderful color where you live. It has become just breath taking here...and or temperatures are to good to believe. Loving it. Blessings to you, love, xoxo, Susie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

The wild turkeys are everywhere, HERE TOO! They better beware with Thanksgiving coming around!

Sheri, hello! This has been and still is an enchanting autumn. The colors keep on coming!

Jeanie said...

So pretty! I love the photos. Lots of cheer. Did anyone DARE dig into that dip? It looks terrific! And oh, the white cat reminds me of my first pet, Muffy!

Haddock said...

Like those water drops on the rose.

Shirley Wright said...

Great photos...the roses..so beautiful!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

A happy November to you, dear Sheri!
What beautiful photos. I love the costume Jess made.. Great photo.
Oh the roses are just beautiful, and the colors on the trees! What a treat for me to see.

Susan said...

Oh Sheri, that was a darling post. Enjoyed it so much. Susan

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Good Morning Sheri,
Such a lovely and colorful post!
It was fun seeing Jess's costume and I am glad that it was a white cat too!
Happy November, dear Sheri!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Sheri, what a fun post for Halloween. I just enjoyed it so much and seeing these great photos. Making memories with your family is such a blessing. xo

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Sheri ... I'm a little late to this post, but I so enjoyed reading it and seeing all of the photographs.

All the best Jan